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Changing the name does not solve the problem.

Name change proposed for Fiji Sugar Industry

13:43 Today



Taken from/By:  Report by: Devendra Narayan

Sugar Industry stakeholders have agreed to diversify the industry and instead be called as the Sugarcane Industry.

Sugar Cane Growers Council Acting Chief Executive Sundresh Chetty says the industry cannot be dependent on sugar and diversification will see the production of ethanol and refined sugar.

Delegates from a number of countries including Brazil, Thailand, India, Australia and Guatemala to name a few were present at the two day food and agriculture organization conference in Nadi this week.

Some eighty growers from around the country were also present in the meet.


7 thoughts on “Changing the name does not solve the problem.

  1. Excellent idea !

    And I garantee there will not be one single complaint about the name change from a piece of sugarcane or a spoonfull of sugar on this blogsite.

  2. Bro Chetty stop giving foolish media statement on sugar industry otherwise you will be bundled with the thugs.

  3. what is this dick talking about? nobody talked about waste from ethanol production which will run the rivers black forget about mining waste sugar to ethanol waste is black like tar and kills the environment

    fiji should not even talk about this. some of these sugar idiots need to come up with better ideas or just get out

  4. OMG, they are going mad too. the sugar industry is loosing millions of dollars and they want to change the company name? thousands of dollars just to do that and which they don’t have. and to top it off, they want to go into ethanol production? an environmental disaster just waiting to happen to the poor fiji islanders.

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