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An end to our nightmare – A letter to peterfirkin@gmail.com

The power to end our nightmare lies in the hands of one man -Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, our President. He may be illegal, but the illegal law gives him the power to restore our country to normality.

When Frank had Aiyaz draft the EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY OF FIJI DECREE 2009 he envisaged that before too long the power it conferred would soon be his. The power is therefore unqualified.

It says: “The President shall be the Head of the State, Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and Head of any Government appointed under this Decree”.

No ifs, no buts, Ratu Epeli is Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Fiji Military Forces.

As Head of State he has the power “to appoint a Prime Minister by Decree”. Other Ministers are appointed by the Head of State on the advice of the PM, but not the PM. He is also empowered to make laws by decree in accordance with the advice of the PM and Cabinet.

Step one in the Frank removal programme is to appoint a new PM, who will advise the membership of a new Cabinet, which can endorse a new decree.

The new decree could establish a process for return to normality based on consultation, inclusiveness and consent of the people.

It could also declare JV Bainimarama responsible for the destruction of the economy and the trust of the people in their government and one another.

As a consequence of the damage he has inflicted on the nation, his citizenship of Fiji, enshrined in the constitution he revoked, could be declared to be ‘abrogated’. Or, to use the language Aiyaz put in the decree abrogating the constitution, ” wholly removed, revoked, and abrogated”. It would be an offence under the decree for any airline to allow him to board a plane bound for Fiji.

The nightmare would be over. We could return to seeking to govern ourselves by dialogue and compromise. If anyone thinks dialogue and compromise have caused problems in the past, we all know now they are a thousand times better than government by decree based on the threat of force. If there is one thing we can thank JV Bainimarama it’s the learning of that lesson.


10 thoughts on “An end to our nightmare – A letter to peterfirkin@gmail.com

  1. The President must to save the nation from the madness of the incompetent dictator sack him now and appoint a government of national unity as caretaker government and call elections in 9 months time and call for international help for the economy including the 350million EU grant for sugar. With the junta madness Fiji is doomed and so will be the President unless he acts now or never.

  2. Those who act now to remove the tin pot dictator will be saviours of fiji, the tin pot man is one man and also runs the cassava patch.

  3. A coup to remove the dictator and illegal AG running the state as the real PM is inevitable and nothing can stop this, the power struggle has began.

  4. ganilau and nailatikau and banana are three dumb fuckers who deserve no sympathy and whether they resign or what makes no difference they all must be brought to justice by a new legal order in fiji and all three must go to naboro for good

  5. nothing is moving in fiji and only the junta madness where is the president martial law already he need to take over and sack the dictator

  6. What? And bring back Qarase, Kaitani, Duvuluco and all other racist, nationalist.

    Get real I don’t want them back!

  7. The Pressi is my man! He is a coward and accomplished cassava hero like myself. He has lots of medals but not as many as I have. Why would he take a risk and do something now? He has not done anything worth mentioning his entire life. Where else can a man of such poor quality become President of a country? And the other Epeli: Even worse! So, I should be safe. The only thing that worries me at this point in time are a couple of officers who have had enough of Aiyaz. I have to keep a close watch.

    Otherwise I expect these events boosting our tourism. There ain’t that many opera states on this planet where you can see such an entertaining live politics circus in action. Only in Fiji!

  8. Is banana God ???? No, only few fallas needed to coup the falla you see banana is finished, live by the sword then die by the sword.

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