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THE 43rd PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM – A good outcome – CFDFiji.org

The Council had been anxious that the possible outcome of the latest Forum meeting, in light of the very recent apparent volte face conducted by Australia and New Zealand towards the Fiji regime and its current charade of Constitutional consultation.

The actual outcome in terms of the Communique now issued and recent forceful statements by NZ PM John Key and Samoa PM Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi is however most encouraging.

Despite repeated promises, the Regime has continued to maintain it’s policy of appointing Military Appointees to key civilian government positions.

The Communique is welcome in that it treats with great caution the steps already taken by the regime. It clearly defers regularisation of Fiji’s status until much more far reaching steps towards democracy are taken. Fiji remains excluded from the Forum which is of course as it should be having regard to the persistence of its continuing militarisation. The Communique is unanimous and the continuing exclusion of Fiji is clearly acquiesced in even by states of the Melanesian Spearhead Group with which the current regime frequently boasts a special relationship.

Also most encouraging is the statement by John Key (hopefully on behalf of both Australia and New Zealand) that “We will obviously point out we really don’t think Fiji should be allowed back into the forum in full until they actually have democratic elections and the military are back in the barracks.”

It must be pointed out that currently Fiji is a long way from democratic elections and the Army is a long way out of the barracks- indeed its all pervading presence and total control is the major feature vitiating the future of Fiji.

The registration of voters is an empty and futile exercise without the democratic promulgation of a Constitution under which voting would take place. Such Promulgation is far off and may well never occur. The process for submissions vis a vis the Constitution has, as the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission stated, been marred by the all pervading fear which induces many not to make submissions, and by the (understandable) obsession of the regime with immunity for itself from prosecution.

The incarceration by the regime of the winner of most votes in the last democratic elections, via a non independent asserted Sri Lankan High Court Judge, on basis of charges of considerable antiquity paling against those with which the current regime leaders should be charged, is also hardly encouraging.

The Regime’s Illegal-AG, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum continues to assert that the Media and Judiciary in Fiji are entirely free and independent.

As has already been said, the real key to the future is the genuine return of the army to barracks – not just a symbolic return but a true withdrawal from all aspects of public life, removing the shield of protection currently surrounding the cowards who run the present regime. That return should have occurred years ago. Instead increasing militarisation has occurred, of which the Australian Foreign Minister has rightly complained.

Demilitarisation must precede any further electoral preparations. Without it, these are futile and meaningless. Likewise, the conduct of elections. The international community ought not to accept the spectacle of army run elections and ought not to be deceived by the plethora of allegedly “independent” institutions created by the alleged Attorney General to pull the wool over its eyes in regard to preparations for elections.

The respect in which the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission is held is no remedy for the above stated problems. His recommendations will be made to another body a puppet of the regime and a fiction of the imagination of the alleged Attorney General, the Constituent Assembly.

There is no substitute for an immediate and genuine withdrawal of the army to barracks now, not later after the current charade has become even more of a charade. In default of such withdrawal no election preparations or actual election will have any credibility.


Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji


28 thoughts on “THE 43rd PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM – A good outcome – CFDFiji.org

  1. Well said Sir. Perhaps this illegal unelected so called AG should learn the Pacific Way? Or keep going north and staying there. The damage he has done to Fiji and Fijians is irreparable and he MUST be brought to justice. No immunity for his treasonous acts and destroying the reputation of the Fiji military.!

  2. RUM shut the fart up.

    Dont bark like a old woman from Tonga.

    Go to Suva and fight your battle-lamusona.

  3. Anonymous above: seems you are frustrated with life and in particular with the strong and effective statements from Ului Mara which contributed to Fiji once against and for the 4th time denied memebership of the Fourm, Dont shit in your pants like your leader Baini find a toilet and let your frustration there brother. The whole world now admits Fiji is a rut ran by a rat. You seem to see something else hanging between khaiyum legs. Its a heavly corrupty scrotum mate not a fruit of wisdom.

  4. Vianak Ratu Mara.
    Fijian are fed up of this regime and ag qori.
    We want the army officers to get rid of this illegal dogs out of fiji .
    Sent them to Iran/North Korea.

  5. Quote; “The registration of voters is an empty and futile exercise without the democratic promulgation of a Constitution under which voting would take place”.

    Why on earth would anyone consider the registering of voters a futile exercise ?

    Every country in the world that runs elections has to have a register of the voting populace.

  6. Well said Ratu Mara. Its statements like these that reminds us all of the realities going on in Fiji. People are quick to forget and sometimes get sucked into the slipstream of regime propaganda. So much so that many foreign governments forget they are dealing with an illegal dictatorship and even cosying up and becoming too friendly with it. Little do they realise that it is the illegal regime they are helping and not the ordinary Fijian people who have been marginalised by the same regime. It is amazing how propaganda works wonders and this is being exploited to the full by the regime to gain friendship of several new albeit some less credible countries (Iran, Nth Korea). It is amazing that MSG is falling for the act as well. It would do good to ask this group their reasoning behind their blind support for the illegal dictatorship or is bai the master of deception to be able to sway all these neighbours into his fellowship. It does seem that people are already buying into the regime’s propaganda.

  7. RUM’s self-aggrandizing comments are the legendary, including his fabled fishing trip and pretensions to reveal “top-secret” documents.

    People would rather believe a used car sales man, who actually have a product to sell.

  8. “pretensions to reveal “top-secret” documents.”

    So what about the RFMF’s report into Frank’s involvement in the 2000 Coup? Was that, and the fact that Frank sought to suppress this information for the past 12 years not “secret” enough for you?

  9. Radio Erratus.

    So what was Franks involvement in the 2000 coup?

    The world knows he was the hero of that coup wasn’t he?

    He not only ceased the day but also restored democracy isn’t that more than any of your a-holes have achieved in your farked up moribund life?

    If you are referring to the wholesale torture and subsequent slaughter of those poor CRW soldiers than you ought to ask that craven a-hole so concupiscently defend.

  10. rum why dont you tell the world that your father send bai to kill david toganivalu,bai was killing people way before the 2000 coup,the crw killing was nothing to him,why, because he has done it before

  11. @Sai

    As you should be aware, the RFMF Board of Inquiry’s report into the 2000 Coup is written in English and Fijian. It is signed by 112 witnesses before a military board of enquiry – marked Confidential (hence, the term “Secret”, for the bird-brained ‘top secret’ above). If you have never seen it, just google” “RFMF Board of Inquiry CRW”.

    However, if you cannot be bothered reading the report for yourself, I do not see why anyone needs to have to summarise it for you.

    Especially considering you claim to have a Degree/Doctorate from Oxford, right? (Ha!)

    But, as I am a charitable person I think a good start are the pages 695 onwards.

    Just so you have some background, Capt. Stevens was a Commanding Officer within the CRW Unit, but was in the barracks, not at parliament. The most telling fact in all of this is that Capt. Stevens received his orders directly from Frank Bainimarama, but seemed to have been misled as to the intentions of the Commander:

    Here is a choice quote from Captain Shane Stevens on or about September 2000 (this date is important):

    “I was there when Tuivanuavou called me in the evening saying, “These guys are planning to take some weapons out again. What do I do?”… I went straight up to Col. Tuatoko and I told him, “Sir, the Unit will be taking out more weapons and ammunition and sending more men down.”… Col. Tuatoko then said to me, “Leave them!” I asked him, “Sir, you mean to say, let them take the weapons and ammunition or what?” He said, “Yes”…

    On that same Friday night, while I was in the Officers; Mess in my room sleeping I was woken up by the bar-man saying that Col. Tuatoko, Lt. Col Raduva and Lt. Col Tarakinikini wanted to see me… When I went up to the Mess, what they basically told me was, “You have nothing to do with what’s going on. We don’t want you to get involved with whats going on and keep away from what’s happening down at the Unit.”

    Every night we would move to different locations… until July 19th when I was told by Commander to return the weapons…

    There were two main sort of tasks that I was told to carry out by Commander. First one being the safety and security of the weapons that I had outside, and the second one was to try and get as many guys I could out of Parliament back into camp.”

    Of course, Captain Shane Stevens was later beaten to death on Frank’s orders on 2 November 2000 (2 months later). What a coincidence, eh?

    I wonder what would have tipped Capt. Stevens over the edge? I wonder what made him want to murder his own CO?

    Also, I wonder what Frank did and why he ordered the deaths of Capt. Stevens and the others? What did they say in the inquiry that so concerned him?

    I think Andrew Hughes knows a few of the answers…

    Anyway, enough spoon-feeding Sai, you and SEAFISH/Priya can go read it for yourselves.

  12. “Of course, Captain Shane Stevens was later beaten to death on Frank’s orders on 2 November 2000 (2 months later). What a coincidence, eh?”

    Really Radio ??? beaten to death ?? Captain Stevens ??

  13. @ RV and Bill

    “Really Radio ??? beaten to death ?? Captain Stevens ??”

    I hope not – I am happy to stand corrected!

  14. Radio Bedlamite.

    Son the one thing I have since deduced from your confabulation is this fact you are in dire need of some sort of psychiatric help.

    Son the BOI is well over one thousand pages and some one hundred and eleven or maybe more witnessed interviewed without any conclusionary evidence to suggest that Frank was implicated in the torture and subsequent deaths of the five CRW soldiers.

    The most protracted deposition was that of Shane Stevens where he recounted the events of 2000 in which he implicated other officers apart from Frank.

    Do nomally you sit in your corner fabricating fables?

    Show us the facts because this BOI report is more inquisitorial rather than being rudimentary and it also the lacks the most fundamental aspects of any inquiry and that is recommending procedures and punishments to arrest any future dissension by military and/or public personals.

  15. “this BOI report is more inquisitorial rather than being rudimentary”

    What does that mean Sai? That it is more relevant than simple? Do you even understand the words you use?

    “any conclusionary evidence to suggest that Frank was implicated in the torture and subsequent deaths of the five CRW soldiers.” – It wouldn’t show any because it was produced before their deaths.

    What the BOI does show is that the story that Frank prefers – that the CRW was running the coup on its own, is patently false. The RFMF organised, funded and supplied them – as CO, Frank MUST have been aware of what was going on and the involvement of his pet officers such as Tarakinikini, Raduva and Tuatoko is his calling card. Frank cannot simply hope to hide behind others in this affair.

    Anyone that knows something about it is either dead, in jail, promoted or rewarded. Aziz became Brigadier Aziz, Lingairi started his own security company… Strange for someone who was alleged to have been an architect of the whole affair.

    What is your excuse for these facts, Sai? Does your Uncle Frank have any way out of this?

  16. @Late DAVID Tongnivalu

    Late Ratu David Tongnivalu was a minister in the Alliance government since 1970’s.

    He was from Tailevu, a hero of multi-cultural fiji. He was against the Rabuka Coup in 1987, and refused to join the military installed government of ratu mara, which lost in a free and fair election to Late Dr, Tomoci Bavadra in 1987.

    He went upto the RFMF barracks in 1987, after the coup and asked all military officers/soldiers from his province to quit the army, in protest against the coup.

    For standing against the military and mara’s government, key insiders of military hierarchy will tell you, that he was killed, as instructed by Mara, and potrayed as a road accident or even having an heart attack while driving at night, presumly going home from fijiclub.

  17. Ratu mara magaitinamu, bocilefu, magalevu, kai tonga tamamu

    DAVId tonganivalu was killed by military at the insistence of mara magaitinamu.

    WAKe up morons of Tailevu.

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