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Nikolau Nawaikula says he hopes the international community will react strongly to the Council’s abolition.

Abilition of Fiji chiefs’ council UN contravention says solicitor

Posted at 02:03 on 15 March, 2012 UTC

A Fiji solicitor who has addressed the United Nations on the erosion of indigenous rights in his country says the abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs is a contravention of UN law.

The interim prime minister’s announcement yesterday of the Council’s disestablishment follows changes in 2008 to the regulations governing it, which was preceded by its suspension after the 2006 military coup.

Nikolau Nawaikula says under UN indigenous rights law, amending legislation to get rid of the GCC requires the consent of Fiji’s indigenous people.

“You can already see the motives behind that. The motive behind that is because when you bring in a new constitution, you want to have a consensus of the population. Now this government will not have the consensus of the population unless it has in place people who are sympathetic to it.”

Nikolau Nawaikula says he hopes the international community will react strongly to the Council’s abolition.

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16 thoughts on “Nikolau Nawaikula says he hopes the international community will react strongly to the Council’s abolition.

  1. The stupid MSG should that this is a military/ anti indigenous regime running Fiji,,,,,,time to take up arms,,,,,,,US/ Aust/ etc – please supply us the guns now!

  2. I am Fiji Indian ,,,,,,,my message to Indians in Fiji ,,,read the warning signs and get out now! The Fijians are friendly but when pushed to the edge like now,,,,,,,,,,kalas baito maro baiya!!!
    The coming rampage will be worse than 87 and 2000 put together!!!

  3. The signs are on the walls now.

    The junta of thugs is a gang of thugs – a dozen led by kauim and dumb dicttator ruling by decrees- decree is toilet paper.

    The methodist church, SDL, GCC will assemble its followers and more than 400000 fijians will march and do people power arrest of the junta.

    The endgame is near.

    The people power will prevail.

    Who elected these thugs?

  4. Yes apparently this regime thinks everyone but them shoud reform or be abolished. Do they think we don’t notice ? So happy with their own lot in life they spend time lecturing others on how to govern and rule a porulation, whilst blaming everyone except those that actually take power throught force of arms , claiming soem reformist agenda and with no mandate from anyone ??!!

  5. Time for someone out there to do up a list of people to be hunted down when the time comes……let no one escape….block Suvavou and Nausori bridges and also all airports and ports….let the fun begin,,,,,,

  6. everyone shut up and listen to our pm he is doing right thing. we dont require chiefs. they fill their pockets uptill 2006,if not chiefs normal fijians will benefit from itaukei,

  7. Just when your about to lose all faith in Viti’s current crop of lawyers – up bobs a certain Nikolau Nawaikula – vinaka Kai.

  8. Why is GCC revoked, why not the fiji muslim league, why not the sanatan dharam , why not the arya samaj, why not the chinese association, why not the gugrati association, why not the sangam, why not the FMF???????

    Why the GCC which is the body to safeguard the fijian paramountacy in fiji???

    Who elected these dozen thugs to abolish GCC??????????????????

  9. The people have real power-people are 800000 and these junta is only dozen thugs?

    The dictator is only one man.

  10. All the chiefs of fiji must know that is the puppet master Kauim who abolished the GCC.

    The dictator is only the announcer of the abolishment.

    The puppet master made the theseis to abolish all fijian inistitutions in fiji, why he no abolish the fiji muslim league in fiji?

    The fijian chiefs must wake up now and fight.

  11. Niko – why wait for UN……time to get chiefs, methodist church and kai vitis together on a time and day, march thru Suva and throw out the criminals ,,,,,,,JUST ANNOUNCE THE DATE WE WAITING

  12. O keitou na Vu Ni Vanua keitou sa na tekivu vutuka na nodra sona na sotia kei kaiyum, voreqe, akuila yabaki, yash ghai kei ira kece na sona lelevi kaisi era vakayavalati keda tiko na kai viti

  13. Ke dua e rawa ni vaqara dakai mai vei au, au bole meu tavulaka vavoleka saraga i yadrena-up close. Veitalia au qai lai moku i na keba. Me mate madaga i liu na magaijinana qori. Sa sivia tiko na nona viavialevu ka nanuma de kila duadua okoya kei ira na sotia sonalelevu qori na vakayagataka na dakai. Dua madaga e samulaki ira vakasauri me laurai nodra tavaiyaya. Sega vei ira na combat experience oira na vicai qo. Ra kila ga na vana ena range. Dua mada e vaqara mai dua na dakai. E target rawarawa duadua okoya baleta e veitosoyaki vakaveitalia tuga. O ira na bodyguard boci e kauta tiko ya era promote ga kinai tutu ya. Sega nira vulica. Kera rawa nira sucide mission na muslim, na cava na kena dredre talega vei keda na kaiviti. Da vuki totolo tiko!

  14. Naita Moro, Ni sa vuso na gusuma e na dumu i benubenu qai kaci mai me u ,lai kuria na i valu boi dreudreu

  15. Vinaka Niko. One day you will be known for what you are doing to the i Taukei race like what Mahatma Ghandi did in India to the Iindians.

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