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Khaiyum is not fooling anyone over Air Pacific seizure

While Sayed-Khaiyum is busy trying to dress up his takeover of the Qantas influence over Air Pacific decision-making, the Business Times, a Malaysian business paper with no interest in our politics, has a headline which says it all: “Fiji seizes control of Air Pacific”. No-one is fooled. It’s yet another attack on the investment of a long time investor. This sends a signal to the world that no investment is safe in Fiji. Khaiyum is the biggest single obstacle to economic growth in our country. Either Bainimarama is too stupid to understand this or he has no say, because Khaiyum has some kind of hold on him through evidence of corruption.



8 thoughts on “Khaiyum is not fooling anyone over Air Pacific seizure

  1. bring the election on.

    this unelected thug junta.

    who gave these crooks manadate and elected them?

    no one, they must stand trial.

  2. bai has been roped in by kaiyum,bai doesnt know his been given the loose change in all the deals

  3. Dont worry fiji fucked party will have a royal commission of inquiry after loosing the election. requesting public to disregard and forgive this political innocent baby pillars.

  4. Right person to comment on this subject would be Mr Sanjeev Pal [MD Tunts Travel Service]. Maybe halal pig can through some light on this.

  5. Please stop suggesting that our PM is intellectually challenged and a hand puppet of the Hon Khaiyum! It is not true! Both man have discussed the Air Pathetic issue in a fair and completely unbiased way. The consensus was: If we are to ensure that we are adequately paid for our relentless efforts to make Fiji a better place we have to find some additional income. While 800,000 Fiji Dollars may seem like a large salary to Tom Dick and Harry, for elite leaders such as the PM and the AG this is just peanuts. Buts let us get back to Air Pathetic. How do you expect our AG to derive some serious cash flow out of our national airline when Qantas looks over his shoulder? How can he and his aunty milk some serious funds out of the airline with some hard nosed and unfair Australian accountants sticking their neocolonial nose into the honorable tourism ministers private affairs? Everyone can see that the PM had to agree to the AG’s brilliant strategy.

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