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IQ check by Jon Fraenkel on Frank Bainimarama “We’ve had lots of evidence to suggest this, that he doesn’t seem to quite know where he’s going with the whole thing.”

Plans for Bainimarama’s Fiji are vague, says academic

Posted at 04:50 on 06 March, 2012 UTC

An Australia-based academic Jon Fraenkel says a recent interview with Fiji regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama is further evidence he has no clear plans for Fiji’s promised constitutional review and elections.

The interim Prime Minister has given a rare interview to a foreign journalist, in which he agreed he might stand in elections, promised for 2014.

He also said he did not know what form the elections set for 2014 would take but he presumed Fiji would continue where it had left off.

He also said anyone could stand in the elections and there would be equal suffrage.

Dr Fraenkel says the Commodore appeared reticent and goaded into replies by his interviewee.

“The only interesting thing in the interview really that he said himself was that he’s not really sure what he’s doing. On the issue of specific new institutional provisions proposed for this constitutional review, Bainimarama is quite clear. We’ve had lots of evidence to suggest this, that he doesn’t seem to quite know where he’s going with the whole thing.”

Dr Jon Fraenkel of the Australian National University

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13 thoughts on “IQ check by Jon Fraenkel on Frank Bainimarama “We’ve had lots of evidence to suggest this, that he doesn’t seem to quite know where he’s going with the whole thing.”

  1. that is very very true,HE DOESNT KNOW WHERE HIS HEADING OR GOING,he has come to the point that he is sick of lying, he just want every thing to go away

  2. It seems even the down trodden has an opinion on Fiji, people, Fiji under the guidance of Bainimarama is in a better state than it ever was.

    There is nothing worse than to have people with pernicious motives throwing in their hay-penny’s worth of useless information.

  3. Bainimarama is an oaf. This latest interview with coup groupie Davis confirms it. This barely lterate thug dictator has done irreparable damage to the nation of Fiji and its neanderthal poorly led military.

  4. Sai na baci o lau saba! Lako mai ke mo lau kini mada.
    Valoloma dina na saumi taro nei Bainiuluca ni yali i yasana o kenai vutu o kaiyum….sa kum ga!!

  5. one thing for sure, the thug will end up with a final run of the cassva patch.

    thugs dont have end game now only looting and scams for 8 years.

    now only one future that is people power will lan them in naboro for good.

  6. Another stupid meaningless money seeking apology,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,meanwhile the bullshit clean up has not resulted in one conviction,,,,,,
    tamata lasulasu luveni buaka

    March 7, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

    Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama receive a tabua from his traditional spokesman Joeli Vulavou. It was presented by the villagers of Mokani, Tailevu. Photo: NANISE LOANAKADAVU


    The Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has reiterated his stand against dirty chiefly politics.
    His comments came in accepting the traditional apology of the people of Mokani Village in Bau, Tailevu, at his residence at Nasonini.
    Commodore Bainimarama said his decision to suspend the Great Council of Chiefs was because of the dirty politics played by the chiefs.
    “That decision remains as of today,” the Prime Minister said.
    At the presentation, the Prime Minister heard of how the people of Mokani were manipulated by their chiefs.
    This followed the military takeover from the Laisenia Qarase-led Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua government
    in December 2006. Mokani chief Jona Mualevu told how this led to them rejecting Commodore Bainimarama’s leadership in 2006.
    “It was not the people’s choice that led them to ignore the changes that had taken place because they were only following the chiefs’ decisions,” Mr Mualevu said.
    “We were instructed not to accept any reforms and the People’s Charter proposed by the Bainimarama government.”
    Mokani was one of the villages in the province of Tailevu that rejected the Government’s proposals for the People’s Charter because the chiefs in Tailevu had passed a resolution deciding against it.
    The Prime Minister said that these chiefs were the ones who brought Fiji to its knees in terms of stability and security and who depended on racism to keep them in power. “Such chiefs cannot provide good leadership and they see the People’s Charter as a threat to their chiefly positions,” the Prime Minister said.
    Commodore Bainimarama said the People’s Charter was to provide the basis for good governance which would be characterised by stability, transparency and accountability.
    He said dirty politics had filtered into the chiefly system.
    “Government does not have any grudges against the chiefs or the church.
    “What we hate is the dirty politics that had infiltrated the chiefly system. We have done what we did so that we can clean out those dirty politicians and politics that had affected the country.”
    He said since they came in 2006, they had one mission and that was to clean-up the dirty politics that had ruined our country.

  7. The dictator say all chiefs go and drink home brew under magoo dreee.

    This the role of the chiefs from now on.

    The 800000 people will revolt and citizen arrest this thug.

    Who elected this thug?

  8. The next interview should be with the man who knows what he is doing! And that is the Hon Khaiyum!

  9. Reason for the delay isn’t that he doesn’t know where he’s going – on the contrary – he allows free & open elections he knows exactly where he’s going.

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