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by Peter Firkin  11/01/09             peterfirkin@gmail.com


When a country has a national disaster it is expected that all the resources available will be used to assist those in dire straits.


First lives must be protected and then possessions and infrastructure.


The current severe flooding in the west has resulted in loss of life but the people have been left to fend for themselves.


No disrespect to DISMAC but they are under staffed and under resourced to cope with this size of emergency.


It was expected that the army would take this opportunity to show the positives in having a large standing army and fulfill the role of “protecting the people”.


This would have garnered support that is lacking for the regime and showing the army in a positive light.


This has not happened.


The army has remained with their bums on their seats while the country for the first time since the coup has had a need for them.


Where the bloody hell are you?




  1. I can tell you where the bloody hell the army is…they are looking out for themselves. The Army is NOT there to protect the people it is there to back a weak ass criminal called Bainimarama who pumps money and powers into them to make their lives really good because without the soldiers he is nothing just a waste of space. As for the people they can go to hell they are just a hinderance to Bainimarama but a necessary pain as he needs them to show the world that he rules something other than a toilet. Do you honestly believe that if Bainimarama took over a deserted island with all his **** brained army and said I am the king, the rest of the world or even fijians would give a damn. No they would just laugh and say go for it. That is why he needs the people but they are not kiss assing him so they need to be beaten and sometimes murdered to better the life of BAINIMARAMA. So to all you bloggers please have compassion and let him have his time where money flows easy for him his cronies and their lives are sweet because soon some fijians are gunna wake up and actually get some guts and put a stop to this coup. Then he will have a poor life struggling to maintain his hoarded away millions and be safe somewhere in the world without people spitting on him. Ohh poor Frankie do you need some help I am available to put an end to your miserable life…

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  4. Too right Peter.

    You can always trust the army to do what they’re not supposed to do.

    The institution of the RFMF is a liability to the people of Fiji. We’re feeding, housing and clothing their asses and this is the thanks we get in return.

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