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Frank now crying to rejoin “irrelevant” Pacific Forum.

Superpowers focus on tiny Rarotonga for the Pacific Forum


US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton … leading largest delegation expected to hit Rarotonga. Image: CSMonitor

Pacific Scoop: Report – By Rachel Reeves in Rarotonga

Some of the world’s most prominent superpowers could converge on the little Pacific island of Rarotonga next week.

The Pacific Islands Forum could be the impetus for the United States, China and Russia to be in the same place at the same time.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making global headlines this week, as the world wonders whether she is in fact hauling a cargo plane and a delegation of about 50 people to this South Pacific paradise.

2012 PIF logoWhile China is not officially an observer country, it will be sending a delegation to the Forum. Yesterday coordinators had yet to receive travel arrangement details for the Chinese.

Cook Islands News understands there is a possibility of a Russian delegation coming to the Forum, though Russia is neither an observer nor a post-Forum dialogue partner.

Media liaison officer Derek Fox says Russia is unlisted, but he understands “there may be some interest in someone from Russia coming”.

That, he noted, is unconfirmed. He took the opportunity to point out that Clinton’s attendance is also unconfirmed.

Notable politicians Other notable politicians attending include Britain’s Environment and Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon and Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile and current executive of UN Women, who will be leading the United Nations delegation.

A total of 57 countries and organisations will be represented at the Forum.

The average size of a Pacific Island delegation is under 10. Should Clinton make the journey to Rarotonga, her delegation is likely to be the largest of them all.

In total there will be 15 Pacific Islands Forum member countries represented – they are Australia, the Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

The secretary-general of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat will be bringing his own delegation of 11 people.

Fiji has been suspended over its military-backed regime.

French Polynesia and New Caledonia are attending as associate members, and the Cook Islands News has confirmation that French Polynesian president Oscar Temaru will be representing the former.

‘Observer’ delegations All up, 12 “observer” delegations are attending – representing American Samoa, Guam, Timor-Leste, Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna, ACP Group, Asian Development Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat, United Nations, Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and the World Bank.

Some countries (or blocs) which are neither members nor observers will be sending delegations to Rarotonga – they are Canada, China, European Union, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Other accredited delegations include Cuba, Israel, Singapore and Taiwan.

Nine CROP (Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific) agencies will be attending – Fiji School of Medicine, Pacific Aviation Safety Office, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, Pacific Islands Development Program, Pacific Power Association, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program, South Pacific Tourism Organization, and the University of the South Pacific.

Fox says the numbers of security personnel are unlisted, as technically the Cook Islands police – and the New Zealand police sworn in to assist them during the Forum – are responsible for maintaining law and order.

Rachel Reeves is political reporter with the Cook Islands News. CIN reports on the Pacific Islands Forum will be featured on Pacific Scoop, along with stories by AUT postgraduate communication studies journalists and students.

Cook Islands News


and after an unproductive MSG meeting the bleating to rejoin a Forum he has often called useless and a waste of time.

I guess our Miss World contestant isn’t the only turkey in Fiji.


PM calls for re-entry into Pacific talks

Forum wrongly using its influence – PM


13 thoughts on “Frank now crying to rejoin “irrelevant” Pacific Forum.



  2. The Prime Minister says it is time for Fiji to be accorded a full participation in the Pacific branch of the African Carribean Pacific group, the PACP

  3. fiji needs to earn its place on merit not make demands as to how it will be. fiji is just small shit hole of a place with some dicks thinking they can make difference on international stage

    ask yourself a deep down question what is your usefulness with 800k people mainly old and lazy bastrads holding onto your land rights and stopping others from progressing

    other races who helped build fiji 100yrs ago now being treated like shit we hate to see the natives kai viti and all the other races being pulled into poverty by failed govt policy and bullshit from idiots

  4. we hope clinton can make the same demand she made to get rid of gadaffi and other dictators to frank the crank.
    i bet frank will shit in his pants if clinton tell him to flee fiji now with his side kick qori khaiyum.

  5. It is a meeting of genuinely elected leaders and not dictators and liars which the PIF can attest having been lied to by the same dictator. Why is he whinging about rejoining the PIF when he has set up his own band of travellers in the FOF forum and the other dubious MSG. Isnt this enough to keep his collar warm with an inflated ego. Like a sentence from a judge Fiji has been put into the naughty cell for valid reasons and like a naughty kid being punished Fiji has been excluded until democracy returns. Eight years is 2 terms of office for some countries and bai looks set to hang on to power for even longer. He is an irrational man who does not accept that he is not wanted.

  6. Don’t blame Frank for changing his mind! He has done it many times and he’ll do it again. What is more interesting is the dynamic that we will see at the Forum. All of a sudden, the tiny nations of the Pacific are drawn in a re-alignment of world powers with China and Russia aiming to assert themselves in this part of the world. Historically, the Pacific has been one of the decisive battle grounds in WW 2 and it seems likely that the Pacific will be again the stage for other international conflicts. What does that mean for Fiji? Well we have to select our friends and allies very, very carefully.

  7. momo well said.
    usa doesnt like china present in fiji and the pacific.
    fiji should work with usa not china and russia.
    pls sec clinton and president obama help the poor fijians .pls can you get rid of fijian dictator frank the crank asap.
    frank is working and selling our land and minerals to china .
    we would work with usa than china or russia.

  8. the chiefs of fiji should all sign and seed fiji to usa rather than be china and franks slave.
    frank is stealing our land through land bank and making money from china deals.
    fijian land belong to the fijian chiefs and people not khaiyum and frank.

  9. we learn from the history ratu cakabau seeded fiji to the british.
    why cant the chiefs and tui viti cakabau clan seed fiji to usa and get rid of the dictator frank and khaiyum.
    its better be usa friend than china and russia.

  10. All of a sudden, with Fiji’s expulsion, the South Pacific Forum has become more important to the super powers.

    Now the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton plans to adress the forum – which has never happened in the last decade, with such a high powered delegation from the USA.

    Is the rise in chinese influence in the Pacific, via its friendliness with FIJI and other smaller nations giving us a signal,as to why such a high powered delegation from the USA is attending the forum.

    The chinese investments/aid etc to the South Pacific has risen to over $600 million in the past year, whereas the USA aid has been just under $20 million.

    The US aid is more focussed on giving BILLIONS to terriorist states of Parkistan and Afganistan in its war on terror, however, its high time now, for the USA to realise its dwindling influence in the Pacific and that the influence of its allies, Australia and New Zealand, has also had a battering over the suspenion of Fiji from the SPF.

    Needless to say the growing friendship between Fiji and China, and the exclusion of Fiji from the SPF meeting in Rarotonga, Cook Islands has created increased focus of super powers in the South Pacific – A blessing in disguise, perhaps.

    Perhaps,in the long term, Fiji may consider leasing one of its many islands to China, thus changing the balance of superpowers in the Pacific and being the envy of countries who have taken fiji for a ride.

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