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Rumors abound that the Confederation Cheifs are forming their own Association to replace the GCC.

Sad day for Fiji says chief

07:32 Today



Taken from/By: Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa

Revoking the Great Council of Chiefs is an unwise decision says the Paramount Chief of Cakaudrove and former member of the GCC Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu.

Ratu Naiqama says this is a sad day not only for i-Taukei, but for Fiji as a whole as one of its highly regarded institutions has been abrogated from its laws.

He says the Great Council of Chiefs has been in existence for more than a century and it even existed before Fiji was ceded to Great Britain.

He adds it was the GCC that planned and ceded Fiji.

Ratu Naiqama says the Government should reconsider its decision as the Council plays an integral role in the running of the country.

Attempts are now underway to get the governments comment.

32 thoughts on “Rumors abound that the Confederation Cheifs are forming their own Association to replace the GCC.

  1. This all lends credibility to the i-taukei fear that their land and resources are not safe in the hands of those who are bent on imposing unilaterally their will on a people they have never bothered to understand first.

  2. Fijians must wake up. Muslims led by Khaiyum are destroying their institutions to allow for taliban rein.

    The dirty and grubby lookigng unlawful constitutional commissioner is behind the sunset clause on the Fijian race, culture and chiefly system.

    The GCC was the paramount body for fijians. Muslims will pay a big price for this. mark my word.

    Wake up the generation of Udre Udre…

  3. Strange that the 99% i-taukei military are supporting the scrapping of this chiefly institution. Are their immediate needs (of bread and butter) more important to them than long-term welfare of their people?

    How sustainable is it for the long run to have their own brand of chiefs installed as rubber-stamping authority for a thieving administration?

  4. Another win for terrorism and repression.
    Khaiyum and his clan = 1, i-Taukei = 0

    It is becoming clearer by the day where Fiji is heading under khaiyum and his hand puppet?
    Goobye Methodist church – your’e next.

  5. Vei kemuni kece na vei yasana kei na vei korokoro o ni a laki soro vei CHIEF WARWAR[sega na nona ivalu] sa qai vutui kemuni kece o Ratu warwar,oqo na ka o ni vinakata ni waraka e sa lako tale tiko mai e so na lawa qaqa.


  7. Fiji is now at the cusp of crossing the Rubicon where the past will eventually give way to the new future, where some would go as far as to say it’s the beginning of a new dawn, the rebirth of a nation and the everlasting journey to a peaceful society where the common men and women shall live equally among their repressors.

    Far too long the people of Fiji have been made subservient to their masters where there was a demarcation between what some perceived to be their godly rights as oppose the rights of the common people, the time is upon us now to embrace change and accept that such change can only advantage and empower the grass roots people.

    The annulment of the most dysfunctional body that ever grace the shores of Fiji the GCC is now at its end, for the initiator of such an organisation had not prognosticated that such an organisation was to become the breeding grounds for wretched individuals and the instigators’ of among other things racial disharmony and coup making.

    The Nation of Fiji can now develop into one prosperous country, where every common citizenry are equal not only before God but the Law.

    God Bless Bai and the Nation of Fiji.

  8. The GCC is a constitutionally mandated body and Chiefs need to recognize and stand firm on this fundamental premise.

    The decree attempting to “revoke” the GCC is a farcical attempt to legitimize the regime’s illegal & treasonous actions. The 1997 Constitution was only “purportedly abrogated” and is therefore still in force as upheld by the Court of Appeal in 2009.

    Now Yash Ghai (via Fiji Village News) is playing “good cop” and trying to soften the blow by appealling to the powers that be to review laws that restrict freedoms by cutting & pasting into their sham of a “constitution” the Bill of Rights provisions.

    Why is that even an option when the rights and freedoms accorded to We The People, in the constitution stand to this day?

    Your pragmatism be damned Yash Ghai, we are talking about blatant illegality, treason and crimes against humanity here. No amount pragmatism can sugarcoat that.

  9. Great Council of Chiefs’ involvement in democracy is undeniably an oxymoron.

    Fiji Today and its readers wanted democracy, so this is it. Those crying and gnashing their teeth about the revoked GCC (invented by the colonist), yet clinging to the ideals of democracy are profoundly having it both ways.

    The issue would be clearer, if it was broken down in binary terms of gender. i.e is one born a male or female.

    Tick one box or the other-not both!

  10. GCC was just advisory. All powers were with Parliament so whats the big deal here? Just a cont of implementation of Kaiyum thesis to weaken the Kai Viti as the indigenous,,,,,,,,,a new colonisation but worse then British,,,,,,,,,,,,watch as the Kai Viti will awaken soon and the all hell will break loose,,,,,,,,,Kai Dias better start taking contingency measures now,,,,,,,,,
    Remember that prayers are being held for the nation so its taking effect as confusion creeps into the regime and they start making irrational moves which will cause the final fall…..
    Tu Sai will then run with da in the tarausese

  11. Isa bai is so stupid once the chiefs come together and supported by the Methodists he is finished,,,,,
    this is the momentum which everyone is waiting for and Bai triggered it himself

  12. Read Rewa Province statements in 2008 on reasons for opposing Charter,,,,exactly happening as they foresaw…….

  13. All the chiefs can go and dring home brew under a magoe dreee forever more.

    Kaiuyum the acting prime minister has made and passed the decree to kill the GCC forever.

    All the chiefs are now finished.

    Kaiyum power prevails.

  14. All the chiefs must declare war on the thug junta a gang od dozen thugs.

    chiefs are chosen by god and born chiefs.

    who elected these thugs junta?

  15. The only chiefs in Viti as of today are; Ratu Vore and Ratu Aiarse…..oh and Adi Sai the goat herder in NZ.

  16. This happened even before the consultation. I thought the consultation will take the views of all citizens of Fiji. It seems there is only one persons view that will be enforced. The scheming illegal AG has once again shown his hands in the trashing of the Fijian history and culture. It is a major challenge aimed at Fijians and thrown from behind the defensive wall of the military. It will interesting to see what transpires from now as the system is now topsy turvy. If nothing is done soon then all is gone.

  17. Isa sa vakaloloma sara na mataivalu ni sa mai vakayagataki ena bokoci ni dodonu ni Kai Viti,,,,,,qai vakaloloma dua ni sa mai saini o Eveli na Peresitedi ululala sega ni Vunivalu rawa,,,tamata macawa!

  18. The Rt Tevita Mara Board web site on of inquiry[RFMF], it mention there that george speight plan and had a meeting with the kubuna chiefs , they used rt apenisa cakobau home for the planning , then also mentioned in the rfmf BOI[BOARD OF ENQUIRY] THAT ANOTHER TAILEVU CHIEF and fiji association member rt tuikatau cokanauto, knew the coup would happen and was asked to be part of it , two weeeks before the may 19 coup,he knew the coup and did not tell police. liumuri and vere vakabau we see here.rt jope seniloli [speights presidentrt]. inoke takiveikata [qaraivalu] , if i am correct when captain shane steven was shot and nearly die, he asked maj N bukarau , the then head of miltary inteligence , at QEB, to please if something happen to him to take care of his wife and child and maj bukarau asked steven why did you do this mutiny and he replied this word – “the qaranivalu”. and lastly ro teimumu kepa who we know is also pathetic and brining affirmative action along with rt suliano matanitobua, rt jone kubuabola in there SDL government to help fijians while disregarding other citizen in fiji. and committed racist policy towards this country. bringing racist debate in parliament.

    come on fiji WAKE UP, we cannot be used by this selfish chief to make there own agenda and nationalist ideas on us. they a the cause of all the trouble we have.

    In my view , the problem arise when rabuka did the coup in 1987 and brought the chief to greater power with the 1990 constitution to select the president. This gives them more say. Before it was good we were run or our head of state was Her Majesty The Queen and she appoint the governor general. So there was no chief influence , only those appointed by her who have Fiji at heart and not criminal. Rabuka is the one who brought all this small chief , with there nationalistic view to come to play that have ruined Fiji for nearly 30 years .

  19. “The Nation of Fiji can now develop into one prosperous country, where every common citizenry are equal not only before God but the Law.”

    – An Edjit.

    The whole purpose of the GCC was to SAFEGUARD the rights, heritage and culture of the Fijian people. Some noted commentators have said that it was one of the most enlightened acts by the Birtish Colonial powers – they gave nearly all of the land in Fiji to the people, for the people.

    What Bai, Sai and the other regime doces prefer to believe is that the GCC is merely another rival political force to be disposed of.

    There is also this constant moronic argument that the naughty GCC is “racist”, and that is very bad. Well, morons, it has to be racist on some level. The very concept of a body designed to safegaurd the interests of the Fijian people HAS TO BE based on race, ethnicity and culture – having said that, this ‘affirmative action’ “racism” you bleat about seems to be the catchcry of any and all idiots seeking to decry a view or standpoint – its simply just another strawman argument (look that term up Sai). How is representing a culture inherently racist?

    In any event, if a chief commits a crime, they are prosecuted and if guilty (remember a fair trial, ‘the faceless moron’?), they are held to account.

    The whole POINT of the Police investigation into Frank’s CRW soldiers was to prosecute all those involved – but remember WHO shut that investigation down – Frank. Not the GCC. My god, the hypocrisy there eh!

    So these same cretins that with one breath decry “racism” are more than happy to live with oppression, subjugation and dictatorship – just as long as it isn’t hurting your family or your pocket eh? Sai has family in the regime, and the faceless moron probably does too.

    So who is selfish?

    Whose interests are being served with the removal of the GCC – which by the way – doesn’t have any say in what happens under the regime anyway?!? Do you see the problem with your argument here?

    Frank and Aiyaz just want to try to make sure that they are out of the way and cannot make any noise about them raping the nation.

    Just despicable. Try to think before you post.

  20. The time will come for Fijians to address the current actions by the self serving illegal junta. All Fijians know who is responsible for destroying Fijian culture and values, and the repression of the Christian Church. The manipulated Military has let the people down. Of that there is no doubt. However the time will come for those who have committed these acts on Fijians, those who have destroyed democracy and the rule of law and those who think they can steal Fijian’s land, will have their day. When it comes there must be no deals, no forgiveness and no compromise.

  21. Radio.

    Hello! My chutney ferret friend where the hell have you been hiding boy, I suppose burying yourself deep into that crevice.

    As I have said before boy you are arguing for ignorance and therein lays your weakness.

    What the problem with getting rid of a non-functional and corrupt entity like the GCC?

    Now you not another emotive bleating heart dickhead that not only bleed the system but would in your demented way defend what is now known as the most vilest organisation that ever graced the shores of Fiji.

    Take your straw-man argument and hide where you normally hide other things.

  22. @ Sai

    So ‘no response’, other than a few moronic chutney-covered expletives about your fantasies with crevices??

    This is exactly the same problem with the regime: no one thinks about what they are doing, other than reacting to whatever happens to them or hiding the truth – no wonder Frank and Aiyaz are your heroes.

  23. The chiefs by using their wise council and discretion decided not support an illegal entity – the current regime. Thats why FB and AS decided to execute this decision which will have far reaching impact on the future and the decimation of Fijian culture. Yet the Fijian military support this. Apparently the power of the dollar is supreme. It will no longer be the Fiji most people know once all these are irrevocably entrenched.

  24. Why do you blame Indians for all of Fiji’s problems? This coup as all the other coups was done by a native Fijian who is a Methodist and a member of the military, all majority Fijian institutions. Why blame the Indians?? And what happens when all the Indians have left and cannot be used as scapegoats anymore? Will Fiji become another Africa where tribes slaughter each other after they kicked out the British?? I think Fijians should look at themselves honestly and take the brave step of moving beyond denial. Also, use the Church to preach the love of Christ, not the devil’s hatred. Don’t make the church into a den of politicians.

  25. GCC has been replaced by GCC Version 2.0
    Great Council Of Cheats
    VB,ASK, Neuhro Bano, Shaheen Gandu Ali FTIB, Abdul AJUNK Electrical Khan, Nazhat, Pfligier,Ching, Chong and Chang from China.

  26. crunch time vei keda e DA KAYA TIKO NI DA KAWA I TAUKE, can we come up with something better

  27. @ Sai

    Why talk from afar when it is getting rosy here in Fiji

    Come and enjoy the new Fiji

    No problem, you will beat Bhai on the coming cassava patch dash !

  28. Radio Eejit.

    “The Nation of Fiji can now develop into one prosperous country, where every common citizenry are equal not only before God but the Law.”

    Boy, the above statement is a valid argument because it implies with the revocation of the GCC the country can now develop into a prosperous one whereas if the GCC remained insitu there is no possible way of the country advancing don’t you agree?

    It also implies with the removal of the GCC and everything evil it stood for; the common men will be given the opportunity to fully participate and immerse themselves without hindrance in equality and equity not only before their God but the Law as opposed to being made subservient.

    “An Edjit”

    What the hell is an “Edjit” eejit?

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