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The Bainimarama government and the Ministry of Sugar offer sugar farmers $6300 per ton?


The Bainimarama government and the Ministry of Sugar are very much focussed on ensuring the longevity of the sugar industry. The Bainimarama Government has facilitated, amongst other things, the legal ability of farmers to now obtain longer term leases, a thorough assessment and implementation of efficient cartage systems, efficiency of the sugar mills following the debacle of the Qarase government led upgrade, and continued assistance to farmers.

It is unfortunate that politicians such as Chaudhry, have again engaged in gutter politics and misinformation simply to win political favour with the farmers.

The reality is Chaudhry was minister for sugar for nearly 2 years in the Bainimarama Government. The reality is that he now says that nothing has been done for the farmers since the appointment of the Bainimarama Government but he in fact was a part of it and the Minister responsible. The reality is that he chastised the Qarase government for bringing the sugar industry to ‘its knees’ but now blames the Bainimarama government and is working with Qarase. The reality is that the sugar industry has been neglected for years and plagued by politics. Chaudhry does not mention any of the above. He lacks credibility.

Some of the examples of the true status and current facts pertaining to the sugar industry include the following:

  • Increased cane price from $45 to over $60 per tonne;+
  • The likely price for the coming season will be $6300 per tonne even though the recent floods have badly affected cane quality and the much weaker Euro;
  • Farmers will continue to be paid 70% of the net proceeds from both sugar and molasses. This will not change even under the cane quality payment system;
  • Farmers who lost their entire crop during the recent floods have been given a grant of $2,500 per hectare and to assist all farmers, a grant of $1,125 and interest free loan of further $1,125 per hectare is available;
  • Continued support of Fairtrade and in Labasa farmers and their communities receive additional benefits such as fertilizer subsidies and replanting grants;
  • Establishment of nurseries for the supply of quality cane seed; and,
  • Curtailment of juice spillage and theft at the mills

The Ministry of Sugar and FSC will work together with the sugar cane farmers to improve and modernise the Fijian sugar industry.




21 thoughts on “The Bainimarama government and the Ministry of Sugar offer sugar farmers $6300 per ton?

  1. oow….$6,300 per tonne is deal from heaven. that means a farmer with 300 tonne harvest will make $1,890,000. bainimarama is god of sugar now…we will vote for kaiyum and frank coalition.hurray……

  2. If Bainimarama is offering $6,300 per tonne i am withdrawing from National Farmers Union and joining pinky farmers union. vinaka rau……..

  3. ha ha this is funny man

    the dumb dictator cant even count.

    6300 dollar per tonne-money will now fall from sky-all farmers are billionares ha ha

    now sugar industry deform from bankruptcy gonna be reform ha ha

  4. Kutru.

    Boy, I have no idea which school you attended in Fiji but i can tell you this if your calculations is any thing to go by than Fiji is bleeding from having to produce such a fricken idiot, but mind you, you are not alone in your idiocy, there are several hundred thousands of you dipsticks that were hurried through secondary and tertiary education courtesy of Qarase.


    Not $1,890,000 but what?

    Maybe $189,0000 aye?

  5. Refined Sugar itself only retails for US$530 per metric tonne on the world market. How can Fiji pay over 10 times that price for sugar cane? I suggest this is just a typo by an over-excited acolyte, and that the Regime is actually crowing about offering $63.00 per tonne of cane to sugar farmers for 2012

    What I’d like to know is why aren’t they offering a better price?

    The world market price for raw sugar is almost 3x higher than what it was in 2005-6 in US$ terms. On top of that, the Regime went and devalued the Fiji currency by about 20% again in 2009. That makes for an overall sugar price windfall of almost 350%

    Why then is the Fiji Regime only passing on 9% of that price increase on to farmers? (ie. Ought to have been able to clear $150/tonne, but only went to up to $60/tonne)

  6. We can be thankful to have such a competent sugar minister! He has found a way to pay us serious money for our cane….

  7. Ratu Sai you thick head, fijian like you are spoiling fiji maqai chanamu,what you know about sugar industry don’t try to be smart you son of a bitch. have you forgotten banana leaves around your arse.don’t let me loose my head you poofter.go and count coconut.

  8. Kutru.

    O vuli ga o ta schoolu?

    Luveni ulukau.

    So tell me how many ton’s of harvested sugarcane can an acre yield?

    How much did the farmers received per ton of Sugar cane in the year 2010-2011?

    It is obvious that such figures is a typo and therefore it would imprudent to suggest that such figures are indeed realistic.

    But than again being an idiot like you, you would accept if your father was an Indian aye?

    Lako lei vuli tale ulu va maqe.

  9. @ Ratu Sai,
    Leaving the bikering aside, Kutru’s calculation is right. This is if we stick to the figure at the top which means that a farmer who harvests 300 tonnes of cane will get $1,890,000 but if the price comes down to $630 then the farmer will get $189,000 but if the price is $63.00 then the farmer gets $18,900. Realisticaly, the price referred to in this case may be $63.00 per tonne but if the government manitains the $6300 per tonne price then the farmers would be more than happy and they will lead fiji to a state of bankruptcy

  10. Kaisi Ratu Sai Ref bankrupt FSC’s Report 2010-2011 your questioned will be answered you loose nut now tell me what will be the TCTS and POAS if your father bainimara claims to offer that amount. answer my simple question you boci or else shut your dirty arse get out of this forum. kaise bakola,kai colo.

  11. The figure of $6300 per metric tonne of harvested sugarcane is at best mischievous and therefore must not be believed.

    The forecast for the year 2010 was between 45-$53.73 per metric tonne of harvested sugarcane which the former figure was more likely the settled figure.

    In the year 2011 the sugar Corporation forecasted a $52 per metric tonne of harvested sugar cane.

    So it would be fair to say for the year 2012 the figure would likely be $55 per metric tonne and not the extortionate figure of $6.300 per metric tonne.

  12. Kutru.

    Lei savata mada nomui voco, ulunana.

    Do you know what TCTS and POAS means? or is it something you plucked out of idiotic mind?

    Boy do us a favor find a mirror , stand in front of it with both your hands stretching your eyes now tell me what do you see?

  13. @ Sai

    Read what Joe wrote and refer to some REAL figures – it makes sense and there is no need for you to run around like a headless chicken bickering over something noone is arguing with you about.

  14. Radio Quidnunc.

    Boy way didn’t you make your to Fiji to support your fellow queers?

    Those are figures are as factual as it gets, this years crop will be set at $55-$63 a metric tonne and not the fallacious figure touted.

    Let me tell son Fiji can survive it fools even the ambitious but it cannot survive the rot perpetuated by past masters and their followers.

    You included.

  15. Sai

    Past leaders are no where near your master the idiot Bai in terms of coruption, nepotism and incompetence.

  16. @radio & other fools like ratu vore /kutru

    Where has the price of $6300 come from ????

    From some sdl mischief makers …….hahahah

    the actual price would be upto $63 you fools…..hahahahah

    Kutru by the way, that was below da belt and shows your level of intelligence and maturity.

  17. @ Laisa

    So is the $63 figure due to “growth” or dollar devaluation?

    Imbecile. While your idiot leader leads the race to the bottom, the economy continues to die a slow death – why?

    Have you any good reason to excuse the levels of inaction, ineptitude and arrogance that the regime espouses as “good government”? They couldn’t organise themselves out of a paper-bag, never mind an economic depression.

  18. Radio Tarawau.

    “So is the $63 figure due to “growth” or dollar devaluation?”

    What do you think?

    “Have you any good reason to excuse the levels of inaction, ineptitude and arrogance that the regime espouses as “good government”?”

    Are you describing Qarase and his fairies?

    Don’t you think the same is said of Rabuka and defunct government?

  19. @ Sai

    “Don’t you think the same is said of Rabuka and defunct government?”

    Uhh… No, Sai.

    There has NEVER BEEN a government, whether by Rabuka, Chaudry, Qarase or any other, that has been as arrogant, corrupt and self-serving as this military regime. All this talk about a new constitution is just about a bunch a criminals trying to find a way to avoid the noose.

    They are trying to avoid the old adage: “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

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