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MEDIA RELEASE – The Great Council of Chiefs – CFDFiji.org

The Great Council of Chiefs
For a PDF copy of the media release please visit this link.

Nukua’lofa, Tonga: Wednesday 14th March 2012

The Council for a Democratic Fiji (CDFiji) denounces in the strongest possible terms the decision by Fiji’s military dictatorship to virtually abolish the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC).

This is a direct assault on the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Fiji. The GCC, and the traditional system of authority it represents, are an important part of the indigenous identity.

The sudden decision to get rid of the GCC is calculated to culturally disenfranchise the Fijians. It is further evidence of the appalling double standards of Fiji’s military regime. While it preaches to others about the needs for respect and fairness, it has failed to apply these principles to its treatment of Fiji’s indigenous community.

At a time when Fiji needs a calm environment for crucial constitutional discussions, the regime appears to have made a deliberate decision to raise tensions.

Although the announcement by the GCC was made by the head of the military government Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, he was clearly acting in accordance with the wishes of his Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum’s negative attitude to Fijian culture is expressed in an academic thesis he prepared when he was at university. This was supervised by Professor Yash Ghai, who was recently appointed by Commodore Bainimarama as chair of a new Constitutional Commission.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum’s position of power has enabled him over the last five years to implement as government policy the criticism of Fijian tradition contained in his thesis.

Commodore Bainimarama and Mr Khaiyum between them have contemptuously tossed aside the legacy of leadership and national achievement left by some of the great chiefly leaders.

Their actions are also a direct attack on the Constitution of Fiji which is still in existence. The Constitution provides a special role for the GCC. It is not for two coup-makers and illegal usurpers to try to take away the power given to the GCC in Fiji’s supreme law. By attempting to do this they are committing treason.

What they have done is also a slap in the face for the European Union. The EU had asked that the independence of the GCC should be substantially maintained as one of the conditions for the full resumption of aid. Commodore Bainimarama and Mr Sayed-Khaiyum have completely ignored this in their ill-timed and arrogant move to put the GCC onto the trash heap of history.


Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
For the Council for a Democratic Fiji

4 thoughts on “MEDIA RELEASE – The Great Council of Chiefs – CFDFiji.org

  1. First of all let me correct one bogus commenter calls qarase and chaudhry raciest, they are not raciest but the fact is opportunist could not penetrate under these two gentleman . let me ask why Atma Maharaj accepted appointment under Qarase government? Why did Atma Maharaj’s overseas based brother gave donation to SDL [evidence will be published in due course] patrons please keep reading this column.

  2. Vinaka RUM very good statement. One thing i do not understand when 99% of fiji’s people say 1997 constitution is the best document fiji has ever had and that has been strongly supported by the international community than what the FUCK this Ghai [cow] and castrated bull [saten nandan] don’t understand. what amendments they want; perhaps add clauses that will further fuckup fijians and strengthen muslim dominance.

  3. CCF Coup Support
    Below letter shows Yabaki and CCF part of coup conspiracy ,,,,also part of planning of new constitution with Kaiyum and Yash Ghai and disregarding anything the Kai Viti values….consultations is just bull as new set up already written by Naz, Gates, Yabaki, Yash, Kaiyum,,,,,,,,meanwhile the sotia lialia just keeps following……………
    When all all breaks loose ,,,,,,,,,,,remember this Kai Viti,,,,the time is near,,,,very soon

    Pathway to democracy

    As long expected the debate over whether or not we take the path of the purportedly abrogated 1997 constitution as the pathway to return to parliamentary democratic election in 2014 has come to haunt us.

    CCF in a letter after the events of December 2006 had written to and proposed the formation of an interim government made up of those to be aptly selected by the then President, the late Ratu Josefa Iloilo Uluivuda.

    The same was part of the declaration of the Court of Appeal in April 2009. It is important that we resolve this issue in our minds and hearts in choosing the pathway forward in the context of the consultation as announced by the PM on March 9.

    To settle the matter the solution lies in civic education.

    We need to salvage what is best from the 1997 constitution especially the Bill of Rights. At the same time improve on it as per CCF’s two non-negotiables, removal of raced based voting and reducing the voting age to 18 years, which were originally ruled out due to compromised stance taken by the Inter-Party Parliamentary Committee in 1995.

    Those who continue to hold on and lobby for the reinstatement of the 1997 Constitution should heed the calls from former vice president Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi who stated during his review of the handbook “Constitution: Making and Reform” and I quote “While I mourn the manner of the passing of the 1997 Constitution, by force of arms on 5 December, 2006 and then by purported abrogation on 10 April, 2009, I recognise a new opportunity to build afresh. And this time, there is a very real prospect of laying a foundation that lasts. I appreciate that certain realities may require that change and reform takes decades rather than months and years,” end quote.

    So altogether we can all start afresh this time.

    Civil society can help make the population aware of the benefits and shortcomings of the 1997 constitution. The designated constituent assembly will also debate the issues and if necessary put it to a referendum.

    So let’s get into the process of consultation and let people speak for themselves.

    CEO – CCF

  4. Fijian Psychopathic Narcissist Dictator is going to be Ousted just like all the others around the World. International Court date should be made for Crimes against the Fijian People.

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