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The list of all registered voters will be made available once all data has been verified by the elections office.

Registered voters names to be publicized

13:17 Today


Taken from/By: Report by: Roland Koroi

The Elections office has taken yet another step forward in its efforts to ensure transparency within the Electronic Voter Registration process.

This time, names and details of all registered voters will be made available to the public.

Elections Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this is vital in ensuring that no-one abuses the system.

These things make the system have a lot more integrity. The fact that it will significantly eliminate fraud or identity theft as we know it.

This initiative by the elections office will also greatly benefit political parties.

If they want a list of voters as to what locations they live in so they may want to campaign and use that strategy. It’s always been done but this time we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that everyone has access to that. And like I said it proves a much better system where you actually know people’s data.

The list of all registered voters will be made available once all data has been verified by the elections office.


24 thoughts on “The list of all registered voters will be made available once all data has been verified by the elections office.

  1. Here in the U.S., a list of registered voters is used to select people for juries. Perhaps Fiji will find it useful for the same purpose.

  2. Prayer group hints PM be ‘Tui Viti/King of Fiji’
    September 13, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


    Prime Minister Commander Voreqe Bainimarama should be given the opportunity to pioneer the esteemed position as “King of Fiji or Tui Viti”.
    Quoting from John 10:11,14 from the Bible The Lion of Judah prayer group from Suva said in their submission that the ‘King of Fiji’ should be given the executive authority over the Government (matanitu), religions (lotu), traditions (vanua) and also the Commander of the Military.
    Specifically proposing the change of title of the President of Fiji to ‘King of Fiji or Tui Viti’ prayer warrior Malakai Nalawa said the appointment of the incumbent to the position of ‘King of Fiji/Tui Viti’ should be through a proper, thorough and transparent investigation and determination by the Native Lands Commission (Veitarogi Vanua) of the true bloodline to the throne.
    “The appointee should be a person who fears God and is a man of God and is appointed by God to lead and lay his life for Fiji,” Mr Nalawa said.
    In order to necessitate the process, the group believes that Commodore Bainimarama was called by God to do the will of God in Fiji, and therefore it was only prudent that he was allowed to become the first ‘Tui Viti’ to complete the mission.
    “While in office he will spearhead the determination of the bloodline to the throne, before he hands over to the groomed successor,” Mr Nalawa said.
    “Once the bloodline to the King of Fiji is evidently confirmed, then successors to the throne to be placed on an elite training programme including; military training to acquire highest level of rank, tertiary education, leadership and management training and more so spiritual development to become a born again Christian and always fear God.”
    Other issues highlighted by the prayer group were citizenship, human rights, governance, state institutions, changing the constitution and the previous Constitutions.

  3. Please don’t forget to register Kat2 Khaiyum bro,sis,fa and mom bitch nur bano,shameems,lallun khans and rest of the arse lifters.

  4. What about a list of 2006 treasonous pigs? Let’s deal with this lot as the first step in moving Fiji forward after the damage caused by this dikwit junta?

  5. It’s time to leave, Commodore…
    13 Sept 2012, 1600]

    Commodore Bainimarama should stop playing god and listen instead to the pulse of the nation and the hardship our people are suffering under his regime.

    The mounting social distress in Fiji, the cries and pleas of our people are coming through very clearly in the submissions of the majority of the ordinary people appearing before the Constitution Commission. Most of them have spoken of bread and butter issues, of the struggle to survive, the deplorable condition of roads, the deteriorating state of our hospitals and health centres – to list a few.

    Yet the Prime Minister has the gall to tell the Fiji Sun (13/9/12), “My government will not listen to anyone who wants to tell us how to govern the nation”. He was responding to FLP’s call for a caretaker government to be appointed to oversee the constitutional and electoral process.

    Bainimarama’s response is the arrogant hallmark of a dictator. He should listen for his own good. Had he done so in the first place, Fiji would not be the troubled nation it is today.

    Look at the mess he has made of the sugar industry in the past four years, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of our people. Cane production has slumped from 3.3 million tonnes in 2006 to an estimated 1.4 million tonnes this year. Sugar produced was down from 310,000 tonnes in 2006 to 165,000 tonnes last year and is expected to decline to 125,000 tonnes this year.

    The sugar industry is just one instance of the gross financial and economic mismanagement the nation has suffered under his regime. The fact that private investment levels are now down to 2% of the GDP, the lowest on record, indicates lack of confidence in Fiji by local investors.

    Fiji urgently needs a change of government, indeed, a speedy return to democratic and constitutional rule, if it is to avoid becoming a failed nation by 2014.

  6. Ref:C4.5 current story,one arse is talking about bringing j r reddy back into politics and regards him as a real statesman but very little he understands that the Lamusona fled the country under pettycoat during the real time for test.Also note this same JR Reddy is implicated for embezzling and fumbling a very well known estate matter .very soon this lamusona will join others in the witness box,wawamada.

  7. Ref:C4.5 one unknown writer is pointing finger to the Indian community in fiji. Can you tell me when you stopped banana leaf wrapping around your arse,seqa ni carawai,just few decades ago you guys stopped cannibalism but still survive on kerekere. Readers please note this message is ONLY for those arses who don’t have respect for other race.I have full respect for my Fijian Bro& Sisters.

  8. ‘“The appointee should be a person who fears God and is a man of God and is appointed by God to lead and lay his life for Fiji,” Mr Nalawa said.’

    Let us not forget what God-fearing people did immediately after the 19 June 2000 coup: they marched through Suva, singing Christian hymns, while burning and looting. I watched them, with horror, on television. That quickly made it inescapably obvious that professing a belief in God means nothing.

    Quite honestly, I would not care whether a leader is religious or an atheist. What I would care about is whether he is committed to fairness and social justice.

  9. “In order to necessitate the process, the group believes that Commodore Bainimarama was called by God to do the will of God in Fiji, and therefore it was only prudent that he was allowed to become the first ‘Tui Viti’ to complete the mission”

    While Frank must be applauded for his efforts in bringing about the much needed changes one thing is for certain he ain’t no Tui Viti’s a-hole nor was called by the omnipotent one.

    The one thing all my fellow Fijian’s must understand praising or kowtowing to the omnipotent one isn’t begin and end all of life as we know it for you all are sinners among other things the most duplicitous and mendacious mongrels that ever grace this planet.

    Now you all tell how is it possible for you all to enter the kingdom of heaven when you all speak with fork tongue?


  10. frank is not called by god but satan just like rabo.
    gods doesnt bring un justice and pain to his people .
    he love his creation and man kind.
    so stop fooling the people.go read your bible nicely.
    people have to read and understand the bible and not use it for selfish agenda.thats why we are suffering when we mocking god and our brothers and sisters of other faith.
    we have more christian fijians brothers in jail than others. we as fijian have failed god and our own faith and family.
    lets repent and help restore true christian faith and love for our fellow mens.
    god teach us love not hate.

  11. Political parties to comply with law: AG

    07:04 Today

    Taken from/By: FBC News
    Report by: Roland Koroi

    All Political parties hoping to contest the next elections will have to comply with new registration laws.

    16 political parties are already registered with new ones already emerging in the lead up to the 2014 elections.

    Elections Minister – Aiyaz Sayed-Kkaiyum says the requirements placed on Political parties in the now defunct Electoral Act – aren’t transparent enough.

    “The current threshold for the registration of political parties is very low. There is no requirement for example like in other countries where you have subscribers from around the country to make up a political party. We are also looking at requirements where political parties must have a code of conduct like they have in Kenya.”

    Sayed-Khaiyum says some parties which have been lying dormant for years, will also be looked at.

    “We also need to look at new rules pertaining to the continued registration of political parties. Essentially the plan is that new political parties will have to apply under the new rules once they are established. And the existing registered political parties obviously can continue as long as they can comply with the new registration rules.”

    The new Electoral Act is likely to include provisions on conduct – which require candidates to meet the highest standards of honesty, integrity and credibility.

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  12. Ref:C4.5 Selfish>>this arse is non other than Santa Chorwa Chamar [aka] M.C.Vinod’s Chandaal damaad and Daku Atma Maharaj’s brother of fiji fucken party writing under factious names.

  13. Ratu/Rajesh you are born from Hindu womb. Christianity is your adopted religion and by doing so you have insulted your late mother and father who were very strong advocates of Hinduism.A person like you rajesh who can betray his mother cannot be trusted and your preaching for Christianity is all fake. shame on you rascal.

  14. people should be christlike and other religion have to respect that.hindu and muslim all should respect each other .

  15. josua mara seems to be using mara name but is a real cut 2 taliban .muslims want to rule fiji and the world.it will never happen.christian are god chosen people.
    my advise to josua mara is to get converted to christian or hindu but not muslim.

  16. y the hell r u people fighting on one anothers religion when the fight is between the words of th e constitution and the burged government… arent our homes peacefull

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