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12000 Fijians remain trapped at home due to a lack of passports…….. One day we may be told the truth as to why a second company cannot supply Fiji after two years of shortage.

Passport firm under scrutiny

May 14, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by:

Immigration director Major Nemani Vuniwaqa.

By Osea Bola

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is expected to intervene in the ongoing delays with passport arrivals after another delay was confirmed yesterday.
Immigration Director, Major Nemani Vuniwaqa, has confirmed that the passports will now arrive in June and he has sent a brief to the Prime Minister’s Office detailing several legal options to address the issue.
The Fiji Sun yesterday ran a report that 40,000 passports were expected to arrive today, as confirmed by the director, Major Vuniwaqa.
Oberthur Technologies, a French-based company has refused to issue a public statement to explain the delay in sending 40, 000 passports that were due to be released today.
The Immigration office has 12, 000 pending applications and passports were supposed to have been delivered in March this year.
The passports reportedly have improved security features.
Legal opinion is normally provided by the Solicitors-General’s office but Major Vuniwaqa declined to state what steps will be taken against Oberthur Technologies.
Major Vuniwaqa also confirmed on Saturday that they have applications pending for 12,000 people


16 thoughts on “12000 Fijians remain trapped at home due to a lack of passports…….. One day we may be told the truth as to why a second company cannot supply Fiji after two years of shortage.

  1. Likewise, birds of the same feather flock together, if they under scrutiny more scrutiny should be made on the regime that hired them in the first place!

  2. Sorry to break the news to you good people of FIJI, but a democratic and free government is never GIVEN to any people. It is earned with blood sweat and tears, and nurtured by constant vigilance by a free and independent press…and citizens willing to die for it rather than live under tyranny. Your heads are bowed low and you don’t even seem to realize it. You even speak softly when in public. When a foreigner steps closer to hear what you said, your voice gets even lower. You are living in fear.
    And so what about this passport business? Everyone has their facts and figures wrong dealing with this subject. Isn’t there one single person in your country that can legally detract from the company exactly what is going on? Maybe it is stipulated in the agreement by the Fiji representative that the Oberthur Technologies people not to release information, especially to the public of Fiji. Do the people of Fiji have anyone in their government representing them? If anyone in the world were to look at all of the statements issued by Immigration director on when passports would be released or delivered, one might realize that he is making promises that he already knows will not be met, promises in 15 to 30 day increments that would strain even a ten year olds faith. Why? And will you people get your money back 2 years from now when this regime is out? After all, since this has been going on for over 2 years now is it far-fetched to expect this to continue 2 more?
    Is it too soon to start talking about public officials committing high crimes against the public there in your country, and what will be done with them after they have lost power? Are they way ahead of you already contemplating that they would no longer be safe in their own country after falling from their high places and maybe putting some cash aside for the big escape?
    The passport situation is a very good place for an ‘investigative reporter’ to start looking for such money. Now the atmosphere is perfect for such, at least half of the globe is watching now. But if the average citizen is waiting for the other guy to stand up, then you are all doomed and don’t deserve what you seek; freedom of by and for the people.

  3. we can be sure that regime will not accept any blame this. Couldn’t possibly happen under their watch could it?? Not with the current brains trust we have in the government ? ‘Best of the best’ eh!!

  4. The efficiency of highly educated military officers on full display. That’s why they should remain in top senior civil service posts for a better one race Viti.

  5. Why a second supplier cannot be hired to supply passports is because the illegal Govt’s hands are tied down. Those making decisions have been bribed.

    Mrs Bano the devil incarnate paying Eyearse, the dictator and their cronies their salaries instead of being paid through the normal Govt salaries office….most things and deals they enter into are shady and tinged with mysteries.

    Just like the American guitar maker located in Navua bribed Eyearse to have exclusive right to supply of Grade 1 mahogany logs from Fiji Hardwood.

    The passport contract is not the way a normal transparent contract is played out. It stinks hell high of corruption.

    What with the head of Police deeply enmeshed in drug trafficking, nepotism, wife interference in COMPOL’s work and Police Station break-ins

  6. Why do the blank passport books have to be ordered from overseas by the government? Aren’t there companies in Fiji that could produce them and sell them to the government? Why don’t they? The quantity required is sufficient to make a reasonable profit doing so. If a private company in Fiji charged the government $10 per passport, that would be $1.2 million for the 12,000 passports that they are short now. For 40,000 passports, that would be $40 million for the passports that are now supposedly on order. Surely that would be enough money to justify investing in the equipment to manufacturer the passports in Fiji. Perhaps they would have to charge less than $10 per blank passport, but still the profits would be very generous.

    If there really aren’t private companies that could produce the blank passports in Fiji, surely private importers in Fiji could order them from overseas and sell them to the government.

    It just doesn’t make sense that the people of Fiji should be so dependent on the government for everything.

  7. Apart from THE PLAN, the way forward is to (drumroll) – blame the supplier!!

    The regime is beyond reproach (us usual) and the public pays the price with inefficient service.

    New passport supplier breaches contract
    Publish date/time: 15/05/2012 [13:03]

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    New passport supplier Oberthur Technologies has breached their contract with the Fijian Government according to Immigration Director Major Nemani Vuniwaqa.

    He said they have discussed the issue with the Solicitor General’s office and recommendations have been given to the Prime Minister’s Office.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    He added that terminating the contract may not be in the best interest of Fiji.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    Vuniwaqa said technical failure has been the reason given to them for the ongoing delay in the passport arrival from France and that there is an issue with the laminate and the paper which was not going well.

    Oberthur Technologies is the world’s third largest private security printer specialized in the production of banknotes, checks and security documents in more than 50 countries and won the tender over former supplier De La Rue that Vuniwaqa said was not prioritizing the printing of Fiji passports.

    There has been no resupply of Fiji passports since June last year and at present there are over 13,000 pending passport applications.

    Story by: William Waqavakatoga

  8. Now we can’t take the ‘pesky, slack-arse’ supplier to task legally so forget about trying to invoke penalties as normal contracts should stipulate.

    The BS keeps rolling out thick, fast and stenchy by the day:

    Legal action unlikely against Oberthur
    17:38 Tue May 15, 2012
    Taken from/By: FBC News
    Report by: Ritika Pratap
    Any legal action taken against French-based passport company Oberthur Technologies will only cause further delays, says Immigration Director Major Nemani Vuniwaqa.
    Vuniwaqa says the company has agreed that it breached the contract and has apologised to the government for delays in supplying new passports.
    He says the recommendation given by the Solicitor General’s Office is to terminate the contract, but a two month advance notice has to be given for that.
    However Major Vuniwaqa says he’s advised the government otherwise.
    “I have also advised the honourable Prime Minister in my recommendation that even terminating the contract will be detrimental to the government because that will mean that we will have to look for another company and the process will begin all over again. We don’t want to go through that- there’s a promise and we’re hopeful that the books will be delivered on the 20th of June.”
    The Immigration Department has a backlog of 13,005 passport applications to date.

  9. In hindsight they should ask Tonga, Solomon Island or even Kiribati immigration where they get their passports from because they are never short.

  10. Tell the truth Vuniwaqa. How can the regime take legal action against Oberthur Technologies when the current government had been been declared illegal by the Court of Appeal. Attempts to extradite Roko Ului have gone nowhere because the Tongan Courts do not recognise the Fiji regime.
    Fiji soldiers please wake up!!!What will you tell your children and grandchildren about the money you are currently stealing from taxpayers?

  11. interim government is the probleam of delay in passport…..we back to democratic then every thing wil be fine….every thing is so fuck up in fiji now…

  12. dont under stand whats going on everytime delay i think u guys cant face the truth THERE IS NO PASSPORTS..THESE PEOPLE THINKS THAT WE HAVE MONEY ON THE TREE TO MAKE EMERGENCY PASSPOTS .It is very disguisting giving wrong information on media making us fool but we know what we r going through.having visa problems .well,we’ll see saturday if the passport comes or no if no than face the truth.we just want to hear yes or no an stop making stories giving wrong dates

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