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“Without any (Coup) guarantee there is perhaps no purpose of this consultation process.”

Military to serve

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Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga


A coup d’état is not part of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), a senior Fiji military officer has said.
Speaking also before the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, at the Public Service Commission training centre, Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said it was sad that whenever there was talk about the coup in Fiji it was linked to the RFMF.
“The public must know now that coup is not part of the RFMF,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
“The RFMF is here to protect the people and the nation so it will not engage itself in something that will harm both. The RFMF is for the public and at all times will serve them.”
Colonel Tikoitoga admitted that the RFMF was used by the coup perpetrators “…for their own good” in 1987 and 2000 and vowed that this would not happen again. Colonel Tikoitoga also reacted to some submissions made to the Constitution Commission about the RFMF.
He said those citizens had every right to do so, but reiterated that the role of the military would be clearly set out in the new Constitution.
“The military took over leadership in December 2006 because of bad leadership and corrupt practices in Government. We came to carry out a clean-up exercise and changed things for the betterment of the people of Fiji.”
Former parliamentarian Deo Narayan in his submission said: “Fiji is a coup-infected nation. There had been four coups since 1987. All coups were carried out by the armed forces or a unit of the armed forces.
He added: “I doubt whether anyone can guarantee that there will be no more coups in the future. Without any guarantee there is perhaps no purpose of this consultation process.”
Rewa chief Ro Filipe Tuisawau in his submission said: “The military must be subservient to a democratically-elected government at all times. This must be explicit, made very clear and unambiguously in the constitution. The constitution must specify a coup penalty; either life imprisonment or death.”
The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua submission said: “It is proposed that the provision in the 1997 Constitution should clearly set out the role and functions of the RFMF, without ambiguity.
The reference in the 1990 Constitution should be deleted.”
The RFMF, Colonel Tikoitoga said supported Government’s roadmap to rebuild Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant and united, well governed, truly democratic nation; a nation that seeks progress and prosper through merit-based equality of opportunity and peace.


11 thoughts on ““Without any (Coup) guarantee there is perhaps no purpose of this consultation process.”

  1. Bravo, whiskey ,alpha LFC, message crystal ,charlie, augustus ,tommy ,Oscar, roger , over!

    Long Live the Commander, Long Live RFMF, Long Live KING Cobra[ Sir Kaiyum]

  2. RFMF are not part of coups?

    YOU are the COUPS!

    IF you are a loyal ARMY, (reminder re your oaths) , then the moment one of your officers or group of officers commit treason, which is an act against the civilian government, then those officers/soldiers not involved must immediately take action against the treasonous and defend our President and nation. If any citizen, including the President, should act, or instigate any act against the civilian government, then they should also be arrested by the army, if not the police. SIMPLE

    Since 1987, the army has no longer been an army but an extension of itaukei hierarchy from pre 1874 feudal structure. i.e : the BATI – bati leka, the officers, Bati balavu, NCO’s and troopers.




  4. Its true that the fijians in the army were used in 1987 by Mara magaitinamu and others to keep them into power.

    Look at gods punishment to mara, who had to run for his life, into the sea and then to lakeba, from where he never recovered.

    Look at siti rabuka magalevu- not even a dog would wag his tail at him……

    So all those who used the military to enhance racism, enforce superiority of fijians over all other races of people living in fiji, enforce christainity and sunday ban on the populace, will die a natural dogs death.

    However, if a coup is carried:
    * to reverse the situation of racism, racial intolerance,
    * to reverse indigenous superiority over all other races of fijians,
    * to kick out the corrupt and corruption,
    * give everyone an equal right to citizenship,
    * give every voter an equal value of his/her vote,
    * Getting rid of the colonial divide and rule policy of communal seats,
    * Getting rid of the corrupt and racists GCC – Great council of cheats, who hold monopoly to dictate over ordinaryi-taukeis and,

    * GETTING RID OF THE OLD LEASE DISTRIBUTION FORMULAE WHICH FAVOURED CHIEFS and now every individual landowner will get an equal amount of lease money …….and those under 17 years of age, the money will be held in trust…..

    Then I THINK THIS COUP IS JUSTIFIED as we see today, the Hon. Prmine mnister, Voreqe Bainimarama…….is a Hero of the poor and down trodden, has major public support in Fiji and has a clear vision to carry the nation forward.

  5. TIKOITOGA sonalevu vakayaga taka na nomu mona niko bera ni vosa,vinaka ga me sa kau cake yani na nomu sona kina nomu mona ,ka kau sobu na nomu mona ki na nomu sona

  6. Mosese is either talking in riddles or deliberately trying to deceive the people. Coup is not part of RFMF but they (RFMF) have been part of all the coups. Mosese tends to think that the 2006 take over is not a coup the as ole. That was the worst one of them all because it was the Commander himself who did it.

    Yes Mosese its said that the likes of you and the Vowaka Voreqe has tarnished the good reputation of the Fiji military for good.


    Sierra, Uniform, Tango, Uniform, Polo, India, Delta over.

  7. @ The Ghost Who Farts

    People don’t worry about the likes of the Ghost (who farts) because all they do is kiss the vowaka’s bum to get a living. They cannot do a decent day’s work because they are lazy, unqualified, and dumb; all they thrive in is living off the sweat of others.

    It is time for us the people to assert our rights to decide our destiny and those of our children. Let us take our que from the likes of Rajen Chaudary, Barr, and Beddoes; so lets speak up and let our views be known to this unruly lot.

    If need be let be ready to make a fight for it if necessary; but enough is enough.

  8. Mosese TIKOITOGA is really from the kai loma “Fisher” clan of Savusavu or is it Taveuni? He is Mosese Fisher and not tikoitoga.

  9. Did I hear this right? Tikoitugger said the RFMF are not part of coups?? Is this tugger a total wanker? Who took over the legitimately elected government in 2006? Donald Duck?? You mean I bashed and kicked innocent women on behalf of Donald??

  10. As if we needed another remainder how stupid this man is. It is simply embarrassing. What surprises me is how these thugs can still rule this country.

  11. mosese stop opening your big mouth.rfmf is the biggest problem and coup makers.
    fiji needs to disband the army full stop than coup culture will stop.

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