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Regional and local observer groups who studied every aspect of it had declared the elections were free and fair

2006 polls were fair, says Qarase

Fiji does not have a tradition or record of cheating at the polls during the 2006 elections says Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party.

SDL leader Laisenia Qarase was responding to comments made by Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum about the 2006 elections having 20,000 mistakes on the electoral roll.

Sayed-Khaiyum had said the 2006 European Union observer report identified a number of flaws which included 20,000 mistakes in the electoral roll and 9.7 per cent votes were invalid.

He said they will essentially ensure those flaws do not occur because that leads to the integrity and capability of the electoral process.

However Qarase said no substantive evidence was produced after the elections in May 2006 and those international, regional and local observer groups who studied every aspect of it had declared the elections were free and fair, although acknowledging that there was room for improvement in some of the organisational procedures.

He said out of the 71 seats contested in 2006, legal action to challenge results was brought only in two constituencies and one was dismissed by the courts while the other was withdrawn.

He also said assertions of vote-rigging and election fraud in the 2006 general elections have become a favourite ploy by Sayed-Khaiyum as the country moves towards the 2014 elections.

By Mereani Gonedua and Keresi Nauwakarawa


15 thoughts on “Regional and local observer groups who studied every aspect of it had declared the elections were free and fair

  1. bula turanaga pm well said .
    this khaiyum chor will end up in the lovo pit soon.
    election fair and square. go sdl go.
    if they have guts call the election now than sdl will win 52 seats.

  2. who is khaiyum to tell us all this bs.he is a chor and kandu.
    who voted you khaiyum no one .
    you wait we will lock you up with frank in naboro.
    sdl won the election fair /square.
    khaiyum you were doctor tupeni baba advisor in 2001 election and you brought peter foster the conman to fund nlup.
    con man liar khaiyum we dont need your advise chor family.

  3. khaiyum was doing deals in colonial..he had a court case over a property in lovoni road.he lost the case chor mf talian.we know you are a greedy bastard.

  4. sdl won the election that was declared fair by un and eu/others.
    sdl and flp had a good govt but frank and cronies were scared to end up in jail.
    if frank and khaiyum think they can win the election they must be in dream land.we will vote sdl/flp not chor frank/khaiyum
    sdl/flp will rock in the election .

  5. pm lq and pm mpc had voters mandate .
    whose mandate chor khaiyum have? army and vore frank/mosese?
    we hate you bastards army and khaiyum/nazat.bano.

  6. sdl and flp have to get rid of frank and khaiyum.
    nurbano /nazat are advisor to frank and khaiyum.
    jai ram reddy and y p reddy funding nfp and helping frank/khaiyum.
    sdl and flp will win 2014 election bring it on.

  7. khaiyum you the man wait till frank dies.than muslims will rule fiji.aziz commander and khaiyum pm. and cj nazat ,ikbal janif president,muslim rulers.

  8. Khaiyum maichood what is your contribution towards fiji sala gandu dogla rather than nepotism and promoting kat two agenda.Have you ever done any postmortem regarding the amount of sacrifice,pain suffering and misery Hon PM MPC and Hon PM LQ has gone through. Today when you go and lift your arse in torak mosque just think about these great leaders contribution if you call yourself a human otherwise you are no less than a cannibal ,OK GAUREE u better start behaving from 2day maichood.

  9. What do EU observers know about democratic elections: Their governments over there are all established by colonels walking into parliaments with guns and chasing elected leaders away. Khaiyum in contrast is a true expert. He knows how to rig an electrician electronically, milking the stupid aussies to fund this exercise and then become the first PM in Fiji who got elected with 99.8% of the vote.

  10. election have to happen now under the 1997 constitution and court ruling.
    all the rest is bull shit like khaiyum/frank decree.

  11. Good to hear Mr Qarase defending himself instead of the one sided Bull that Aiyarse has been spouting the past few years. Qarase is indeed correct in saying that the independent observers did not find anything that would have changed the result and indeed found that only procedural improvements to be made. Khaiyum is talking out of his Aiyarse when he tries to twist their conclusions to make it seem as if the elections were corrupted, just like bad loser Chaudhary after he lost the elections.

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