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1st sitting of Parliament soon

Margaret Wise
Saturday, September 20, 2014

THE public can expect the first sitting of Parliament within 14 days after the announcement of the results of the general elections.

This is in accordance with Section 67(1) of the Constitution on when the President was required to summon the first sitting of Parliament.

This first meeting will involve the swearing-in of the 50 members, presided by the Secretary-General to Parliament. The SG will also preside over the election and swearing-in of the Speaker and a deputy, in accordance with Section 77.

The Speaker, from outside of Parliament, is expected to be a nominee of the PM and will be elected by a simple majority vote.

Once elected the Speaker takes over proceedings from the SG. He or she then conducts the election of a deputy from within the House, excluding ministers. By convention, because the Speaker is a Government nominee, the deputy is appointed from the Opposition benches.

Also at this meeting the Leader of the Opposition will be elected from among members of Parliament who do not belong to or support the PM’s political party.

The Speaker will call for nominations and if only one person is nominated and seconded, that person is elected Opposition Leader. The Leader of the Opposition usually has the same entitlements as a Cabinet minister.

At this meeting, the PM is also expected to table the Standing Orders, prescribing the rules for procedures of parliament for members to approve. Following that a business committee representing all parties in Parliament is appointed. This committee decides on the next date that Parliament should meet.


Final results show drop in votes

13:00 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The final results of votes tallied at the National Tallying Center show a drop in numbers for all political parties.

The latest result – announced by the Supervisor of Elections Mohameed Saneem show FijiFirst still leading the count with 173, 546 votes from 1,240 polling centres.

The provisional result from 1,281 polling stations issued on Thursday show FijiFirst leading as well but with 239, 261 votes.

The Social Democratic Liberal Party now has 89,050 votes – 29. 6 per cent of the votes tallied so far.

In the provisional result – SODELPA had managed 106,406 votes.

The National Federation Party remains in third place with 16, 348 votes however in the provisional result it had already received 22, 446 of the votes tallied so far.

The People’s Democratic Party, which managed 14, 027 votes in the provisional count now has 9, 906 votes.

The Fiji Labour Party has managed to secure 7,020 votes in the latest final result whereas in the provisional result, it had 9,530 votes.

3,877 votes of the total 301, 187 votes tallied so far in the final count goes to One Fiji Party.

However – in the provisional tallying – the party secured 4,511 votes.

Fiji United Freedom Party now has 641 votes compared to 686 in the provisional tally.

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No change to MIDA one eyed view on the media……. MIDA chair Ashwin Raj … considering revoking accreditation for some foreign media

MIDA calls for media ‘balance’ over poll rigging allegations


–>fiji ashwin raj - fiji TV 425wide

Pacific Scoop:
Report – By Pacific Media Watch

Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA) chairman Ashwin Raj has criticised some reporting of alleged discrepancies in Fiji’s election results and has called for more balance, The Fiji Times reports..

pacificfijielections logo 200wideRaj said it was discouraging that some media stories about the election counting process seemed unbalanced.

“I’m particularly concerned that they’ve taken the statements of a few political parties and gone ahead with [these] without necessarily attaining the views of the Supervisor of Elections, the Electoral Commission or the MOG [Multinational Observer Group],” he said.

Given the sensitivity of this year’s election, it was important that reports were balanced, Raj said.

“This is a particularly sensitive time for our history and our political history and you would have thought they would be a lot more sensitive to this.”

Raj also pleaded with members of the public not to believe everything they read and heard on social networking sites.

The authority could not control the flow of comments on Facebook but advised people not to take their issues to the social media but to seek legal avenues to address their concerns, he said.

He also said he was considering revoking media accreditations for foreign media companies covering the election because of a “lack of adherence to good reporting ethics”.

Source: Pacific Media Watch 8980

These claims need to be investigated. Until that time the count should contimue.

Five political parties are calling on the count to be suspended claiming there is evidence of vote rigging. The Social Democratic Liberal Party, the Fiji Labour Party, the People’s Democratic Party, and One Fiji issued a statement yesterday afternoon. It says they will not accept the outcome of the election because of evidence of co-ordinated and systematic electoral fraud. SODELPA member Mick Beddoes says all the signatories want the Minister for Elections, the Supervisor of Elections and the Electoral Commission to suspend all counting of pre-poll ballots and postal ballots as well as cease the verification of provisional results. “The tampering of ballot boxes, removing of ballot boxes from polling stations without being counted, the inclusion of large size files and envelopes in ballot that could only have been placed in it through the opening of the ballot boxes as they cannot fit in the slots provided on the ballot boxes, there are multitude of other incidences but these are just an explanation of few.” Elections Supervisor received the letter last night and says all parties are aware that detailed information needs to be submitted to the elections office in order for him to consider specific incidents. This has not been done. “Counting will not stop, counting had not stopped. Counting had continued since last night and it will continue as scheduled on a twenty-four basis until all the pre-poll has been counted. If there are any issues if any party has had, they should first raise it with the Supervisor of Elections. This is something that we have been saying from the beginning, since nobody has raised it to us, I will not give regard to any statement made to the media. Counting needs to continue. The people of Fiji are waiting for results and the Fiji Election Office will deliver.” All the signatory parties say there have been a multitude of corrupt and unlawful practices. However no evidence was produced to journalists gathered at the press conference yesterday.

- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/23074/parties-reject-election-results#sthash.xJaoXvOL.dpuf

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Now we have a Democracy lets work together to get our rights back.

The people have spoken.

We are now living in a Democracy albeit an imperfect Democracy.

Over half of our population have selected Frank to lead us for the next four years.

The party I voted for failed to achieve sufficient votes to rule.

We need to accept this and, if we still seek a change of government, the next opportunity is in four years time and we need to convince a majority of voters to support us next   time.

It is time  to move away from our traditional way of dealing with our dissatisfaction by fermenting another Coup and use the tools of democracy to convince others that next time  is the time for a change in direction and a change in management.

This does not mean we just wait. We need to attack and question all the actions of the legally elected Government and if possible force the return of some of our rights that have been removed since 2006.

The focus of this blog will now turn to applying heat to our  elected Government and working for the rights and freedoms that should be available to us as a Democracy.


Peter Firkin