Fijian answer to Ebola……… Dont discuss it

Office of the leader of opposition

Republic of the Fiji Islands


[No 2/10/2014]


The Opposition today filed an urgent question in Parliament regarding Fiji’s preparations for the Ebola epidemic currently affecting African states, with new cases reported in the USA, Spain and Germany.

Opposition Member Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu who filed the question which was later denied by the Speaker said that the question was a matter of national importance, especially when we have a contingent of Police officers in Liberia, the heart of the Ebola epidemic.

Ratu Naiqama said that Fiji needed to be on alert and prepared and the Opposition felt obligated to raise the matter in the House. The urgent question stated:-

Given the potential of the epidemic to worsen before it is expected to be bought under control, can the Minister for Health please inform the House the following:-

    • Does the Ministry have in place any plans to create public awareness about the Ebola virus and what can be done to prevent it?
    • What plans do we have to effectively isolate any suspect cases
    • Has the Ministry started any training of Health personnel to handle cases while maintaining their own safety
    • Do these plans include the establishment of an Ebola testing laboratory to enable quick results?
    • Have our Border officials and airline personnel been briefed on this Virus and are they ready to conduct proper screening of visitors and returning residents?
    • What plans have we got in place for screening our Police contingent when they return from Liberia which is the centre of the Ebola epidemic.


Authorized By: Opposition Chambers

Parliament House


Natuva’s flick pass won’t work

October 8, 2014

Commissioner Groenewald has reported to Defence and National Security minister, Timoci Natuva, who has promptly flicked the ball back to him. Natuva says whether or not the Police decide to open a case regarding Bilitaki will be entirely up to the Police Commissioner. That may be true but Natuva is still the Minister who answers to parliament.

Fijilive October 07, 2014 Bilitaki case back with Police: Natuva

Ex Coup 4.5……… If true nothing has changed

Bainimarama slaps photographer at Fiji Day event

Prime minister by title but thug by nature.
A second citizen has been attacked by Frank Bainimarama – a photographer who was slapped across the face after being ordered to stop taking pictures.

The incident happened on Friday evening at Government House during the Fiji Day cocktails and was witnessed by at least two people.
Pita: Forced to leave Govt House

Witnesses say the newly-elected Fiji First leader slapped the photographer and swore at him because he didn’t wanted pictures taken of him and his family.

The incident occurred at about 11.30pm.
The 2006 coup leader also ordered SODELPA youth who were at the event, including the president of the youth wing, Pita Waqavonovono, to leave.
Bainimarama told them: “Raica dou kua tiko ni veitaba, dou vinakata meu cemuri kemudou ike” meaning “Look, don’t take photos or I will chase you out of here.”
Witnesses say while Bainimarama smacked a photographer for taking pictures, the family happily took snaps of themselves.
Government House staff reportedly did nothing about Bainimarama’s attack on the photographer or him ordering Waqavonovono and other youth out from the event.
In fact, staff ordered transport for Waqavonovono.
Just over a week ago, a 60 year old composer was beaten by

Bilitaki: Beaten after argument with Bainimarama

soldiers after he reportedly sent an angry text to Bainimarama over Fiji First using his songs for the election campaign without his permission.

Josefa Bilitaki says he required hospital treatment after the beating, which came just hours after he was told by Bainimarama to “fuck off.”
While Bainimarama didn’t do the beating himself, the order can only have come from him.
Police Commissioner Ben Groenwald originally tried to

dismiss the case but has since said it appears certain processes were not carried out according to the law and an internal investigation is underway.

He says ‘a combined team of police and military people’ were involved ‘ but the investigation will indicate, if there was an assault, who was responsible for the assault.’
“Any person whether it’s a policemanb or a military person, if he or she commits a crime, they will face the law.”
The Bainimarama attack on the citizen at Government House comes as President Epeli Nailatikau waxed lyric about the new Fiji, appealing to people to be patriotric and hopeful about the future.
“On this Fiji Day, let us all dedicate ourselves to our new democracy and join hands to make it work. We owe it to ourselves, to history and to generations to come, to finally achieve our potential as a nation.

“To make Fiji great. On Fiji Day 2014, may God bless us all in our efforts to become a better nation. May God bless Fiji.”



This October 10th Fiji Day celebration is significant in that we have just 4 days earlier witnessed our first Parliamentary sitting in almost 8 years.

This occasion will no doubt give all of our people hope that the future of our Nation and the well-being of our people looks positive.

As Leader of the Opposition I can say we that we stand ready to play our part in building a positive way forward for our people and as long as there is the will among the 50 newly elected Members of Parliament to turn the often misused words of Accountability, Transparency and Inclusiveness, into real measurable deeds that the people can see happening, then there is good reason to be optimistic in our future.

As I reflect back on the significance of this day I cannot help but be saddened by the fact that the actions of my ancestors who ceded these islands to Queen Victoria in 1874 and the return of the Islands to the Chiefs and people of Fiji by HRH Prince Charles on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II on our Independence day in1970 is not recorded for its historical significance in the constitution of Fiji. Yet we celebrate it with all the pomp and ceremony befitting its significance.

On this October 10th Fiji Day celebrations I urge all citizens in Fiji to take a moment to prayer and give thanks for the small blessings that this first step back to democracy has given us and let us hope that the promise given to our people that there will be no more coups becomes a reality.

May God Bless Fiji and all her good people on this our Independence Day

Authorized Ro Teimumu Kepa

Leader of the Opposition

Police investigate unlawful processes in Bilitaki case

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Update: 8:56PM FOLLOWING an internal investigation into the detention of retired teacher Joseva Bilitaki, Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald has issued a statement saying it appears that certain processes were not carried out according to the law.

He cited as examples the seizure of Mr Bilitakis mobile phone and his arrest and detention.

Mr Groenewald said their director Internal Affairs is dealing with the departmental procedures against the officers involved.

“I can also confirm that an investigation has commenced after the receipt of a formal complaint from Mr Bilitaki of his alleged assault by the arresting team,” he said.

Police are continuing their investigations.

Government reforms for next four years

08:10 Today

Report by: Ritika Pratap

President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau says the government will build on the reforms of the past eight years to continue improving the lives of Fijians. Many of the government’s initiatives are designed to alleviate poverty, to provide a leg-up for Fijians. In an effort to unlock further potential for i-taukei landowners to generate wealth for their land, the government will set aside ten million dollars to help i-taukei use their land for subdivision and development. The Funding will be made available as grants. The government will also ensure that the Itaukei Land Trust Board performs at the highest level and reforms at TLTB will continue. Land Owning Units will now not have to pay application fees when leasing their own land. The President also says the government intends to reduce cost of living pressures. National Minimum wage will be revised upwards in line with the recommendation of the Reddy report to a new rate of $2.32 an hour from 1 July 2015. Electricity subsidy for low income earners will increase from 75 kilowatts to 85 kilowatts per hour. Free water for Fijian households earning less than a total income of thirty thousand dollars will be provided. “Free education will now be available one year before admission to primary school at recognised and accredited pre-schools.” Social security system for non FNPF members will continue and eligibility rate will be lowered to 68 from 1st July 2015 and further lowered to 66 in July 2016. Fijians earning less than twenty-thousand dollars will get all prescribed medicine for non-communicable disease currently under price control free. Essential drugs will remain under price control. Other reforms include – Government will now take control of the import of all fossil fuels. International tenders will be called for the supply of fuel and existing companies will then buy that fuel from the government. All state land on which squatters have been living will be subdivided and squatters will be given 99 years leases. Negotiations will also be i-taukei landowners to give 99-year residential leases to squatters. One million dollars will also be set aside to provide emergency assistance to Fijians earning below 20, 000 dollars, who have proper leases, but no insurance and have lost their homes in fire. The Government will double the amount payable under workmen’s compensation for death and injury claims. The President says all these measures are designed to assist Fijians, create economic growth and reduce gap between the more fortunate and the less fortunate among us.

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Now Natuva will have to explain to parliament

October 7, 2014

Commissioner Groenewald has laid his report on the beating of Joseva Bilitaki on the desk of the Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Timoci Lesi Natuva. Now Natuva will have to answer to parliament to explain if military personnel detained a private citizen and whether the police investigated a report of an assault on that citizen by military personnel. This is what democracy is all about.

Fijilive October 06, 2014 Bilitaki’s case submitted to Minister