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Circular state?……………..Repeating the same mistakes?……….The word is secular

Samisoni calls for price decree removal

August 08, 2012 05:06:14 Pm

Fiji businesswoman and Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party member Mere Samisoni today presented her submission to the Constitution Commission, but not as a political party member but as a businesswoman.

Speaking to the commission in Lami, the Hot Bread Kitchen owner called for the removal of the Price Control Decree saying it has affected her business which has forced the closure of some of her outlets.

“We had to close down three shops and this means 30 people, people unemployed and the impact of that with the wages and the people in school and so forth,” said Samisoni.

Samisoni said there is too much power and too many legislations and the Price Control Decree should be removed.

She said small businesses in Fiji should be allowed to have the freedom of choice and they should be allowed to grow on their own.

“We should have some price control but not too much,” she said.

“We should be spending more time in productivity and serving our customers but with the regimes heavy handed intervention we are spending more time in compliance issues,” she said.

Samisoni’s submission was among 18 received today by the commission from people living in Lami and nearby areas.

Commission member Peni Moore told FijiLive that there has been a continued request for Fiji to become a Christian state because there is a lack of understanding about what circular statues mean.

“Circular statues are still coming out in submissions as people do not understand what it means, they do not understand that in the 1997 constitution we were a circular state so people are concerned that circular means no religion so there has been a continued request of a Christian state,” said Moore.

She said people have very diverse ideas and would return to make another submission upon hearing someone else’s submission.

The commission, she said is not concerned about the low turn-out and that they are happy people are coming forward to voice what they want included in the new constitution.

She also confirmed receiving submissions from the Methodist Church.

Submissions close on October 10.

By Mereani Gonedua


16 thoughts on “Circular state?……………..Repeating the same mistakes?……….The word is secular

  1. Penny is a very intelligent and far sighted member of the commission. Her confusing a circular saw with a secular saw should not taint her ability to come up with a constitution that suits Khaiyum and his thugs. And Penny, before I forget, make sure that the role of the RFMF is clearly defined in the wonderful new constitution. I suggest something like: the ultimate power in Fiji rests with those who have the biggest guns…Also a non discrimination clause should be included as well: It is the constitutional right of any soldier to become a political leader, irrespective of his education or intelligence.

  2. laughter is the best medicine and there was a lot of that medicine in Joker’s take on what should go into the new constitution of new fiji.hehehe.

  3. Coup groupie Peni Moore has a ‘circular’ brain – going around in ever decreasing circles? It might be as a result of the ‘medicine’ the standover bully has imbibed in for years?

  4. We should create a state just similar to one we are having right now.President to be elected by the people and the Military should have a say in the day to day running of the state.I mean to say that a role should be defined for them in the constitution

  5. @hurtman

    So you want to continue as a circular state with a circle pea brained military as ole as PM.

  6. Yeah I thought that was funny. Circular instead of secular.

    The New Zealand Herald recently had a survey of annoying things in a car – the last choice was

    First Aid Kid


  7. Peni come and smoke some more pot with me!!!!! One day mafatu, I will mokuta Na nomu Mimi pori!!!

  8. yes Farty.Its better than going back to thiefswho had stolen alot from us.Qarase needs to be striped off the ivola ni kawa bula

  9. @ hurtmad

    Hardly surprising; coming from someone with circular mentality. Kena ca na lai veimapolo voli na gauna ni vuli.

  10. Mere Samisoni will very soon close all her shops,Being charged with Treason is a very serious offence. she had better close up now

  11. @hurtman Banks are already closing down branches. BSP Bank closed down Pacific House branch and Levuka branch already. ANZ bank also closing down branches. Samabula ANZ closing down next week.

    Only a short time before Government offices start closing down too. Civil servants going home because there’s no money to pay them.

    EVR clerks pay fiasco only the start. PWD also had their pay arrive late this month.

  12. Whatever ones views on price control systems that a goverment may use to protect the interests of either the purchaser OR supplier Fijis Constitution is hardly the place for this.

  13. @ Anon

    “Hurtman” (Laisa – she changes her name every week) and her kind don’t care how bad the economy gets – just so long as the RFMF get their chow every week.
    Frank doesnt care.
    Aiyaz doesnt care.
    The RFMF has been reduced to a service for thugs and yes-men, all following their “leader” to destruction, while the country they were meant to serve, falls down around them. Revolting.

  14. @ Lesson
    Should immunity for thugs and cowards that commit treason be included in the constitution? Only if your name is khaiyum, gates, pryde or ms goebbels – you wanker!

  15. @jcc

    Perhaps it may be a good idea for you to read the comment in conjunction with the article.

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