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There is no need to formulate an entirely new Constitution for Fiji.

1997 constitution needs amendments: SDL

June 24, 2012 09:05:01 AM
Fiji's ousted Prime Minister and SDL party leader Laisenia Qarase. (File Photo)
Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister and SDL party leader Laisenia Qarase. (File Photo)

Fiji’s Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua (SDL) has acknowledged that some amendments to the 1997 constitution is necessary.

This was discussed during their first meeting in Lautoka on Friday.

SDL party leader Laisenia Qarase in a statement said some amendments to the constitution is necessary for example the electoral system needs to be reviewed, as public opinion moves towards the principle of one man, one vote and one value.

“Other aspects of the Constitution need to be reviewed as well,” said Qarase.

He said their meeting acknowledged that the 1997 Constitution has been hailed, both locally and internationally as a comprehensive and good supreme law and as such there is no need to formulate an entirely new Constitution for Fiji.

He also said the outcome of the meeting was an overwhelming endorsement of the SDL Party’s stand and that is the retention of the 1997 Constitution, but with some amendments.

SDL party executives are hoping to have meetings in Labasa early next month and more consultations are planned for urban and rural areas.

However acting Prime Minister and Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum earlier said the 1997 constitution did not have economic and social rights but it had civil and political rights.

Sayed-Khaiyum said economic and social rights should be discussed as part of consultations on the new constitution and the main aim is to get people’s views.


6 thoughts on “There is no need to formulate an entirely new Constitution for Fiji.

  1. no need to formulate an entirely new constitution for fiji. of course. take a potato. if a part of the potato is not good, do you need to throw the whole potato away? of course not. it’s stupid. it’s wasteful to do that.and, remember fiji is a third world developing country. it can’t afford the luxury of being wasteful and spend money unnecessarily whe

  2. The only social and economic rights Khaiyum is interested in are those of his clan: the economic right of aunty Nur to take a cut, the social right to employ the entire clan on multiple government salaries, the economic right to horde large amounts of money stolen from the taxpayers in overseas accounts in Dubai and Hong Kong. These are the rights this sleaze bag is talking about.

  3. There is no need for elections. Our junta is making the clan rich!! And we pay peanuts to the military – very cheap guns for hire!!

  4. 1997 constitution is a live and living.
    we dont need any other constitution and commission.
    so keep the fight on for 1997 constitution on guys.


    Qarase made a mockery of the 1997 constitution, when he was the prime minister…………

    Qarase released all the coup convicts under the 1997 constitution, people like Seniloli magaitinamu, Inoke magaitinamu, and naiqama the defiler of underage girl, who is now his mistress.

  6. @ Laisa

    Yeah! So who released all those murderers? And made one of them Commodore of the Navy? What sort of theiving low-life would do that?

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