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Posted without comment as I have no way of verifying the information. The IP address is from Israel.


I tried to get my letter printed in your national papers but one refused and one replied they had checked with the Fiji Army spokesperson and he said it was false. I assure you it is not false so I ask you to print my letter.

Gilad Gamburg



My name is Gilad Gamburg.

My brother is a Captain in the IDF and was working the Nitzana crossing when the Fijian Soldiers from UN’s peacekeeping force in Sinai were locked out to miss a sports game.

He has been instructed that Fiji peacekeapers are to recieve no special assistance from the IDF as they are no longer to be considered a friend of Israel  or even neutral.

He was told that in 2001 Israel and Fiji had discussions on establishing diplomatic relations but Fiji declined as they wished to remain neutral as participoants in UN peace keaping operations.

The IDF has noted that Fiji has recently made diplomatic relations with Iran, and therefore with Hisbollah, and is recieving financial assistance from them.

Iran is an enemy of Israel and has threatened to wipe us of the face of the earth. Therefore if Fiji troops expect any assistane from the IDF from now on they may find it minimal and probably too late.

Loosing a key to a gate is only a warning that thing have changed. The first sign that Hisbollah is recieving or treating Fiji as a friend and the Fijis  may find that Sinai is a very dangerous place.


9 thoughts on “Posted without comment as I have no way of verifying the information. The IP address is from Israel.

  1. Fiji is in Taliban control. They have open diplomatic missions in Iran, North Korea and other rogue States. Fiji under khaiyum is a threat of western countries. Isarel should sent its elites force and get rid of the taliban now…

  2. Thanks but no thanks.

    So you are trying to tell us that the IDF are saints…..

    Look at how they have tortured women, children, men of the palestine, taken away their land and to this day keeps occupying the same.

    In Israel its motto is “Defends and Shall Not Be Seen”. Like secret services all over the world, Israel’s is an entity associated with anonymity and invisibility.

    Yet in a new film that featured at the Toronto Film Festival last week, “The Gatekeepers”, six ex-directors of Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security service, talk on camera for the first time.

    With unique access, Israeli director Dror Moreh reveals the challenges, successes and failures of their careers, their views on torture, grooming informants and whether killing innocent civilians is justified if a “terrorist” can be captured

  3. if we all can follow god teaching . the world will have peace.
    no religion should encourage fight but peace and love god and fellow men.

  4. usa is doing good in getting rid of radicals taliban.
    usa should get rid of all the dictators of the world .
    so people can live in peace and harmony.

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