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Pramod Rae says changes will be imposed and they have to be pragmatic.

NFP willing to work with government

17:16 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap

The National Federation Party is willing to work with the government in the formulation of Fiji’s new constitution.

The party had their first working committee meeting today in Tamavua, outside Suva.

Despite having reservation on the constitutional process the party general secretary – Pramod Rae says changes will be imposed and they have to be pragmatic.

“So the committee resolved first of all to be part of the process – prepare our party submissions and make the submissions to the Constitutional Commission in due course.”

Rae says they will also request the Prime Minister to expand his government and have more civilian representation.


11 thoughts on “Pramod Rae says changes will be imposed and they have to be pragmatic.

  1. Vinaka Mr Rae and NFP

    Its better to be part of the reform then say no , your party will boycott parliament then do the opposite – fooling the people…………….of Fiji…..like the conman millionaire mp chaud ary

  2. Good luck with that mega mistake NFP. There’s pragmatism and there’s illegality. The party record has been sterling so far with the latter. Alas it now seem’s that sterling record stops here.

  3. Well atleast NFP has not made the mistake of joining the current governmentto do the clean up , unlike labor suckers……..who learnt their lesson the hard way……after being kicked out….


  4. Can NFP confirm or deny that YP Reddy one of their Trustees has endorsed this surprise move? We all know his criminal file has been surpressed through bribe. Copies of those documents are with elected leaders so dont worry it will be exposed in good time. Only weeks earlier, Attar Singh was defending the 97 Constitution under FICTU banner. why change then stance now? Are they trying to please Frank? Has YP promsied to bank roll then into a coalition with military party?

  5. “they will also request the Prime Minister to expand his government and have more civilian representation.”

    Is there anything else we should humbly ask our King for? Perhaps a few more crumbs from beneath his table?

    Good luck with getting into that bed NFP – see what trying to suck up to Frank and his band of criminals has done for others. They say that a real test of intelligence is the ability to learn from OTHERS mistakes, not simply repeat them…

  6. Radio Dairo.

    “They say that a real test of intelligence is the ability to learn from OTHERS mistakes, not simply repeat them”

    So where is your intelligence boy?

    Because you have all the hallmarks of someone who seem to lack the ability to learn from your mistakes aye.

  7. @ Lairo

    Don’t you get bored of being so many different identities?

    Anyone that might have once had hope for Frank and his one-hero status (including me) had well and truly lost it as he revealed himself to be the self-serving traitor that he is.

    Don’t you think it is embarrassing for you, as a member of the Dictatorship in Canberra, to work for a government that purports to have “popular support” – but all that ‘support’ is, is two bloggers, a goat farmer in NZ and you in Canberra?

    What does that say about your likelihood for ongoing tenure? How popular will Frank and Aiyaz be at ANY election? Shouldn’t you be asking some serious questions about your own future?

  8. Laisa.

    You must forgive this vacuous sycophant, that shirt-lifter who hides behind the pseudonym Radio Eejit, because at this point and time he does not who he is without the guidance of his papa Qarase.

    The unfortunate blighter is caught in a void and does not know what to do with himself, the poor bastard is befuddled.

    He is dire need of help.

    Can someone help this fellow.

  9. See what happens NFP when you try and negotiate with terrorists?

    National Federation Party proposition be part of Fiji’s cabinet rejected: AG
    By Online Editor
    4:17 pm GMT+12, 14/05/2012, Fiji

    National Federation Party general secretary, Parmod Rae Now is the time for Fijians to contribute towards the constitutional consultation process and not for political gimmicks, says Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    In response to National Federation Party general secretary, Parmod Rae’s comments that they now want to be part of the Cabinet, Sayed-Khaiyum said the inclusion of political parties will in no way increase the level of ‘fairness’ of the process.

    “The Prime Minister has set out the process under which the constitutional consultations will take place. “This process is transparent, fair and inclusive.

    “In respect of the composition of the Constituent Assembly, as the Prime Minister announced, it will consist of representative civil society groups and organisations that are Fijian-registered, including faith-based organisations, national institutions, political parties and Government,” Sayed-Khaiyum said.

    Sayed-Khaiyum said Fijians needed to look at the way forward now.

    “The inclusion of NFP and any other political party in the Cabinet will not in any way increase the level of ‘fairness’ of the process. This is not a time for political gimmicks but a time for all Fijians to contribute to and participate equally in the fair, just, inclusive and transparent process that has been laid out by the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama,” Sayed-Khaiyum said.

    Rae, during their working committee meeting stated that they now want to be part of the Cabinet to allow for better representation as the country prepares for 2014 General Elections.

    “Whilst we have had reservations about the process, we have to be pragmatic and we understand that there will be changes that the Government will impose eventually and the view of the party now is that we would rather remain in the process than outside,” Rae said.

    Rae said they were preparing to do their bit in the Constitution consultations.
    “We would now like to request Government, particularly, Commodore Bainimarama to expand his Cabinet that he currently has to a more representative civilian cabinet in consultation with political parties.

    “We are inviting him to consult with us and other political parties and give us representation in his Cabinet so that he can have the benefit of the best possible advice as we go towards elections in 2014,” he said.

    “Some of the things that the working committee will be discussing about ask the Government to review the process of appointment of the constituent assembly. We would like it to be an open process and transparent and fair process.

    “We want the terms of reference for the Constituent assembly to be gazetted so that there are no surprises and ambush later on.”

    Also discussed at the meeting was the Party’s official position in making submissions to the Constitution consultation process.


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