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14 thoughts on “Ro Teimumu calls for UN intervention

  1. There is no precedent to say either way on the legality on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples although the United Nations General Assembly has set forth certain rights of Indigenous Peoples it is not legally binding under International Law and therefore as such Bainimarama can be said to have ventured where most wouldn’t, infact he single handily has done the Nation of Fiji the biggest favoured ever by abolishing the GCC.

    For it could be said the GCC is the breeding grounds for criminals among other things degenerates.

    Now he needs to go one step further and Decree all people who claim to be chiefs to forfeit their titles but most importantly he must empower the grass roots people and drag them out of their obsequiousness.

    Long live Bai, 98.6% of the people has your back.

  2. @Roberto Szouser

    No you are not a Latino under guise of your name……you are embedded in the same tribe as Ratu Sai……..to both of you, Shakespear is right in saying that our choice of words expose us…..”Speak that I may know thee”

  3. Vinaka saka vakalevu na domoda tiko e na gauna dredre oqo Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi, mo ni bula dede tiko.

  4. The UN of all organizations? Ro should know that unlike ADB, World Bank and all the Western development partners, the UN is still very actively supporting the Fiji regime. New UNDP projects are started almost weekly, UNICEF, UNEP and UNESCO are busy bees as well. The highest UN police Chief, yes thats our old PolCom Hughes, has all the evidence needed to have the ICC move against our PM, and what does he do? Nothing! What on earth makes Ro Teimumu believe that the UN would come and help against a regime in power. There is no precedent and historically the UN has always sided with the powerful and not with the downtrodden. Wake up to the facts!

  5. Taukei.

    Obsequiousness to you is being made slave-like something you that for the most part you are accustomed too.

    For the rest of the Fijian they cant wait to see the back of that dysfunctional organisation, so don’t be alarmed by the use of such words.

    Because in your case it is said, na kena ca ni tukuni mo lei vuli o lei domica tiko na bila nei Ram Singh.

  6. Chief calling on intervention because of ‘erosion of democracy’.

    This is the same Ro Teimumu ( and other GCC members) who visited Sam Speight and the terrorists held up in Parliament grounds in the aftermath of the 2000 coup.

    The lady is a tramp!

  7. Tu Sai
    tum jao makachod ,,,sona levu!!
    why go to the UN…..just coordinate, announce a date for all in VKB to assemble / occupy PMs office and the regime is finished! think chiefs and forget the UN!!! they not even doing anything in Syria where 10,000 have been killed by Assad so who gives a heck about the GCC in Fiji???

  8. Kautri.

    Name one statesman in Fiji and I will name five thousand who are rejects,

    Vosa na kila luveni kutusebe.

  9. Oe Tu Sai kua nio vivanini tiko mada. Lako mada mai ke meu vutuka mada nomu sona. Savata rawa mai vavinaka me kuani tu kina na jikijikini da. Tolo mai voco set!

  10. UN should save the Fijian People from the illegal Military Dictator and his Goons that oppresses the Fijian people. UN instead supports and financially aids this oppression of the Fijian People by these Thugs.

  11. @Hala Pig

    Sa misika o Tu Sai, vakasaquruquru bati vakadua. U kaya, 60 vua na stitch mai valenibula, Qima 3 ma macawa se warai ga na valenivo warai na mosi o Ratu Sai.

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