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Fiji will be permitted to participate in a parallel gathering of Pacific countries but will not be allowed back into the Forum.

Pacific Islands Forum stands by Fiji suspension

Sean Dorney and Stephen Dziedzic in Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Updated 1 hour 5 minutes ago

Leaders from the Pacific region have wrapped up the Pacific Islands Forum with a decision to maintain Fiji’s suspension from the group and a call for more reliable aid.

It follows three days of talks on the remote One Foot Island in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

They collectively agreed Fiji would not be allowed back into the Forum.

However, they said the country’s interim government had made progress towards democracy and will be permitted to participate in a parallel gathering of Pacific countries.

The leaders also used their summit to ask aid donors to make their assistance more reliable and more predictable, and they called for more help in fighting illegal fishing.

Cook Islands’ Prime Minister Henry Puna said he will may discuss the issue of illegal fishing with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she arrives for the post-forum dialogue tomorrow.

Her visit has been plagued by logistical headaches, and her staff struggled to find enough cars and hotel rooms during one of the biggest events in the archipelago’s history.

Mrs Clinton will be joined by Admiral Sam Locklear, the head of US Pacific Command, in an appearance seen as a bid to counter growing Chinese influence in the region.

Earlier this year, Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi described China as a better friend to the region and said that the United States had neglected the South Pacific in recent times.

Marshall Islands will host the next Pacific Islands Forum in 2013.


13 thoughts on “Fiji will be permitted to participate in a parallel gathering of Pacific countries but will not be allowed back into the Forum.

  1. mrs clinton can you go and visit fiji with your navy seals.
    get rid of pacific /fijian dictators bai .
    usa did to sadam/osama/others.
    fijian people will be thankful to usa forever to free them from the regime.

  2. Here is a hint bhaini. Go north, and take all junta parasites including gates, pryde and the screeching banshee smith johns with you!!

  3. Well now FMF should think about this.if anorther Coup another time FiJi will go through some tough saction from our democarcy countries.Dictatorship is a enermy of USA,BRiTiAN,ISAREL,AUSTRALIA,FRANCE,GERMANY,NEWZELAND and other countries that what they trying to get rid off. Realy Rabuka and his men ,plus Bai and his men realy should go to jail.now insted of PM Qarase realy a humble man and respect our human Law .qarase didn’t deserve this all Coup people still free around.Pm qarase did nothing wrong he only in prison because Bai scared of him.Bai is a bully and so his people .Qarase must free he not desrve prison.

  4. @Snowman you lauanmagaitinamu masipolo qarase

    The charges related to his time as a director of a government investment company called Fijian Holdings from 1992 to 1995, when prosecutors said he put the interests of his family and home village before the public.

    High Court judge Priyantha Fernando said the 71-year-old, who pleaded not guilty, had breached the public trust and must serve a custodial sentence.

    He said the case showed that all officials, even those in high positions, were accountable for their actions.

    so snowman you telling us that the bastard never favoured lauans like you, his family, villagers at the expense of all fijians living on main islands

  5. @fiji first party

    hey santa ,atma & maharaj brothers , don’t talk like shit when you living in NZ, and enjoying Democracy. be very careful what you say about Fiji, salla kutar junglie , maichod . tum pakalah, bajaru brothers ! you come to fiji , um long maro tumar gara, tum pirah , tum jano , nai talk talk like this -ugie or pitche. Boci Brothers !

    Koi Yasayasa

  6. @fiji first fucked up party

    hey maharaj brothers living in NZ, dont come back to Fiji. “LIUMURI” chutia doggie. maichod!

  7. Chk out what flag is next to USA??? Israel,,,,,,what did Irans President say,,,,” we will will wipe Israel off the face of the earth!!!”.
    Where was Kubuabola last week,,,,,,,,cosing up to Iran and n korea in Teheran,,,,,,,,
    Watch ,,,,soon frank & company will shit in their pants as Israel and US will blow them away
    Koi Yasayasa ,,,soon u will shit in yo pants!!!

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