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SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL: The New Zealand Government’s new stance towards the Fiji regime – CFDFiji.org

The motto of the three famous monkeys has now come very much to be exemplified by the Government of New Zealand in its dealings towards the current military dictatorship in Fiji. The latest rapprochement and cosiness of the Government towards the regime is in stark contrast to its former principled stance:

  • Government was concerned that the regime is a military dictatorship.
  • Government was concerned about the many human rights abuses committed by the regime, notably against the hundreds of people taken to the Army barracks and systematically raped, beaten and abused and even killed.
  • Government was concerned about the repressive decrees produced at whim by the evil genius of the regime, the purported Attorney General, the practice of which was in 2009 condemned by the Fiji Court of Appeal.
  • Government was concerned about the absence of basic human rights, suppression of essential freedoms, tapping of communications and other evils committed by the regime.

In the twinkling of an eye all that is changed.

The engaging by the regime in the current charade of Constitutional Consultation, and its giving of blandishments to the apparently gullible New Zealand Government, has changed everything.  Suddenly, lifting of sanctions and diplomatic engagement is full on. New Zealand taxpayers’ money is being channelled to the regime, on top of the many millions of dollars wasted in previous Fiji elections. And all this on account of the ‘word’ of the regime itself.

The untrustworthiness of the regime has been proved on many occasions in the past. What makes the regime trustworthy now? What justification is there for the expenditure of taxpayer funds in return for promises from the like of the alleged Attorney General?

Actually, nothing has changed. Fiji is still fully militarised, under the very militarisation not long ago condemned by the Australian Foreign Minister. The Army has not withdrawn to barracks. There is no independent body running the country in the run up to promised elections.

Pernicious decrees remain in force. De facto, apart from the technical position, the Army retains complete control.

Any alleged temporary relaxation to accommodate the current Constitutional process is a chimera.

As has been stressed many times before, there is no real prospect of a genuine democratic election because the alleged Prime Minister and Attorney General simply cannot afford ever to truly relinquish power. Genuine relinquishment would entail their prosecution for the host of grave offences of which they are guilty. Hence the feverish desperation of the alleged Attorney General to force into a new Constitution clauses absolving him and his cronies from guilt.

Even if the saving clauses are forced through any future truly democratic Government would be unlikely to respect them.

It is necessary, in considering the current charade, to look at the unduly respectful language currently being used by the international community and others in regard to the regime. Thus, the Foreign Minister of New Zealand refers to the alleged Fiji Foreign Minister as his counterpart. But he is not. He is the illegal creation of a military dictatorship. Nor can he properly be called Foreign Minister.

The Fiji police refer to controlling the process surrounding the conviction of the former Prime Minister as necessary to protect the independence of the judiciary. But such independence does not exist in Fiji.

The Australian media refer to the body convicting the former Prime Minister as a court. The word ‘court’ implies legality and Constitutionality. But those attributes do not pertain to that body. The media also assert that it cannot comment on the verdict because it is ‘sub judice’. However that assertion is also false. Nothing produces nothing. The right of appeal only attaches to a genuine verdict.

The Foreign Minister of New Zealand produces as a pretext for lifting sanctions that this will enable Fiji to recruit competent persons in high positions to enhance an alleged movement towards free and fair elections. The point however that he misses is that it is not a good career move for a person from outside Fiji to take up high position in a military dictatorship. Nor does such a move enhance that person’s reputation.The Foreign Minister in this connection should, with respect, for an example, seek the views of past Judges and Directors of Public Prosecutions axed by the regime, and of the Law Societies of Australia and New Zealand.

The fact that the current charade in Fiji is indeed a charade is already apparent but this will become even clearer in time. There may indeed be elections but in their nature they cannot be free and fair .

At this time, the Council calls upon all fair and right minded people everywhere to reject that charade.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji
8th August 2012


7 thoughts on “SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL: The New Zealand Government’s new stance towards the Fiji regime – CFDFiji.org

  1. NZ Government 60 submission so far and Ghai already complaining about lack of partcipation. he claims people are scared to come forward. Its little wonder if Felix Anthony can get butoraki from mad dog Baniniamrama then no one is spared mate. Open your eyes Mcullay stop selling the Fiji people. CFDF is correct. This is monkey see and monkey do style diplomacy….hahahahah

  2. Ratu Mara, you are a nut case. Plead insane; it’s really not a shameful thing. This is the only way you can come back to Fiji and not get charged for your crimes.

  3. I agree with CFDF in their statement. Please email a copy to mcully so that he can open his eyes and see he is being fooled now as he was before. mccully please Uphold principle and see to plight of ordinary Fijians and not the false picture painted by the regime. However we will let time tell you what the truth really is. You will be gone from govt when the mirage election in Fiji will happen. You will then say at least I tried and we’ll will say to you I told you so.

  4. Please note that copies of the media statement has been widely released to all Forum nations including Aust and NZ. Please refer to CFDF website for more information. Thank you for appreciating CFDF’s efforts for a better and Free Fiji for all.

  5. Mara remains consistent: A notorious coward and bully who had the chance to pick a fight in Fiji runs away. Now he expects NZ and OZ to resolve Fiji’s problems. Why should NZ and OZ forego their own national interest in the Pacific and sanction an autocratic and repressive regime whose citizens have demonstrated for 6 years that they are accepting if not supporting the regime. Do we sanction China for human rights violations? No we do business with China. It is about time that thugs like Mara understand that only those who are ready to help themselves deserve help.

  6. “A notorious coward and bully who had the chance to pick a fight in Fiji runs away”

    Funny you say that – I wonder what happened to everyone else that stood up against Frank?

    Umm, arrests, torture, death and imprisonment? Anyone?

    I have heard RUM say that the whole reason he had to leave was because he was oppossing Aiyaz’s plans for Fiji from within the RFMF. RUM tried to convince Frank of the folly in following Aiyaz, but Frank chose to ignore his complaints and instead, arrested them all and tried to arrest RUM, who fled to Tonga.

    Frank should be wondering as to whom actually told RUM about what his plans were… Not much trust left in the RFMF these days…

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