Home » Uncategorized » Fiji Mints a “Titanic” Coin? Is this a subtle comment on our economy? (PS…… it was made in New Zealand)

Fiji Mints a “Titanic” Coin? Is this a subtle comment on our economy? (PS…… it was made in New Zealand)

TITANIC 100th Anniversary Transatlantic Mother of Pearl 5 Oz Silver Coin 50$ Fiji 2012


This coin from the Republic of Fiji Islands contains 5 troy ounces of .999 silver with an inner core of Mother of Pearl, which contains the image of the Titanic. The mintage was limited to 750 coins.


10 thoughts on “Fiji Mints a “Titanic” Coin? Is this a subtle comment on our economy? (PS…… it was made in New Zealand)

  1. why spend so much on this when thousands of people are waiting to get Fiji passports

  2. Don’t forget that VB is a navy man and probably has a hankering for such things. Too bad him and Khaibum were not on the Titanic. Would have saved us all a heap of trouble. In the meantime they can shove those coins up each others arses for all I care. I wonder how the ground breaking ceremony for the casino went?

  3. There is some relevance in this that Fiji is like the Titanic heading for impending disaster with the regime at the helm. Please do not touch anything of bad luck or it will you the same.

  4. Trying to make money out of the dead is like a grave robber. Titanic suffered a terrible tragedy. This should be a means of earning money or making commemoration. The dead should be left to rest peacefully

  5. http://www.govmint.com/item/Fiji-2012-%2450-Silver-Titanic-Mother-of-Pearl-proof/222659/27

    The website and description of the coin in question and I’m surprised that Fiji Today did not disclose that conveniently.

    Note.This coin certification as shown in the website (above) does NOT carry or portray official Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) authentication.

    There other coins in this Fiji collection http://www.govmint.com/search/Fiji/04WCFI/27

    which are not offered and sold in the RBF website and probably are collectors items and may have some numismatic value due to their material content.

    Here is a Taku Silver Fiji coin, also NOT endorsed by RBF.


    The link to official RBF endorsed Fiji coins.


  6. “The dead should be left to rest peacefully”

    they brought the Titanic heading because they are surely heading that way.

    Bainimarama/Khaiyum rest in peace soon.

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