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Decree change after Chinese Legal Firm seeks office in Fiji. Changing the law to suit our “Friends”

Changes made to Legal Decree

17:10 Today



Taken from/By:
Report by: Ritika Pratap

Changes have been made to the Legal Practitioners Decree to ensure transparency and accountability in the legal profession.

The amendments were made following complaints that many lawyers are working on contingency fee basis -where the lawyer takes a share of the clients’ court ordered damages instead of receiving a fee.

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the amendments will bring about discipline.

“Lawyers can take up to 10% as contingency fees. They can have amounts above that also – but only after the settlement or the judgment sum has been given to the client – if they have an agreement before hand.”

Another amendment now allows foreign law firms to set up offices in Fiji.


11 thoughts on “Decree change after Chinese Legal Firm seeks office in Fiji. Changing the law to suit our “Friends”

  1. Allowing foreign law firms to set up in Fiji is a further sell-out of the country, something that you will never see in budding democracies that values the worth of its people, there, they would invest in their own human resources to build up the country and their jurisprudence, in alignment with international law. Seems we’re back to colonial days.

  2. The Fiji Law Society had become a joke, now the lawyers will face the music for unethicle practice. says:

    Vinaka Acting Prime Minister

    Lawyers in Fiji have been having a free ride for generations, without being accountable, overcharging clients, mis-use of trust monies of clients, making clients to wait for years to get their money despite receiving claims, etc. etc.

    Thanks for this current government for making the lawyers accountable in FIJI. We have already seen many dishonest practioners barred from practicing law and the list is set to groww bigger.

    The Fiji Law Society has become a joke, since it was not able to bring its members to account, its disciplinary board was a gutless dog, which cant even bite.

  3. when will fiji law society disbar this khaiyum chor..
    who appointed this khaiyum chor katoo to the post .brain dead banini.
    we dont need your f idiot illegal decree .
    we are waiting to feed you pork and some motto bitu.

  4. Start misconduct proceedings with the Chief Jutice who committed perjury and lied under oath and misled the Fiji Court of Appeal.

    Is he a special species of dishonest Judge who is above the law ? One law for him and another for all other practitioners ?

    Wikipedia itself notes his unethical and unprofessional conduct.

    Anthony Gates

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Anthony Harold Cumberland Thomas Gates is Acting Chief Justice of Fiji.[1]

    [edit] Early life

    Gates was born in the United Kingdom and is a graduate of Cambridge University, and holds Australian citizenship.[2] He had served as a volunteer teacher as a VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) in Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka; where he taught English at Royal College Colombo. Later he practised at the Bar in London, before taking an appointment at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Fiji in 1977. He became the Deputy DPP in 1981 and a Magistrate in 1985. He was dismissed as a Magistrate in 1987 when he refused to take a fresh oath of allegiance to coup leader Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka, the self made Head of State. He left Fiji to work for the Commonwealth DPP’s Office in Brisbane, Australia. He returned to Fiji in 1993 to take over the practice of a former Leader of the Opposition. He was appointed to the High Court of Fiji in November 1999.

    [edit] Recent career

    Justice Gates is best known for his decision in Chandrika Prasad v. Att-Gen of Fiji [2000] 2 FLR 89; Prasad v. Republic of Fiji & Another [2001] 1 LRC 665; [2001] NZAR 21 in which he held that the Constitution of Fiji had not been abrogated by the military intervention in 2000, and that the Constitution continued to be the law of the land.[3] His decision was upheld by Fiji’s Court of Appeal, in February 2001. However the decision which should have led to the restoration of the Parliament suspended by the coup of 2000, was not obeyed by the government of the day, the Government instead choosing to call for elections in 2001.

    Justice Gates is also well-known for his decisions on enforcing freedoms from inhumane treatment for prison inmates (Noa Yasa & Anor v State HAM063A.05S [2005] paclii) and for the treason-related hearings of persons alleged to have been involved in the political events in Fiji of 2000.

    On 17 January 2007, 14 days after the removal of the Chief Justice by the military during the 2006 Fijian coup d’état, the President of Fiji, Ratu Josefa Iloilo appointed Justice Gates Acting Chief Justice. The substantive Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki, had asked the then President of the Court of Appeal Justice Gordon Ward, to “hold the fort” for the judiciary as a de facto Acting Chief Justice. The President of the Court of Appeal was one of the judicial officers specifically disqualified under the Constitution from acting as Chief Justice. Chief Justice Fatiaki made public statements attacking Justice Gates for taking the position.[4]

    Chief Justice Fatiaki was replaced by Justice Anthony Gates, who had previously supported upholding the constitution in defiance of the 2000 coup. By this time however, Gates’ reputation was severely tarnished – overseas-based judges on Fiji’s Court of Appeal found he told guests at a cocktail party that he would “put away” a prominent chief, Ratu Takiveikata, on criminal charges relating to the 2000 coup. The three New Zealand and Australian judges who ordered a retrial found Gates lied under oath when he denied in court that he had made the statement.[5]

    Despite the finding that he had lied under oath before the Fiji Court of Appeal, Gates was elevated to Acting Chief Justice of Fiji by the Fiji Millitary Government. He has not been cited or investigated by the Fiji Judicial Services Commission or the Fiji Institute of Professional Legal Standards for his unethical and misleading conduct before the Fiji Court of Appeal in the Takiveikata case and remains Chief Justice of the Fijian Judiciary. He has also not been investigated or prosecuted for the perjury.

    In September 2007 six judges from the Fiji Court of Appeal resigned due to concerns over Gates’ handling of administration.[6]

    A briefing given by Gates to Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is thought by some to have led to the expulsion of envoys from Australia and New Zealand from Fiji.[2] Gates acted as temporary president of Fiji between late September and early October 2010 during the absence of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.[7] In December 2010 the United States Embassy failed to issue Gates with a visa to represent Fiji at an International Criminal Court convention.[8]

    [edit] References

    1.^ “AG lodges complaint against Cameron”. Fiji Daily Post. 2 May 2008. Retrieved 29 December 2010.
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  5. gate is a qori like his boss khaiyum.
    we have qori running fiji govt backed by qori army regime.

  6. It must be quite exhilarating to be able to change the rules with the stroke of the AG’s pen. No scrutiny, no consultation, no checks: just another decree that clearly aims at nothing but opening another source of income for the Khaiyum clan. Guess who will issue the license to practice law in Fiji? Guess who needs to be paid a small facilitation fee from an aspiring foreign law firm? Yes you are right: Aunty Nur. The next decree? Let me venture a guess: Foreign doctors will be allowed to set up medical practice in Fiji. The decree is already in the making and the cash will keep coming.

  7. khaiyum and bano /nazhat muslim ripping our fiji.
    while fijian armies say sir what we do next.mandua

  8. it will only take one army officer to silence khaiyum/baini.
    lets see who will be the hero to save fijians.

  9. @ratu

    Fijians are lamusona magaitinamus, with no balls. THey cant even stand against the army.

    If they hear about the army coming after them, they shit in their pants…………….such lamusonas.

    They can just talk in this blog people like ratu/vore/radio moli and others.but no action………………hahahahahah

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    I surprise how much attempt you place to make the sort of excellent informative website.

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