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Fiji’s Constitution Commission hearings start with a song and dance?…….. I hope this is not an indication of whats to come.

Public submissions starts next Friday

July 25, 2012 02:11:20 PM

Fiji’s Constitution Commission will launch their hearings and public submission process at Suva’s Civic Centre lower auditorium next Friday.

The launch will start with dances, poetry, artwork and ideas presented by primary and secondary school students as well as institutions throughout the morning.

In the afternoon, the commission will begin accepting oral and written submissions from members of public.

The day marks the start of the commission’s 68-day national consultation tour to collect the views of Fijians.

Ghai said for the first two weeks the commission will be in Suva then they will travel to the West. A full timetable of their consultation tour will be announced soon.

The Commission urges all individuals, families and organisations to make submissions at their hearings in writing or orally in any language used in Fiji.

The 5-member Constitution Commission team were sworn in today by acting President and chief justice Anthony Gates. The Commission includes Ghai, Penelope Moore, Christina Murray, Professor Satendra Nandan and Taufa Vakatale.

By Mereani Gonedua


13 thoughts on “Fiji’s Constitution Commission hearings start with a song and dance?…….. I hope this is not an indication of whats to come.

  1. Perhaps you could even ask to more punishment like canning the thugs who loot/burn churches/temples/mosques etc and those who invade homes and carry out violent robberies says:

    Vinaka Atleast a good start at last
    People of fiji this is your chance to let the commission hear your voice……

    Perhaps you could even ask to more punishment like canning the thugs who loot/burn churches/temples/mosques etc and those who invade homes and carry out violent robberies……

    The victims will definately never forget such experience….

    Do u also wanna bring back laws of hanging for crimes of treason…….which was changed in fiji’s parliament to save rabuka’s arse………and now the i-taukeis are crying for the same ….hahahhahha

  2. what does the Hindu word ” naatak” mean?
    commissioner satendra nandan can help explain it.
    yes, this consultation with the people and all that is just a naatak.

  3. So all the public ‘drama’ about the non-enabling environment of the consultations via Ghai et al was what exactly? Just a show?

    If they’re continuing the consultations in spite of those factors, it is safe to assume that the commissioners were perhaps just progressing their set script.

  4. this constitutional consultation with the people of fiji will be such a stressful, exhausting, mentally and physically taxing exercise for the commissioners – they might even be called upon to drink large quantities of grog and to do impromptu dances with the people they meet in their travels around the country – so I would advise that reserve commissioners be on stand-by in case…

  5. Saturday, July 7, 2007
    Lawyers Petition, give the CJ his Job Back
    From the letters to the editors column of the Fiji Daily Post. Why it is important for the lawyers to petition the president on behalf of CJ Fatiaki.

    Lawyers’ petition


    THE petition instigated by Hemendra Nagin and supported by the vast majority of Fiji’s legal fraternity is not an exercise in futility as misunderstood by Bainimarama.
    To the contrary, the petition to be handed to President Iloilo later this week addresses fundamental constitutional Presidential fiduciary duties which as expected, Bainimarama and his advisors fail to appreciate.
    President Iloilo pursuant to Section 85 of the Constitution is vested with the executive authority of the State of the Fiji.
    Section 86 makes him Head of State and confers upon him the symbol of unity.
    Section 87 invests upon him the rank of Commander in Chief of the Fiji Military Forces making Bainimarama his subordinate.
    President Iloilo suspended Fatiaki CJ on 06/01/07 pursuant to section 138(3)(a)(i) of the Constitution.
    This Friday marks 6 months since Fatiaki’s suspension, yet no formal charges have materialised.
    The petition calls upon President Iloilo’s fiduciary duties pursuant to section 138(4) of the Constitution, whereby he can revoke the suspension at any time.
    It is uncertain whether any allegation(s) of misbehaviour has been referred to a tribunal because A-G Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, continually faces great difficulty in attracting credible jurists to sit on the tribunal given Fiji’s political status.
    Be that as it may, it is an undisputed fact that President Iloilo ordered Fatiaki’s suspension pending a tribunal’s finding, which after six months have not only failed to materialise, but Fatiaki himself is still kept in the dark as to the specific charges against him.
    President Iloilo’s response to the petition will reveal Fiji’s true political state and the legitimacy of his presidency.
    Bainimarama’s obtuse remark referred to above is premised on his willingness to resort to terror, bullying tactics and rule Fiji by the gun, whereas the Petition on the other hand seeks legal redress and exhorts President Iloilo to faithfully carry out his Presidential fiduciary duties in accordance with the Constitution and rule of law.
    Should President Iloilo remain steadfast and true to his constitutional Presidential duties, then he should accept the petition, revoke the suspension and reinstate Fatiaki forthwith pursuant to section 138(4) of the Constitution.
    Furthermore, he should terminate all investigations into the allegations against Fatiaki.
    However, if President Iloilo wavers and rejects the petition because of Bainimarama’s influence, then he cannot be said to properly fulfilling his Presidential fiduciary duties in accordance with the Constitution and rule of law.
    Either response by President Iloilo to the petition would have achieved its purpose because it will clearly show to the international community Fiji’s true political status.
    I, for one support the petition and call for Fatiaki’s reinstatement forthwith and call upon all right thinking citizens of Fiji and the international community to support the petition as well.
    As I had stated previously, the petition is not an exercise in futility as misunderstood by Bainimarama and his advisors, but rather something akin to Martin Luther’s 95 thesis nailed to the Wittenberg Church door and need I remind you of what transpired from the nailing of the thesis/petition?

    Tui Savu,

  6. As part of Ghai-yum script, the pretext of normalcy will be the norm as Kubuabola starts his attempt to get Australia and NZ to warm up to the illegal and treasonous regime in the vain hope that the Forum will overturn their suspension of the regime.

    Hope you get a good outcome in Canberra next week Kubuabola but Paris will maintain their stand on New Caledonia and the counterbalance act leveraging the China paranoia was smart, but for the long-term, very stupid.

    Even if you get back in to the good books of the big brother’s in order to get the sorely needed money flowing back into the country, you will be pressured to cut China loose. China is no fool and they know this but you can be assured that they WILL get their pound of flesh….watch the allocation of that latest batch of passports y’all.

  7. Wazzup Yash
    So we read that the Constitution Commission begins its work next Friday 3rd August – that is one month AFTER the announced date (1st July) for public consultation.

    But no explanation for why they’re one month late. Just we’re gonna have a meke and some serekali next Friday at the civic center, ONE WHOLE MONTH after we were supposed to start work.

    Can we the people of Fiji be told please exactly how much you are being paid Mr. Yash-Man? And your fellow Commissioners, how much they be baggin please?

    And who is working at the Commission – you said in June you wanted to appoint your own staff, but no advertisements for the jobs, you’ve gone ahead and appointed them? How many soldiers? All of them? Right, that really reassures me that you’re independent!

    And not a pipsqueak about the terms of reference for the Commission imposed by decree no 57 in section 7, with the additional immunity entrenchment as a guiding principle for the Commission and the 900,000 odd souls who call themselves Fiji Islanders.

    Ya think that will stop discussion on the immunity and the role and size and future of the military Aiyaz? ummm think again. FAIL!

    Let’s face it – all of us in Fiji know that immunity will have to be granted, but the ninnies in charge, are so fearful of a DISCUSSION about the coup, immunity, the role of the idiot military, you have to continue stacking the deck and limiting the box in which the Constitution Commission operates.

    We guess the 900,000 or so people of these islands will be ummm, THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX as ole Voreqe like to preach to us from December 2006…..

  8. Johny is running out of pay, and realising his life expectancy is not as assumed, he need to come back in to the picture, as he might sell off his car to maintain his wealth … , nice move … gotcha … !

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