I am thankful that this moment has finally arrived

Good turnout at Savusavuitaqa

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Update: 10:47AM VOTERS of Savusavuitaqa were up at 6am today eagerly waiting for the arrival of the poll officials.

Villager Basilio Salavuce says the moment they’ve all been waiting for has finally come to pass.

He described today’s pre-polling event as a blessing from God.

“After eight years then we vote again and I am thankful that this moment has finally arrived,” he said.

There was a good turnout at the polling station in the village.

The difference between 40 Filipinos and 40 Fijian soldiers.

Forty Filipinos at one position, part of the total 331-member Golan Heights contingent, stood their ground and defended their camp for seven hours of intense fighting . After a two-day stand-off, the Filipinos managed to escape under cover of darkness . Forty other UN Peacekeepers from Fiji who had chosen to surrender remained in the hands of the Syrian rebels.




Three people were taken in for questioning yesterday for allegedly breaching the Electoral Decree of 2014.

The three are alleged to have vandalized a banner of a political party that was posted on the wall of a building on main street Labasa town.

A report was received after a member of the party’s Labasa branch noticed their banner was now covered with another party’s banner. Numbers were also written in black paint beside the political party’s banner.

Two more people will be brought in for questioning for their alleged involvement. Police have conducted the initial investigations and the matter will be handed over to FICAC this morning.


What were the terms of reference for Fijian Troops and where was our senior officer?

“The President has instructed the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to prepare a report on the events over the past weekend as a guide for future policy and actions in similar situations,” he said.

On Monday, the AFP said it wanted UNDOF commander Lt. Gen. Iqbal Singh Singha, an Indian national, investigated by the UN for allegedly endangering the safety of the Filipino peacekeepers when he ordered them to lay down their firearms as demanded by the Syrian rebels.

AFP chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang said Singha ordered the Filipino peacekeepers to surrender their firearms to secure the release of the Fijian peacekeepers who were taken by the rebels after they surrendered their firearms.

Catapang said such order was not covered by the terms of reference of peacekeeping agreement with the UN.

The Fijian peacekeepers – at least 44 of them – were captured by the Syrian rebels who overran their position last week. They remained in captivity as of yesterday.

Their 75 Filipino counterparts, holed up at Positions 68 and 69, engaged their attackers in a seven-hour firefight after days of standoff

Fijian troops who surrendered to terrorists have made us the butt of international jokes.



Does anyone in Fiji realise how the 44 Fijian troops who surrendered to terrorists have made us the butt of international jokes.

I was at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville yesterday and heard two senior officers laughing that if the had invaded Fiji in 2006 then the Fijian army would have surrendered without a fight as it appeared from the photo released that they were all fat old men.

Not the RFMF I was so proud to be a member of.



The Zimbabwe Electoral Fraud Method.

The Zimbabwe  Electoral Fraud Method.

1. Establish a large number of postal voters.

2.Send out postal papers.

3. On the close off day for postal voting compile a list of all registered postal voters that have not voted in time.

4. Forge voting papers for all these voters with the Government party receiving all the extra votes.


Watch for a large percentage of overseas votes.




Early Votes to be unsupervised for 12 days ….. leading to an odor of electoral fraud

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 [No 29 /2014]

[SEPT 1 2014]


The UFDF says the Supervisor of Elections has introduced further measures that will compromise the integrity of the elections and render it flawed and not credible. In fact the UFDF believes the ingredients for election rigging are now in place. It calls urgently on the Multinational Observer Group now in country to urgently investigate and report back to the people of Fiji.


The UFDF says the Supervisor of Elections has introduced further measures that will compromise the integrity of the electoral process rendering the Election flawed and not credible.


The UFDF said based on eye witness testimony from their SODELPA & FLP reps present at the Elections office over the week end the following irregularities took place:-


  1. Initially the political party reps were kept waiting for at least 2 hours. Then at the insistence of the representatives, they were allowed to go to the printers and escort the ballot papers to the Elections office.
  2. During the sorting of 12,800 postal ballots the elections staff, separated all the postal ballots for the military personnel and these were put into two separate boxes. One for Syria and the other for Sudan. All other ballots were put into the DHL courier box.
  3. Elections official Michael NG confirmed that through an arrangement with the military, the postal ballot requests by troops, would NOT be sent via courier like all other voters, but will be taken by the military and distributed by the military.
  4. When questioned by reps, Mr NG advised them to register their complaints directly with the Supervisor of Elections.
  5. When asked how DHL an alleged Fiji First supporter, was the appointed courier, Mr NG advised that it was through a tender process and they won it.


The SODELPA & FLP reps did not see any International observers present while all this was going on, neither did they see any other political party reps present.


The pre polling ballots for outer islands leaves Suva today and no political party reps are permitted on the vessel and neither are they allowed being on the vessel after polling concludes in the islands.


This means for example that polling boxes form each day’s polls will be collected without being counted and held on the vessel, without any agents present, until Lau and Lomaiviti have been concluded.


In response to questions, the elections office representative advised there would be no counting of votes at the end of polling for the islands and that ballot boxes would be placed on board the vessel as it travels to all islands and will not immediately return to Suva after Lau. It will go directly on to Lomaiviti and complete the voting there before the vessel returns to Suva where the boxes stored in the Williams & Goslings storage facility in Wailekutu.

No political parties are allowed to have their security people there to watch over the boxes that will sit there until counting starts after the 17th September, 2014 elections.


The UFDF says in the absence of any clear or rational explanation for these changes and the reluctance of the Supervisor of Elections to operate openly and transparently, by allowing observers and political party agents to be present to uphold the ‘integrity’ of the process, the UFDF believes all of the ingredients needed for electoral fraud are present and the process for rigging the elections is essentially underway.



Authorized By:  Mick Beddoes




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