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“People” should not comment on submissions………and we all know who the people is.

FWCC against submission comments

17:05 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Roland Koroi

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre believes that people should not comment on submissions that are being made to the constitution commission.

A statement from the FWCC says everyone has a right to put his or her views forward and continuous commentary on submissions can deter others from expressing themselves freely.

Centre Coordinator Shamima Ali says while some believe that there are problematic areas regarding an open and free consultation process, they recognize that many are coming forward to make submissions.

Ali says for people who want to utilize this process, they should view it as an opportunity to map out a future for Fiji with the making of a new Constitution and it is imperative that mistakes of the past are not repeated.

She adds, contributions to the process must respect the rule of law, human rights and democracy.


37 thoughts on ““People” should not comment on submissions………and we all know who the people is.

  1. Of course people can comment, Shamima. That’s the wonderful thing about holding an opinion, it’s yours.

    Be careful now on that slippery slope.. suppressing a person’s right to thought, opinion, speech and expression.

    It seems that years of muzzling a population can entrench itself into the psyche of people that some can easily pick up from where the military police left off.

    Fiji has had a coup culture spanning over 20 years, we do not need to be ‘handled’ with kids gloves!

  2. you mean like holding an opinion and then expressing it by way of a warning to critics, like the illegal PM? We are all expected to listen to his self-serving moaning about the threats to his ‘reforms’, but watch out when you go off message. He doesn’t trust Fijians to elect a new government anymore than they trust him to hold himself to his proported standards. What we want is for him and his cronies to accept the result and and kill themselves.

  3. No election Frank circus is going on.
    frank dont want to hold election and end up in prison. frank /khaiyum and ministers will run for cover with his army merry mens.
    If free and fair election will happen.

  4. Fiji is a circular state. This means what goes around comes around. That is what a circle is. As you can see I am a genius. That is why I am a professor. And my friend grubshit is an international award winning journalist. He is a genius too. We are both bigots. But I don’t know what that means. I will go on youtube and find out…..oh dear, what day is it again….

  5. tyranny can begin with but a small step down that ” slippery slope” as aptly pointed out by WE, THE PEOPLE.
    Yes, be very careful now Shamima …

  6. Kyte slippery road to no election at all. Thats what s going to happen now if people like Shamina are trying to call the shots. All should know that Frank started all this and he alone should finish it orherwise we will be turned to another commmunist country like China, North Korea or a country runned like Singapore.There will be no oppotition

  7. @hurtmad

    You are talking sheet man. People are not calling the shots but making submissions and your doppy Voreqe should accept people have different views.

  8. Shamima just likes to be in the limelight for any reason…she must have crossed the floor after criticising everyone else for joining the melee. She has got a very sorry life and so she squirms through to every podium available on the command of her boss Imrana too so lialia

  9. Ratu VR
    Yes you have every right to do that but dont try and redesign its motive and that is to built a better fiji,Orherwise you will be getting into Franks way

  10. @ NEW FIJI / Laisa

    “Shamima just likes to be in the limelight for any reason”

    First off, I like the way you change your name every week – its as if you are a new person each time to post.

    Anyway, you are not doing a very good job of reading between the lines here.

    What Shamima is referring to is Bainimarama’s habit of commenting on submissions made by those that he has a personal dislike for.

    Frank is used to running the nation like am invite-only, private club.

    Shamima makes the very valid point that Frank’s running commentary makes people reluctant to make submissions if he continually threatens everyone who he disagrees with.

    Shamima is good though because she is clever enough to couch her words carefully – after all, noone wants to tell the truth about Frank and his bullying ways…

  11. @New Fuji

    Why can’t you make some sensible comments for a change or is that too much an exercise for what you have as a brain.

  12. kiteflyer,ratu vore and radio fiji, Democracy rules hence the votes to my comment should tell you something and by the way I am not Laisa but a highly educated indian male and highly paid one as well….so yeah tell me all about what shamima has achieved to date…..I am curious…all she does is what uneducated fools do when they are not qualified or anything…and that is to either become a methodist lay preacher or an NGO so that funding flows freely without having to work a descent day. All these losers do is to be the mouthpiece of the funding agency. Can you ask to speak impromtu publicly sometimes? you will get an idea of what I am saying here. everytime she opens her mouth ,only shit comes out !!!! And she has NOT empowered women but destroyed marriages around the country …ask any of her former patients !!!!!!!(complainants)

  13. shamima was diagnosed by cancer of the Ass, she went to australia , and treated , now she is back. sharon rolls bagwan the owner of fem link was also diagosed with cancer. the same will happen to virisila, edwina, jacquline, laisa digitaki. all of them will die the slow death . your time is up. fiji is moving forward and we do not need people like you.

    @New Fiji
    Baiya bro, do not give in to people like Ratu Vore. he is a coward running for his life in australia, so as radio lucas.

    Long Live THE COMMANDER ! LONG live the RFMF , Long live Cobra[ Sir Kaiyum ] .

  14. New Fiji.

    You best be advised not speak of education, because most if not all that comment under different assumed names in this blog-site are either semi or uneducated.

    These are the spawns of Qarase’s failed policies.

    Idiots they are ,infact not one among these mongrels have achieved a fricken thing except the use of their venomous mouths and the constant blubbering.

  15. @Ratu Vore

    everyday gonei, you piece of shit. you do not bring anything good or constructive to fiji. think old man. we a moving forward here Fiji, we do not need people like you. ass holes , mother fucker !

  16. Sai

    How many times do I have remind you senile old fool that you do not even live in Fiji. Get your phucken staff and come home to enjoy life under your lover Voreqe’s rule. Sega ni oca nomu maimuri luveni quri qase.

  17. @Goast

    Me dua ga e futuka nomu maimuri tamata tawa yaga macawa. Lai kubuti Sai tu mada me ososo tu kina na gusumu.

  18. Sai’s As……aimless uneducated retard ha ha ha. You will just have to sit back ,relax, and enjoy the reforms taking place and then maybe you will pull that skinny finger out of your big bum and think straight for a change .

  19. @NEW VUJI

    Oh yes I am relaxed and enjoying Bainimarama being made a fool, the laughing stalk of the whole world. His comments are ludicrous and so are yours. Pull your head out from Sai’s bum.

  20. “laughing stalk.”….stock baiya , stock, sega na stalk….shows your intelligence!!! Keep relaxing and laughing.we will take you to the St Giles to curb your laughing with some deep sleep medication very soon ….BTW we know who you are and are waiting for you to say something seditious and then pounce on you. The IT section opposite Traps is doing a great job of tracking IP addresses.

  21. @ NEW FIJI
    anyone who says of himself I am ” a highly educated indian male and highly paid one” is but an arsehole as far as I am concern.
    where’s your answer to my earlier question to you?

  22. I have paid taxes for you to freeload on education etc. and I have contributed to Fiji’s economy like neither you or your sister Shamima ever has. My suggestion to you is to stop freeloading on other people’s money and learn to spell english words accha??….saying “as far as I am concern” makes you sound ultra uneducated just like Shamima .

  23. Vore.

    O kai lau beka?

    O sa tamata ulukau dina.

    Sa dina ga na ka e kaia o ira na kena qase, o kemuni na gone na quna o ogo sa rui sivia na vakacoco wavoki.

    And you are domiciled in Fiji or are you another of those overstaying their visitors permit?

    Because As I have said dick-head I own properties in Fiji and I visit there often so I know about the occurrences in Fiji.

    Now stop being like a toothless dog barking aloud because nobody gives a rats-arse about you no hoper’s.

    So what have done or have achieved in your distorted life.

  24. @ Ratu Sai

    “I have said dick-head I own properties in Fiji and I visit there often”

    Don’t you also like to have lunch with Frank everytime you visit?

    What is your relationship with him?

  25. Sai

    Sa rui bona na gusumu. You enjoy living under a stable democracy and freedom of expression but being the hypocrite that you are; you continue to support the suppression of Fijian people.

    Na property cava o kaya tiko ra jidamu levu, lao mai mai bula tio i e me rawa ni o marautaka na bula e ruku ni voco nei Voreqe.

  26. @Ratu Vore & Futuka

    Too much bad language and swears , shows your true color . talking about people ass. sa ruilevu na vakakilakila, qaciqacia,vosa vakalialia kei na viavialevu. Sa Qase na tamata sa qai yalowai Ratu Vore. Kawa CA !

  27. Radio Bewildered.

    Son, having lunch with Frank or any other person shouldn’t give rise to be concerned about anything being sinister other than what it is “having lunch”

    “What is your relationship with him?”

    Boy there is no relationship with Frank other than I applaud what he is trying to achieve for the nation which is equality something that has eluded the leaders of old.

    Now you cannot deny your fellow-men their rights to life among other things can you?

  28. Vore.

    Are you currently living in Fiji? If not why not?

    Why did you runaway from Fiji? What are you hiding from?

    What have you done in your life or have achieved to be called a worthy human being?

    Would you deny your fellow men their rights to life?

    E sega beka vei iko na madua ce vacava?

  29. Sai

    Yes I am in Fiji unlike cowards like you; supporting Voreqe from a far. If you really think Voreqe is doing such a fine job you are than welcome to come home and put your money where your big mouth is.

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