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Expect some action against Dorsami Naidu for this comment.

Fiji Law Society president says FICAC acts on new ground

Posted at 03:15 on 06 January, 2010 UTC

The president of Fiji’s Law Society says the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, or FICAC, is acting outside its area of responsibility.

Dorsami Naidu made the comments after FICAC charged a Fiji member of the International Commission of Jurists, Imrana Jalal, and her husband with operating a restaurant without a licence.

Ms Jalal denies the charges.

Mr Naidu says anti-corruption organisations usually deal with corruption matters involving public bodies.

“FICAC should not have become involved. This is dealt with by the municipal council and if a person does not pay their business licence fee and if they have operated, the municipal council can take them to court and claim that money. I can’t call it corruption.”

Dorsami Naidu he doesn’t understand why FICAC has become involved, but adds the Commission seem to single out people who are critical of the regime.

A magistrate questioning FICAC over the matter has been sacked with no official reason given.

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