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“The new constitution will spell out clearly the role of the RFMF,” he said……..Does this mean he already knows what is in the constitution?

Constitution will define neutrality: Tikoitoga

Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga



The country’s new constitution will clearly define the role of the Republic of the Fiji Ministry Forces (RFMF).
This was confirmed by the RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga in an interview.
He said there had been allegations of the future involvement of the RFMF in politics but these were unfounded.
Colonel Tikoitoga assured the nation that the RFMF was apolitical and will remain as that.
“The new constitution will spell out clearly the role of the RFMF,” he said.
In an earlier interview, he said, the RFMF intervened in the political leadership of the nation in 2006 for good reasons.
Colonel Tikoitoga said this was because of corruption and the RFMF was obliged to clean-up the dirty politics that had misled the people of this beloved country.
He said the military takeover in 2006 was specifically for a clean-up campaign.

  • “The rot set in around 2000, and the military acted only after they had endured a deteriorating situation over a long time, putting up with scams, corruption and bribery.”

Colonel Tikoitoga also said the military was not happy with what it viewed to be politics of favouritism that promoted corruption and abuse of office.
He emphasised the RFMF role as it currently oversees the security of the people and the nation.

  • “The military has a major role to play and that is to protect all Fijians.”

He said the military has given its full support to the timeframe set out for the formulation of the new constitution, by the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.


11 thoughts on ““The new constitution will spell out clearly the role of the RFMF,” he said……..Does this mean he already knows what is in the constitution?

  1. Yeah right…the role that you want and the traditional military role in a democracy or for that matter a role that the people endorse.

  2. so military took a firm view that there should be accountability and required this of everyone except themselves, who was it that blew the defence budget year after year without authority and refused any oversight from civilian auditing authority?? The really have the gall to claim the high moral ground? Back pay anyone?? Why didn’t the ‘backpay’ happen under a civilian administration??

  3. So far there’s a lot more rot and rubbish now than there was pre-2000!

    How come the military is not able to protect all the people and nation of Fiji from the continuing deterioration in that situation under the failed policies of Bai & ASK?

    The military hasn’t been able to protect anyone from being paraded and roughed-up at Nabua, either!

    And they haven’t been able to protect people from having malicious, vexatious & empty court actions initiated against them by the Regime-controlled DPP & CID.

    So what’s all this puffed-up talk about “protection”?

  4. What will be the role of the police then? I thought internal protection is the role of police and going to war to protect and defend the country from external aggression is the role of any military? Is it going to be the military police or paramilitary? My solution would be to abolish the military once and for all and resource the police. Since there is no war and the only war is instigated by the military against its own people! They have become too arrogant and proud because of this, and they need to be chopped. Otherwise they need to go and fight in Afghanistan or Iraq or the impending US-Iran war!

  5. One by one and day by day the signs will become all too plain to see that the ‘independence’ and ‘transparency’ of this illegal and treasonous constitutional commission is pure bollocks.

    Right from the word go it was a set-up, it is a scam and it continues to be a swindle when valuable taxpaying dollars are being channeled towards this exercise in futility, even as many citizens scrimp and save to put food on the table on a daily basis.

    More’s the pity when they delude themselves into thinking that We The People cannot see straight through the farce.

  6. The military must not exist in Fiji post election. We do not need the military as it has been the cause of all the destructive coups in Fiji.

    Let us not consider its future role, but let us talk about the absolute need to get rid of it.

    Rabuka, Speight, Bainimarama have shown us how to destroy Fiji with the assistance of the military.

  7. Well, we should be grateful that the good old Colonel tells us what the constitution will contain. We can save a lot of money to be forked out to the constitutional commissioners and we can save a lot of time wasted in “consultations” that would have to confirm what the Colonel, his boss and his AG have decided. It is also good to hear that the RFMF are ‘”apolitical”. What he probably meant by that is that the RFMF is a bunch of morons with no idea how the political world works but nevertheless decided to run a country. It is perhaps really time to cut away this vicious cancer that has ravaged our society and our economy since 1987. I must admit that for quite some time I had hope that at the end, some professionalism and dignity would prevail in this force. Well, the good old Colonel has certainly instigated a bit of disaffection in me. May be he should be prosecuted for that.

  8. What are we paying this india professor ghee for? the military goons have already told us what is in the illegal constitution? Is ghee just another junta dancing girl?

  9. Hearing this moronic colonel giving all these explanation makes me nauseous. The less I hear from him the better I feel. His dribble is all utter nonsense and unconvincing lies. So who gave the military the authority to oust any government even for perceived and yet unproven corruption. Thats the very reason we keep having coups when the military think they are the final custodian of the law. He thinks we are all stupid to believe what he is saying. We can see through all the lies he spewing out. These morons did the coup and are there for their own benefits.

  10. so this billion dollar scam goon already knows what is in the consitution.

    So why do the cons review- let this goon make the new cons and then he can make a coup be a coup star

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