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For Fiji there is “no other way” (to quote from Rambo himself)but to get rid of both, Voreqe and Kaiyum as soon as possible.

The Murky World of Bainimarama and Kaiyum

By Dalit

Without doubt the two most powerful and influential individuals in Fiji today are Voreqe and his sidekick Aiyarse Kaiyum. They sleep in the same bed so to speak and their destiny is now inseparable. They survive or go down together and it is worthwhile to peak into the murky world that their sorry souls inhabit.


This guy was a person of no consequence until he became head of the Naval division and later as Commander RFFM out of the blue.

His father Inoke Bainimarama served with Commander Stan Brown in the Navy during the wars before be became a senior officer in the Fiji Prison Service. His path to the top of the Navy was thus assured when Stan Brown was commanding officer.

Voreqe’s strength was in his ability to mix with his men, drinking and cavorting around night clubs while he was commanding officer naval division. This he maintained when he became Commander RFMF and illegal PM thus his hold on foot soldiers without the support of his senior officers.

He was a close friend of Epeli Ganilau (former commander)thus hi rise to Commander instead of more senior and qualified officers. In other words his way to the top was not through his own ability and he would not have made it if it was not for nepotism.

His arrogance and limited ability became evident once he made it to the top thus his dependence on the more educated people (like Kaiyum) in his inner circle.



A cocky and ambitious individual who failed to shine on his own steam. After much fanfare when he graduated from law school he proved to be a dismal failure in the National Bank of Fiji. He became embroiled in financial difficulties left the bank and became invisible.

His attempt to fight for democracy in the wake of the 87 coup illustrated his desire to rise out of obscurity to feed his bruised ego. When this did not materialise into something worthwhile he pursued further studies thus his infamous thesis which attracted Voreqe’s attention.


Two of a Kind


Voreqe and Kaiyum are two of a kind in terms of arrogance and ego. As such it was not difficult for the wily Kaiyum to win the confidence of Voreqe. It was subtle with monetary gains Voreqe did not dream possible and before he knew it he was sucked in so deep he could not move. Voreqe is now at a stage where he has no choice but to support Kaiyum for his own survival. Kaiyum’s hold on him is such that Voreqe is prepared to risk going against his own military council, the chiefly system, and the Methodist church which are all power bases for the Fijian people.


Those who predict a falling out between Voreqe and Kaiyum are indulging in wishful thinking. The survival of the two egomaniacs is inseparable and they will stop at nothing when threatened. Epeli Ganilau, Roko Ului, Driti and others found that out the hard way.


For Fiji there is “no other way” (to quote from Rambo himself)but to get rid of both, Voreqe and Kaiyum as soon as possible.


8 thoughts on “For Fiji there is “no other way” (to quote from Rambo himself)but to get rid of both, Voreqe and Kaiyum as soon as possible.

  1. a mother of all coups by the 800000 people of fiji is needed to arest the junta of thugs and one way trip to naboro

  2. all those brave soldiers and none of them have the guts to throw a grenade in PM1 ??

  3. If Fiji ever had a leadership of substance, it is now. When did Fiji ever had a Finance minister with an international qualification in finance and economics? When did we ever have a Sugar Minister who really understands issues and constraints of this important part of our economy? When did we ever have a Tourism Minister who was not afraid to travel the world? When did we have an AG who ensured the total independence of the judiciary. When did we ever have a Justice Minister who was able to produce two or three visionary and highly efficient decrees on a single day? During the SDL government we had to endure pernicious media that would only report what was acceptable to the government. The quality of our newspapers was pathetic. Now we have the journalism of hope, free speech for those who support the government and the right to remain silent for those who don’t.

    Now we have a thriving economy that may lag a little bit behind the other Pacific Island nations, but everybody sees that this is the result of economic sabotage by our enemies in Australia and New Zealand. As an outsider and with no experience in government, the Hon Khaiyum brought fresh ideas to the table. He was the first to question the right of indigenous Fijians to pursue their backward looking cultures and traditions. Moreover, he introduced the most innovative payment scheme for senior government leaders ever devised anywhere in the world. There is not a single other country on the entire Planet where ministers receive their multiple salaries directly from the AG’s aunty thus avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy and the prying eye of a vicious media and a jealous public. And last but not least we have the opportunity for everyone to stand in the next free and fair elections and challenge the current leadership. Rigging of votes will not be possible as the Hon Khaiyum oversees his own election in a very effective manner. Once his leadership has been confirmed in the elections we can move on to built a free and prosperous Fiji where everybody is free so support his thinking.

  4. Sharon S, you make me want to spew.
    @ Dalit.A great analysis of the 2 most powerful goons running our nation today. Who would have dreamt that our beloved Fiji would one day be trashed and ruined as we are experimented on and toyed about by such a combination of arrogance and ego, filling their overseas bank accounts from ill gotten gains and backed by miltary people who have turned their backs on their own Fijian people’s future, all because of their hunger for hard cash.

  5. The talk in Fiji at the moment is just how hard it is to catch a glimpse of Frank and Aiyarse – and they are continually followed by an entourage of bodyguards – even the Son, now promoted Leutenant, has his own pack of guards chasing him around.

    I think they all have the exact same fears that Dalit warns about – they have hurt too many people to walk alone ever again.

  6. rambo u vutusona,kaise tamamu, jinamu,kawaca, kalabo and so on just do it you boci. if you cant then send margret wise to do it you bastard.

  7. Undwr Voreqe we the indigenous i-taukei are now, after more than 30 years, are receiving an equal share of lease money.

    No other leader in fiji’s history has ever thought of us, commonner fijians.

    Vinaka voreqe

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