Home » Censorship » A Military Government and a Methodist Church conference……..”Any suspicion will not augur well with us because they have the power to take us out.”….”they will pluck those people out from conference or from where they are seated”

A Military Government and a Methodist Church conference……..”Any suspicion will not augur well with us because they have the power to take us out.”….”they will pluck those people out from conference or from where they are seated”

Methodists advised to follow agenda

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Government has asked the Methodist Church to inform its members to follow the agenda of the annual conference.

Church Assistant General Secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra told FBC News there are some members of the Church who may want to use the conference to their advantage.

“If there is anything that will happen – they will pluck those people out from conference or from where they are seated. Any suspicion will not augur well with us because they have the power to take us out.”

Rev Nawadra is advising everyone to refrain from pushing their personal agendas as government has the power to cancel the conference.

”I want to ask to request those that are involved, if they are those element within the church please do not do that because it ill jeopardise whatever plans we have for the church and the future.”

The conference will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of this month.

Report by : Savaira Tabua

22 thoughts on “A Military Government and a Methodist Church conference……..”Any suspicion will not augur well with us because they have the power to take us out.”….”they will pluck those people out from conference or from where they are seated”

  1. The Christian churches including the Methodists need to be patient. The gullible Fiji military are being manipulated by forces they do not understand and by poor leadership which has sold out its own soldiers. The military junta has abused the military as it has abused the nation. It is interesting to note the non-Christian religions have not been repressed – this says it all.
    The cancerous slum dwellers behind the junta and its destruction of the Fiji nation will be brought to justice – and when this happens freedom and democracy will return. Patience and await the correct time.

  2. The methodist church must use people power and not people charter, must use people power with its 400000 members at the AGM and do citizen arrest of the junta of thugs and put to trial for their crimes and corruption, who elected the junta of thugs and dictator and puppet master who are only one dozen.

    The people are 800000 and junta a coward gang of thugs hijacking the nation and people want freedom and democracy.

  3. It is only a matter of time before Fiji implodes. And those such as khaiyum and his hand puppet (and his entire family), and collaborators such as gates, pryde, smith johns and the discraceful shameem sisters must be held accountable for their actions. They must not be allowed to escape before the good people of Fiji have given them the justice they deserve.

  4. vei kemuninai talatala ni lotu waisele ni yavu sona lelevu ,levu ga na rere kei na lasulasu,na vanua gona qo mo ni laurai kina ,ni laki vutulaki ena rukuni vuni maqo era gunu uburu tiko kina na ratus,

  5. The Methodist church has no guts- they have shown to us that they don’t believe in the power of their God to go against the tyranny and cruelty of this power-robber regime. They have reduced the church to just another secular institution and have no moral or spiritual authority. Sa laurai ga vei kemudou na lamusona, you should learn from the case of the monks who walked through the city in Burma to protest against the military dictatorship. Just a peaceful walk! Sa vaka me dou sa vaKalou vei Baini kei Aiarse!

  6. The church meeting is for church activities and getting its officials elected to lead the church for the next 3 years.

    There is no room for POLITICKING in the church conference as we all know that in 1987and thereafter, the coup planning and plotting was done at the methodist church headquarters.

    With the involvement of Manasa Lasaro and other key church executives, the church took a leading role in advocating dictatorism and racism, fijian supremacy etc in 1987.

    If the church had protested against the coup then, Fiji would have been a better place for all to live in. There would have been no more COUPS.

    It is rather sad that the church was made a fijian political football, its getting back what it sow in 1987, after the first coup.

    I applaud and thank the government to allow the church to carry out its election activities and sincerely hope that the Methodist church abides by its undertaking.

  7. Vinaka Fiji Government for allowing the church to meet and elect its officials.

    The methodists church in Fiji is a racist, supremists church, advocating SUNDAY BAN, in 1987 after the coups.

    This church has been highly politicised and has lost its evanglism, its commitmment to its members, who every year toil hard to collect solis, to fund the church coffers. Often the money is abused by the church executives for political purposes.

    Look at todays prison population in Fiji, 80% of which is filled with methodist church members.

    Perhaps its high time the church should focus on reducing the prison population of its members>>the meeting should also focus on this.

    When talking about the methodists church in fiji, bible bashing Talatals comes to mind>>>suggeting Rabuka’s coup in 1987 was god sent, very good for fijian people.

    I wonder what they have to say now.

  8. Can you say “set up”?

    Have the Methodists not learned from the Lau Provincial forum? They will stack the church with military-friendly nominees. Leweni has already shown us the script by stating that the church should back the charter.

    And therefore it’s very hard to distill why the church is even bothering if they cannot even openly discuss the real issues pertinent to their flock.

    With all these pocket groups being forced to back the charter, it gives the illegal and treasonous military regime credibility to their lies that “64% of the population” support the charter and therefore the replacement of the constitution which btw some of the regime’s “close friends” are already drafting.

    Stand firm Fiji. Do not acquiesce.

  9. bainimara esa kila vinaka tu na nodra malumalumu nai talatala,ka kua sara na vaka nuinui vei ira nai talatala ni lotu waisele mera liutaki viti kina vaka kudrukudru ni matanitu nei bai,o bai e sa tu kece vua nai tukutuku me baleti ira nai talatala lelevu ni lotu waisele e na nodra kana ilavo se butakoci ni ilavo ni lotu waisele,o koya gona ya era sa dui rere tiko kina o ira nai talatala,de na qai ceburaka mai o bai nai tukutuku oqo meda rogoca na lewe i viti,oqo e wili talega kina o ira na noda turaga lelevu,VEI KEMUNI NA LEWEI VITI NI KAKUA NI VAKA NUINUI VEI IRA NAI TALATALA VATA KEI IRA NA NODA TURAGA LELEVU MERA LIU TAKI KEDA,o bai e sa soqona kece tu na nodra benu lelevu me vaka yaga taka vei ira, me rawa ni vaka galui ira kina,o koya gona ya era sana sega kina ni rawa ni cakava kina e dua na ka, ( BLACK MAIL),SA DRI YANI

  10. Why is the Govt allowing the Methodist Church have its annual meeting this time around? with all the critiques coming in from every direction and particularly the international ones coming on board. Now Kaiyum is slacking the rope allowing the Methodist Church to come in and save his tarnish image. Brothers, be vigilant and smart see the snare being laid and make sure Kaiyum gets a taste of his own medicine.
    To our dear Talatala’s make sure that Baini and Kaiyum do not use the conference for their deteriorating political millage. Stick to your calling and be patient for time will heal the pain.

    For ‘Ulukau and Keimami sa Oca’ Eda dau oca kecega ia keimami sa sega ni ulukau vakataki kemudrau. O ira nai Lumuti ni Kalou era kila ka Qarava vinaka tiko na nodra i tavi. O ira na sotia era tacida, era tamada e wekada era qarava tiko na noda i tavi. We do not want a civil war in Fiji. O viti sa Lotu eda Lotu vinaka tiko. Sa Yaga mo drau vakalotutaka na gusumudrau ni sa bera ni sogo vakadua. Otherwise, why not drau join force mada drau qai protest vaka e caka tik mai Lodoni ena Sukuna Park and we will see how ‘Sona Levu’ and ‘Lamu sona U are’

    Ia me yaco ga na bose ka me basika kina na yalo ni Kalou ia me kakua ni vakayagataki na Bose me vakayaco lomana kina ko Baini kei Kaiyum. God Bless the Fiji Methodist Church Conference, God Bless Fiji.

  11. What a joke! Spineless church ministers kissing Khaiyum’s butt. I suggest to screen Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’ at the conference and focus discussions on the relationship between Jesus and his brother.

  12. Talatala,s be aware the sheep have been scatyred out becuse of your politics,the church should reorganise itself and do away with politics.Concentrate on evanglisation anpbring of their poor souls which are jumping the fence to orther pastures.Some who have been caught up with Ratabacaca are regreting their move and might as well jump to souls to jesus soon

  13. san e vaka vei au o iko e dua vei ira na vavakoso lewe ni lotu dau vaka savasava taka na soresore nodra nai talatala dau vaka yali lovo na vale ni lotu,na kalou e sega ni vinakata nai talatala datuvu rere,ka dauvaka yali lavo,

  14. The message to the methodist ministers is simple; do your job and stay away from politics or I take them out of the equation. How simple is that?

  15. brother, ‘keimami sa oca’ na yali ni nodaru i lavo daru solia ena kena yalo dina taucoko e sa nona na turaga. na kena veilewai taki sa nona talega na turaga kei ira na nona i talatala tawa savasava.

    For us brother daru segata sara me daru lotu dina sara me tekivu saraga mai na vosa eda tukuna. Ni vanua oqo e laurai kina na vovodea kei na mamare ni noda lotu, ‘Mr Tough Guy’, e sega talega nai talatala dau datuvu ka dau rere, ia sa lewe levu sara nai talatala e lomana na nona vanua, ka tovolea me maroroya na lotu kei na lewe ni vanua. keep your calm take it essay the truth will set us free. God bless you and your family.

  16. san, pliz dont ask GOD to bless me and my family l can do that myself,kua na vosavosa vaka vuku vutulaki,kua ni vaka macala vaka lotu mai vei au san,vaka ga vei au o iko e dua vei ira nai talatala au vaka macala taka toka e caka,au kerekere lotu sara vaka kaukaua,moce girlfriend

  17. Methodists church executives are a bunch of gutless thugs, prying on its members to raise funds, which they can abuse.

    The church has lost its plot of healing the wounds of the community and evangilism, teaching its members of christs love of sharing and caring.

    It has been fully behind past coups in Fiji and is learning its lessons the hard way.

    Its good that the government is keeping an eye on their activities and any disturbances will be met by the full force of the law, which has evaded them in their past.

    I thank the government for giving them time to refocus on spritualism and evangilism and hope they work for the betterment of its members.

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