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Air Pacific is dead …. Long live Fiji Airways?

Air Pacific to become Fiji Airways again

Item by at 2:10 pm, Monday May 14 2012

Air Pacific has opted to return to its old name as part of a broader overhaul of its money losing business.

Fijian national carrier Air Pacific will return to its maiden name of Fiji Airways, part of a broader overhaul of its image as the partly Qantas-owned airline works to turn around its struggling business.

The airline, which is 46 per cent owned by Qantas, has been in the midst of a restructure since it reported a record F$91.8 million operating loss in 2009-10. The carrier bounced back last year, reporting losses of F$3.6 million.

The airline said the name change was part of the final phase of its overhaul and was designed to strengthen the carrier’s links with South Pacific tourism.

“Globally there is high consumer awareness of Fiji as a holiday destination,” said David Pflieger, Air Pacific’s managing director and CEO. “We want to strengthen that association and also promote Fiji in every country we fly to. Returning to Fiji Airways will better reflect our role as Fiji’s national carrier, and also assist Fiji by growing tourism and interest in the nation.”

The airline said it would unveil its new brand and logo in July and expected to complete the transition to new livery by the end of 2013. The carrier was known as Fiji Airways from its launch in 1958 until 1970.

Qantas has been in talks with Fiji’s military government to sell its stake in the airline since 2010, though the talks have reportedly stalled over price. In March, the Fijian government, which came to power in a 2006 coup, issued a decree barring foreign control of the airline in response to what it said was Qantas’s excessive power over the carrier. Qantas denied that it exercised effective control over the airline.


60 thoughts on “Air Pacific is dead …. Long live Fiji Airways?

  1. The Air Pac CEO must be dreaming. This American will shaft our airline to death.

    The name Fili has lost its gloss and its once proud friendly and peaceful reputation thanks to Military coups and dictatorship and quality of leadership Fiji is weathering under.

    Name Fiji is now associated with dictatorship,
    human rights abuses, high corruption. poverty, arbitrary execution/murders by military and worsening levels and standards of Govt Services as well as citizen mass flight overseas.

    Such negative associations will make Air Fiji a name or brand to keep away from….thanks to the Military efforts.

  2. Is this a lazy attempt to free-ride on the international globally recognized FIJI WATER brand that the illegal and treasonous military regime have tried over and over to hijack?

  3. Under the military junta that walsh gets his rocks off on the new name air pathetic suits it better.

  4. It’s called “polishing a turd” . The governments full of turd polishers right now so there you go.


    This is the name to replace Air Pacific. The Logo would look best with lower case
    lettering but large typeset

    f r e e f i j i ! f i j i f r e e ! (on either side of the fuselage)

    Very large letters This is a logo for Fast Forwarding f i j i

    The fiji rugby union Palm Tree might also appear alongside the logo bending in a forward direction.
    We need to keep the logo concise in both appearance and in meaning.

    Fiji Airways is regressive. Back to Captain Ganley: who one feels sure would choose to move Fiji Forward!

  6. Why worry about renaming the planes.

    when there is no passports in fiji?

    How can people leave fiji when junta make no passport policy.

  7. Will you be able to travel on air banana without a passport? Another junta sham!!

  8. The root of all problems faced today in Fiji is National Federation Party , its former leader Jai Ram Reddy and trustee Y P Reddy. Even today a group of thick heads have fully bend down with pants down in front of illegal admin.

  9. Remember the airline is the bread and butter for hundreds of families who are struggling as well in Fiji. So much negativity…you people who just commented should support this airline who has been flying since the 1950’s on a perfect safety record. Alot of develop countries are getting there economies imploded …look at Spain and Italy!!! they have kids literally begging in the streets and families dumping there children at doorsteps….sorry guys but never happened in Fiji. Who was the Junta who travelled without a passport???…obviously he/she got caught up at boarder control to the country they were travelling in huh!!!…The biggest problem facing Fiji today is the FNPF not explaining and educating people not to withdraw all there FNPF, and all the mess it got itself into instead of concentyrating on its soul purpose which was to look after the citizens atr there old age. That institution seriously needs adjustments to its management who make idiotic speeches….Fiji Airways sounds good…its a strong word directly marketing Fiji …this is a step forward for our country .

  10. Spain and Italy are members of the EU. Major difference is they are supported as part of the EU fiscal pact. Same as Greece.

    The EU is the third largest economy in the world. It is well able of supporting itself, including those countries (such as Italy and Spain and Greece), which it continues to do so with the ongoing input of capital from the countries in the North to those in the South.The rescue package.

    Air Pathetic (oops sorry i meant, Air Pacific) is an airline running in deep loss and debt and reliant on a millitary government that believes the FNPF is the piggy bank for a rainy day. A millitary government which it itself so deep in debt and losses its PM goes to India to kiss marble floors and beg for financial assistance for the country he has mismanaged and run into the ground since he did his coup d’etat.

  11. Maybe it is a sign of the times…..back to British rule….hip hip hooray !!!!
    and KEEP THE FART should keep farting hatred and venom

  12. I think they should make Y P Reddy as president of Fiji and J Rawan Reddy as PM , Attorney General and Minister for Women (easy for him to borrow petticoat in time of crisis}

  13. A shattered paradise – 25 years ago
    Lest we forget

    “At 10 o’clock yesterday morning, members of the Royal Fiji Military Forces took over the Government of Fiji. They have neutralised Parliament and by the same process have suspended the Constitution of Fiji”: Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka announcing the takeover of Dr Timoci Bavadra’s democratically elected National Federation Party/Fiji Labour Party Coalition Government 25 yeas ago.

    The fijians were promised many things like taking over indian owned shops and houses apart from usual looting and stealing of properties, livestock, crops, owned by indo-fijians.

    The coup was planned at the methodists church headquarters and fully supported by the church executives led by Reverand Manasa Lasaro and other thugs after they had carried out a coup of the church, kicking out the President Rev Josetaki Koroi.

    How could on forget the bible bashing talatalas of 1987, who preach that the coup was god sent and Rabuka was a saviour for the fijians.

    The GCC fully supported and abetted the coup making rabuka, a life member of the council- what a shameless act.

    Today, we find that the indigenous fijians are much worse off and the GCC aboished, which is a very good thing.

    Unfortunately the pandora box of coups in fiji has let out the genie and the coup culture will continue……

    Fiji as a whole is much poorer now.

    If the bast*rd had been hung for treason, then there would have been no other coups subsequently

    I posted the above article yesterday but the editor of this blog deleted the same > WHAT A SHAME

  14. Interesting what kind of problems this regime sees as priorities. Rebranding the airline will cost quite a bit of money. Who got this contract? How much is being paid? Who is the minister in charge of the airline? Was the re-branding contract tendered? What is aunty Nur’s role in this? And how much did Khaiyum pocket in the process?

  15. @ Laisa

    Stop spamming every single page with your silliness.

    Fiji is poorer today, than it has ever been, because of your employer, Frank Bainimarama, and those criminals that call themselves ‘leaders’ today.

  16. Hope the government reliases what this CEO is upto before this guy leaves and there is no airline to lookup to, I would rather be travelling Jetstar or Virgin now, because the so called free food and stuff is simply pathetic. you can rather buy fast food at the airport which tastes much better. Before Pfeilger came the Airline made a loss because the Fuel price had been hedged and the GFC made people not travel at all, what is wrong now? they were making record profits before that, and you dont see pfeilger pointing that out? the 90Million loss came about because the airline had infact made a loss of $68M and pfeilger wanted to show the past executives as bad, inflated the loss with creative accounting, no wonder top Finance people got fired by the time this was announced, becuase the ceo wanted one of his man sitting there, no other reason.
    so whats wrong now? why is it still making losses and last year had to ride on the back of a $23M being compensation and refund for aircraft cancellation order to show an overall profit, because the non performing executive cannot produce profits with the huge pay he has to afford his buddies in the airline.
    this guy is making decisions that is not only damaging Air Pacific’s image and brand globally. he is basically ensured the government be so blinded that they cannot see the ways in which this guy go about raping the airline. any guesses for who is behind the Qantas share sale fiasco at Air Pacific?

    Air Pacific has already terminated ground handling agreements with qantas and the code share might be going soon, what will Air Pacific be left with? he claims to be a pilot lawyer and an MBA… now you get to doubt all of the qualifications he cliams he has, because he hires law firms in his hometown to draft basic letters that could be done before under pervious executives through local firms (Munro Leys) for $1000.00 now air pacific is suggested paying upto $35000 USD for the same stuff…..now you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the americans are benefitting so much from Dave Pfeilger? The Air Pacific Pilots already make fun of Pfeilger, because he claims to be a qualified 757 pilot but does not know simple things about flying…and MBA… no stupid will try to tarnise a brand that has been built so tirelessly over all this years….its marketable brand is so huge, Fiji will start getting negative travel as a result of this…

    On typical beneficairy has been a guy Loper, who had met Dave Pfeilger at some airport and a month after getting the CEO posts gets an email for this Loper freebie and guess what a few weeks later Loper is the new General Manager Airports Worldwide based in Los Angeles…. now when all your flights depart and leave Fiji, why do you exactly need a GM airports and that too in LAX where they only have 4 flights a week at max?

    the soomer Khaiyum and Banimarama wake up and send this guy packing, air pacific will start making a profit…

    it seems Delta paid Pfeilger to go and tarnise this brand so the government cannot think again about starting another airline…because this is the way it is heading…

  17. @ Indian Man: If you have something of substance to add to the debate, then please let us be mature and civil and have it right here, right now.

    If the best you can offer are childish taunts then I will recommend a Kindy or a juvie facility for you. Otherwise all other such jibes don’t work with me and as such will be ignored.

  18. @Indian Man Ref “….and KEEP THE FART should keep farting hatred and venom”…..Indian Man’s reference to ‘FART’ indicates his mis-understanding of what the article is all about .

    He is focussed and understans the ‘ Air ‘ part of ‘Fiji Air’ and ‘Air Pacific’……..then his twisted mind goes to ‘bad’ or ‘stinky’ air as in ‘fart’……..mentally Indian Man resides in the toilet most of the time

  19. Although he’s gone Ratu Mara surely was the architect of Fiji’s coups.

    Couldn’t take defeat by Bavadra and Co. Rabuka was merely used. Remember that Mara played golf with Rabuka a week before the coup in Deuba. Mara did not want to use his son-in-law because of his mediocrity. He did not have neither the military precision and the depth to successfully execute such a complex operation.

    Sanday was too clean and would not succumb to such an idea. Rambo presented the best potential and also had the respect in the rank and file.

    The old man already had his planners assembled, two still roaming the corridors of power as we blog Kubuabola and Bole. Now Kubuabola is made to preach multi-culturalism and peace, the very opposite of his racism in 1987.

    All he needed was a gun totter to take the lead and things would be done in no time.Mara’s true Son in law, Epeli Nailatikau who was in Australia at that time, discouraged NZ and Aust from intervening confirms his support for takeover. So he too became a complicit and now enjoys sitting on an illegal throne itself. I feel sorry for people who heap praises on this SOB. He should be equally blamed for supporting Rambo in 1987.

    Look at thr price mara had to pay for his sins, he had to run away from his presidential house onto a ship …..and the rest is history.

    The parable of the storey is that every dog has its day ……………..hahahahaha, just wait and see

  20. FNPF 850 million dollar scam loan to Airpacific is doomed.

    the workers of fiji have been ripped off by kaium again.

  21. I can’t understand how non performers still continue to hold on to their jobs much to the detriment of organisations they head. I guess it only happens in coup coup land where a chum of the regime can get away with shit. The sad part though is Fiji citizens are the ultimate losers in all these skulduggery. Just look at the performances now of nemani of Immigration and david of air pathetic who should have been taken to the cleaners long ago yet are still in their seats causing misery and losses to the general public. This is a product of an unaccountable reckless regime who have no consideration for the citizens except for themselves. Its no wonder why many have opted to take all their money during the pensioner reform exercise. Look at where money is being thrown to. air pathetic of all places to invest in. People are not fools its better to take their money now or there will be none sooner or later. With the new reform I wonder if FNPF will remain sustainable in the near future.

  22. A Great Diversion

    What a great diversion for the philanderings of David Philanderer..Oops! Pfliger and Khaiyum. Just change the name to Fiji Airways – going back 60 years- and all will be well with the bankrupt Air Pacific, say the mob Fiji Sun 15 May 2012.

    What difference will it make to AIR PAC’s balance sheet if you call it Fiji Airways? As they say “a rose by any other name…” In any case, why flog the Fiji brand name — what has FIJI got to be proud of under the current regime?

    Ali Baba along with his 40 thieves is in charge of the Banana Republic. All state owned entities are in dire financial straits – Housing Authority, Hardwood Corporation, FSC to name a few.

    But wait until you learn of the rot at the Development Bank. A $22 million loan at 12% interest to FBC where the illegal AG’s brother is the CEO is unlikely to be repaid – interest charges alone come to $2.6m annually!

    But we need FBC TV so that Bainimarama’s party can have pre- campaign publicity for the 2014 elections. After all, we see his and Khaiyum’s mugs on it almost every night making people sick to the point of throwing up.

  23. Last year Rewa Dairy was re-named as Fiji Dairy. New Board, Chair & Management installed.

    One year later, Fiji Dairy still cannot meet regular customer orders, especially in regard to butter. Their milk quality is poor, being mostly just re-constituted low-cream powdered milk. A lot of it still spoils after a few weeks. And the tetra-pack seals are terrible – more than half either cannot be easily grasped between the fingers, or else just tears at the end while remains stuck over the opening when you try to open the milk pack.

    These kinds of disasters happen when your primary attitude towards problem-solving is based around propaganda-shoveling, rather than on understanding and addressing the real issues.

    The Fiji Regime is famous for this kind of thing. If they go through the same motions again with Fiji Airways, then they can expect the same results they have already delivered in respect of Fiji Dairy, Fiji Sugar Corporation, Fiji National Provident Fund, Fiji Hardwood Corporation, etc., etc., etc.

  24. RACISTS MERE Samisoni appear with co-accused in court

    Businesswoman Dr. Mere Samisoni, Mataiasi Ragigia, Semisi Lasike and Apete Vereti appeared in the Suva Magistrates court today.

    Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili told the Defence Counsels that all the outstanding disclosures and bail variation applications are to be heard on the 19th of next month.

    The four are charged with urging political violence and are alleged to have urged one Waisea Kaloumaira to burn the city of Suva in December last year.

    It is alleged that the four, between the months of September and December last year, in Suva intentionally conspired to overthrow by force of violence the Government of Fiji.

    Bail is extended for the four accused


  25. @ Laisa

    Don’t you have anything better to do than attempt to denigrate those better than you? Shameful.

    Mere Samisoni is a brave and intelligent person – far more than your two bosses, Laisa.

    Stay there in Canberra and enjoy your freedoms, while good people make sacrifices for you in Fiji.

    and on the topic you bring up Laisa, why doesn’t the regime tell the public more detail what they think a breadmaker like Mere did to frighten them so much? Are they scared of inciting more violence against themselves? They should be.

    “Burn the city of Suva” sounds like rubbish to me…

  26. @Radiolucas – for supporting Georgie Speight in the overthrow of the labor government in 1999/2000

    Mere Samisoni is a brave and intelligent person – she was supplying hot breads to all the thugs at the parliament house in 2000, who were merry making , while the elected members were held hostage in the parliament house for 56 days.

    Her articles in 1987 and onwards in the local media were full of racists venom.

    For supplying bread to the thugs, she was given the Lami Open Constituency,by the SDL Party.

    This is a fact of life in Fiji Radiolucas, bubu Racists Mere samisoni’s name is in fijis history…………..for zupplying bread to thugs in parliament….and supporting the 2000 coup in Fiji.

  27. @ Lairo

    So, your personal dislike of Mere stems from her giving bread to George’s band of thugs (I agree with your term there, they deserve their punishment)? And it was a COUP, not an “overthrow”. What Rabuka, George and Frank did is illegal. Full stop.

    56 days of kidnapping in 2000 is NOTHING compared to 6 years of dictatorship, Laisa.

    I am sure that Chaudry has long forgiven Mere for any supposed insult to his ‘race’ by sending him bread to eat. So that is just a f&*#king dumb idea.

    So what about Frank and Aiyaz? They stole your country? They didn’t just take some free bread being handed out – they tortured and imprisoned innocent people, took our freedoms, and stole from the nation – what Frank and Aiyaz are doing affects EVERYONE in Fiji, not just those who like free bread or those who “zupply” free bread.

    So pull your head in and relax in Canberra. Maybe run over to your local breadshop just to make sure that they are not “zupplying” any bread to you either.

  28. Fiji’s Methodist Church says it is against giving gays special rights.

    Methodist Church of Fiji assistant general secretary Tevita Nawadra today told FijiLive the church does not approve of the promotion of gays in the society.

    I wonder what the gay members of this church has to say…….DISCRIMINATORY……..RACISTS….

  29. Methodist Church of Fiji has long lost its direction regarding its spiritual calling. It has got lost in being too enmeshed in customs, culture, politics which have taken the church away from its focus on winning peoples’ soul to Christ. This has thrust the Methodist Church into Nationalist leanings which had often shown non- Christian love towards others in many instances past

    When i see our talatala in my village (in Tailevu) placing himself in the role of one to be served and not to serve (e.g. all his food gardens are planted, kept weed free and harvested for consumption by his flock), being a main player in the regular excessive drinking of yaqona and sigidringi accompanying yaqona abuse etc …..i wonder whether he is or his employer the Methodist Church is aware of how much he is an obstacke to progress, better life and enlightenment to the villagers.

    Although i am against how Fiji dictator’s illegal attempts to muffle the church i totally agree with the sentiments highlighting the church as a problem to Fijian progress.

    Spiritual poverty and deprivation of Methodist followers can be witnessed by the high level of prison population being methodist in Fiji.

    Many high ranked Church officials should be tried for participating in coups that have crippled Fiji.

  30. Chaudhry replies to Vaniqi

    [posted 15 May 2012,1630]

    No amount of whitewashing by Permanent Secretary for Sugar Manasa Vaniqi can hide the fact that the current administration is solely responsible for the sad state of the sugar industry today, said NFU general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Industry statistics and the bankrupt state of the Fiji Sugar Corporation speak for themselves. But like the proverbial ostrich, Mr Vaniqi and his associates refuse to see the writing on the wall,” Mr Chaudhry said.

    As far as the sugar industry is concerned, it is today a question of the blind leading the blind. In just five short years, the cane crop has declined from 3.3 million tonnes to 2.1 million tonnes. Sugar produced has fallen from 330,000 tonnes to 165,000 tonnes. TCTS has deteriorated from 10 to 13.5 tonnes of cane to a tonne of sugar. These facts cannot be ignored.

    “Mr Vaniqi keeps harping about reforms when, in actual fact, the industry is being deformed.

    “All we know is that the Minister and his officials in the industry have taken several trips abroad under the guise of bringing about improvements but the results have been quite to the contrary.

    “The industry was doing much better before the Army takeover but military politics has reduced it today to a pathetic state where farmers are exiting because of the arbitrary and incompetent manner in which it is driven.

  31. Laisa.

    “56 days of kidnapping in 2000 is NOTHING compared to 6 years of dictatorship”

    You stay the course you’re on the right path, as far as that inebriate and ungrateful git Radio, he has no idea what his spewing about, because he is just as bad as Qarase.

    Fifty six day’s of kidnapping is what it is, as for the six years of what his demented mind has concocted is nothing more than six years of readjustments and not dictatorship as he believes.

    The past six years of Bai’s rule was indeed godsend because he is slowly and methodically readjusting the errors of the past.

  32. “six years of readjustments and not dictatorship”

    So that must explain why Chaudry has joined the chorus of those who call for free elections and the prosecution of your hero for his crimes “readjustments” of money into his own pocket.

    Lord, with Friends as moronic as you two, Frank doesn’t need enemies.

  33. Gobbledygooook, googlodigoom, gobleyourpoop se mani qurutanaiyayaneivoreqe, o vakadinadinataka ga ni nomu rumu i cake sa sinai e na gobbledykutu nei nomu i sa na dictator …..theitar.

  34. Poor Chaudhry how long has he been the leader of FLP/NFU? How long has FLP/NFU been formed and controlled by POOR Chaudhry

    Was it not Chaudhry that said Qarase left too much mess and “Chaudhry ” needed 5 years to stay under Bainimarama’s skirt to sort out SDL’s mess?

    And his lover boy Vayshnoi taking over as an interim minister said the coup was god sent?

    So what the F….K has Chaudhry been fighting and how long more will he be fighting.. and for who?

    He has no mandate.

    So who does he represent? Has he got a fresh mandate to dialog to rape the constitution or colloborate robbery of nation at gun point.

    Most of “US INDIANS” do NOT support CHAUDHRY to seek ANY dialogue ON BEHALF ON FARMERS OR NYONE to ANY change to the LAWFUL Constitution.


    M P Chaudhary, you con man, you bastard, where is all the money collected on behalf of poor sugar cane farmers?


    When are you going to Distribute it to the farmers? You SOB?

    And you along with your NFU CHOR EXECUTIVES also fooling the poor farmers in labasa about resettlement in Brazil/Argentina and collecting application fees of $30 each – You CONMAN – NOT EVEN ONE FARMER PUT HIS FOOT IN ARGENTINA.

    Whats the difference between you and Timoci Lolohea….both Master CON ARTISTS – obtaining money by false pretence

  35. Ratu Sai & Laisa!

    Why are you guys discussing issues on this blog like you are real people with real concerns?

    You are just RFMF Media Cell ghost-writers obeying orders!

    Nothing you say has any value here because once a democratic Government is back in place, they’ll just change your orders again to put a stop to you attacking the very same citizens who you swore a useless oath to defend. And you will be arguing just as mindlessly again then against the very same issues you are mindlessly spamming about now!

  36. @Jean d’coArk

    It is true that MP Chaudary has accumulated $F3.5 MILLION in his Commonwealth Bank Account, in Australia.

    Now you tell me where that money came from?

    On top of that MPC denied in parliament, after questioning from Qarase, that he had that much money in his australian bank account.

    This year, the bastard paid all outstanding taxes on the same amounting to $80,000.


  37. John Howard, for you to know this information, you would also have been part of the 2000 planning committee.Why did you hold this information back for so long?
    You are equally guilty as the person you are blaming dude !!!!

  38. @ “INDIAN MAN”

    “for you to know this information, you would also have been part of the 2000 planning committee”

    It is called ‘reading’ – not everyone has to participate or be a witness to an event to know something about it – otherwise we would never learn anything from history and be reduced to a state of perpetual stupidity.

    For instance history teaches us that nasty, brutish things happen to dictators and their cronies – something your so-called “leader” should really take heed of.

  39. RADIOLUCAS……Assumption is the mother of all F@*%K ups !!!.
    Reading what and where? To date there is no document that says that the Commander was involved . Are there any credible documents out here that suggests the same???NO I didn’t think so !! You are just some idiot with plenty of time on your hands and a very constructive imagination.
    Grow up and stop using your employer’s internet !!!!

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