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“Mr Roth had been acting in a manner prejudicial to good governance and had been intefering in internal affairs”.– Frank


In a statement released from China, Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama said Mr Roth had been deported after it was found he’d been acting in a manner prejudicial to good governance and had been intefering in internal affairs.

However the statement gives no explanation about exactly what Mr Roth is alleged to have done.

11 thoughts on ““Mr Roth had been acting in a manner prejudicial to good governance and had been intefering in internal affairs”.– Frank

  1. This is a clear evidence for all investors the writing is on the wall, investments in fiji is not safe and junta plans to nationalize many key investments by decree and expelling owners of these investments, no private company that has taken risks in fiji and put their hard earned monies is safe, be aware….

  2. Fiji Water will be nationalise by junta and all mining companies, followed by banks, insurance companies, bus companies, exporters of footware/textiles/materials, shipping companies, construction companies and all foreign hotels.

  3. where is ganilau loyalty to the junta and baini and where is the mans duty and honor where is his believe in the cause and not the method to make the 2006 coup only a big bribe from fiji water boss make him resign thats who these crooks are dressed as saints but are wolves the wrath of god is upon the junta

  4. In a Minfor statement issued this afternoon Commodore Bainimarama in clarifying Roth’s departure said his declaration was based on reliable information and subsequent verification and confirmation by relevant authorities, which showed that he (Roth) had been acting in a manner prejudicial to good governance and public order by interfering in the domestic affairs and governance of Fiji.

    This decision, he said does not impact on Government’s positive attitude towards overseas investors and the business community.

    According to Bainimarama the Government is committed to the security and well-being of all investors and business entities in Fiji and will continue to provide an environment that is conducive to profitable investment.

    “It is unfortunate that David Roth saw it fit to engage in activities outside of his work permit conditions.”

    Commodore Bainimarama warned that Fiji, like any other sovereign country, will not tolerate any non-citizens interfering in its domestic affairs and governance, which is in clear breach of the provisions of the Immigration Act.

    He further clarified that the former Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Ratu Epeli Ganilau acknowledged in his resignation letter that he was unable to fully perform his functions as the responsible Minister.

    The Prime Minister affirmed that “ministers in my Government must at all times be prepared to fully discharge the ministerial and statutory responsibilities assigned to them.”

    He thanked Ratu Epeli Ganilau for his staunch support for the government since 2006.

    Bainimarama is currently in China to meet with a number of senior Chinese government officials and investors.

    Roth left the country on Thursday night.


  5. Bhaini the dictator said Roth was ‘acting in a manner prejudicial to good governance’……what the fark is a coup taking over a legitimate elected government with force you embecile bhaini?? You and your coup supportiung mates crosbie the racist and the brain dead prick lockington have been drinking too much ganges water – are you f..wits telling us a coup, human rights abuses and murder of Fiji citizens is a good thing???

  6. The truth will set you free. Only you will know release from what.So be ready for that be it the expelled,the instigator or the decision maker.For all, their days are numbered.

  7. Sa Rauta sapota justifies the expolsion of roth as against the junta action but farken ass is blind to the fact that the junta has raped democracy and human right and crook to max and the fight against the banana junta is a must tell the world what did roth do did he not bow down to junta demand for bribe??/

  8. Idiocracy at its highest. The country needs foreign investors but they keep kicking them out for dubious reasons. The dik head Bai has got duck shit for a brain. At the same time however, there is no sympathy for Ga loosing his job.

  9. Well, there goes the pot with its well worn line of calling the kettle “black” again.

    The coup supporters must be even dimmer than they seem if they can’t see the embarassing irony in this statement…

  10. you see me mouth piece of tin pot dictator and me say anything and even me no believe or know but me afraid if tin pot no come back from china me running in cassava patch in me panties

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