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Fijians do not have adequate access to justice and are restricting by freedom of speech.

Fiji to remain suspended from Commonwealth

Published: 10:36AM Tuesday April 17, 2012 Source: ONE News

  • Fiji to remain suspended from Commonwealth (Source: ONE News)
    Fiji self-proclaimed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama – Source: ONE News

Fiji remains suspended from the Commonwealth following a meeting in London of ministerial officials.

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) met last night to discuss the interim Frank Bainimarama led-government that has ruled the island nation since 2006.

Fiji was fully suspended from the Commonwealth in 2009, three years after Bainimarama overthrew the then government in a military coup.

The CMAG concluded Fiji could not be reinstated into the Commonwealth until it had restored democracy by holding elections and addressed pressing human rights and legal issues.

However, the group welcomed the recent announcement by the interim-government of a constitutional consultation process that may lead to elections by September 2014.

The interim government has promised the process will be inclusive, transparent, and conducted with integrity and honesty.

The CMAG, representing nine Commonwealth countries, also congratulated Fiji for lifting the public emergency regulation as a necessary step in the improvement of human rights.

However, the group said it was still concerned that restrictions on human rights remain under the Public Order Amendment Decree.

The law allows police to interfere if a group of three or more meet without prior government approval.

The group also expressed concerned that Fijians do not have adequate access to justice and are restricting by freedom of speech.


6 thoughts on “Fijians do not have adequate access to justice and are restricting by freedom of speech.

  1. No matter how much sharon goebbels and the repressed media in Fiji try and dress it up, Fiji under khaiyum and his toyboy Voreqe remains a pariah state still excluded from the commonwealth – and that is how history will always remember it. A human rights abusing dictatorship where treasonous criminals like gates and pryde have trampled on the rule of law.

  2. We’ll hear more from regime about how misunderstood they are, and how ungrateful we all are for not being supportive enough….unlike Croz who is the No1 regime supporter as he doesn’t feel inclined to look at their tactics too loosely or it may sit awkwardly with his public support for the military junta.

  3. The thugs leading Fiji today will create history by making Fiji the only small-island state that is suspended for the longest ever period from the Commonwealth. Thanks to the ploy and schemes of the bandits and the so-called shadowy advisers who are all pleasing themselves with the country’s hard-earned tax revenues. And does Fiji deserve them as her future leaders in the years ahead? I certainly don’t think so. Fiji is no place for bandits. Its no haven for thieves. This bunch of self-appointed law breakers are all living on borrowed time. The journey will soon reach an end because Fiji cannot make a new beginning with them at the helm. The Commonweallth is also feeling that a new chapter will only commence when these rotten bunch is totally weeded out.

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